Sunday, 22 December 2013

Street Wear Color rich Nail Enamel-Black Passion

Happy sunday!
I have a sort of love-hate relationship with the weekends.Love because it's a holiday and dad is home-it's always fun when dad is around and hate because dad is home!sounds dumb isn't it?It's that dad and I are completely loggerheads when it comes to cleanliness and discipline.While I am as messy as messy can be,he is the epitome of discipline.I can't sleep late in the morning or stay awake too late at nights,I have to clean my room and specially study table which is a real pain as I dump a whole week's junk there.I can't sit idle or kill time but study or always do something or the other worthwhile but still apart from this the weekend is so thoroughly lively just because of him.Also I can use his net-connection and save mine! :P
You might be wondering why I am chattering non-sense?Well,it's just my way of expressing happiness and I am damn happy because I am getting the chance of exploiting my dad's internet connection again.Today's post is a review(yes,again!) on a black nail-polish from street wear-Black Passion.Black dress to nail polish,the color has been a rage among girls and ladies since time immemorial.It is my favorite color but I have always avoided it on the nails because I have a habit of biting my nails and so they are almost always through out the year out of condition for so bold a color.But Recently(actually after starting the blog)I have forced myself to quit the habit which had almost become ingrained in me like smoking or other addictions.I had earlier in class 10(about 3years back) had tried elle 18 black nail color but hated it-partly because my half-eaten nails looked horrible in it and partly because it was not really a true black color.
Picking up this particular shade was a whimsical choice(a result of a very personal event).I got this along with another color-Romantic Pink.The choices were real contrast.I ended up loving this black shade so much that I finished the bottle way before it started thickening.
So now lets plung into the detailed review:
You all do know how a street wear nail enamel bottle looks?I won't insult your knowledge describing the bottle over again.This one was a 5ml bottle and costs 50INR(I got it for 45INR).
My take:
The colour is just WOW!It is super pigmented but bit streaky at times while applying.You can see the nail bed through the colour at places if a single coat is applied.But a double coat give full opaque coverage and the darkest,shiniest black finish.It is so goth and a damn sexy colour!Unlike other colours,the black polish retains its shine for maximum days(for me,about 3-4 days) and also the longest surviving one without chipping(around 9days-after that the nail bed show up as the nail grows and so appears like the polish has chipped at the tips).It looks best with a top clear coat.It dries fast on nails too.Here are the pictures:

Doesn't it shines like diamond in sunlight?I am definitely going to buy it again.It made me fall madly in love with black nail polish.
The review at a glance:
  • very cheap
  • 5ml bottle-very convenient size to finish up before it start drying out in the bottle
  • survives best on nails(comapared to other street wear colours)
  • easily available
  • highly pigmented true black
  • sometimes the brushes are awfully damaged so always check yours before buying(I got one in magic brick shade-going to post the photos soon)
  • nothing more!

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