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Avon Kohl in Brown review

Hi friends!
A very good morning.My morning is still sleepy-just woke up around 10 am.Anyway let's get straight into the topic.Brown is becoming a more and more popular colour when it comes to eyes.Kohl,pencils,eyeliners,shadows and what not can be found is variety of shades of brown.Personally I now-a-days prefer brown over the eternally classic black kohl or kajal.It looks more subtle and natural and as if you don't have any make-up on-something that I always focus on while doing my make-up.However finding a good brown kohl or pencil within a budget can be challenging.While there are many browns available out there from different brands,most will cost Rs.250 up for 1g or lesser amount of product.Being a college goer with very nominal pocket money and huge temptations all around,it is sometimes really hard to decide which investment would be best-spending the whole amount for one single MAC product or using the same amount for 5 different things from cheaper brands and then saving up some every month so you can get the MAC later on?Tough choice isn't it?I am sure many of you girls face this every day-when you are so tempted by something that you turn blind to everything else and yet can't afford it yourself.I faced the same thing when I wanted a brown kohl that is 'branded'.Before this kohl the only brown pencil I owned were a lip liner from ADS which cost me just Rs.35 and like the price it was cheap!However it helped me discover that a brown liner actually highlighted the brown of my eyes better.And so my hunt for a good brown liner began.
I had seen the Avon catalouge from a school mate who is also a Avon distributor.But back then I ordered two lipstick from there simply pretty range.When looking for a brown kohl I remember seeing that Avon had one and again ran back to her but unforunately she no longer distributed them.So next I tried finding one online.While there were many but none fitted within my Rs.150 budget and I was quite attracted to the Avon one.My messaih came in the form of my local cosmetic shopkeeper who promised to get me the kohl-all I had to do is give him the exact name and product code if any.I got my little beauty about 2weeks after that at a discount as well.
That was quite a long journal,isn't it?But now I will go into the review which you all must be waiting for.
Name-Avon Kohl Brown K101
Price-Rs.125 on offer according to the catalouge.The actual price was I think about 175INR.I got a further discount on the Rs.125 pricetag and finally had to pay Rs.110(benefit of being regular and dedicated customer)
The kohl along with the cap measures approx 5inch.The body is black and like round pyramid without the top-cone and the cap is a transparent plastic one.The kohl is just fixed over the pyramid grip.
Shelf life-2years
closer look of the cap

closer look of the shade(I photographed under white light and the shade looks exactly same in real as well)

the kohl
My Take-
Creamy,it glided very easily over my lids.Not too soft and crumbly but not hardy either.But it has been a year I have this kohl with me and now it has hardened a bit.But nevertheless application is not that tough.It however tugs and pulls the skin while application which some of you might find objectionable.
Though nowhere does it claim to be water proof,but it is so.It easily survives splashing of water and doesn't bleed off around my eyes.However.it is not smudgeproof.In fact it smudges pretty much espesially if you deliberately rub it to smudge.So it works great as a shadow as well and for creating smokey eyes.
Staying power-
Average of 4-5hours after that it fades lightly.It also settle in fine lines and creases if you have any after this time.
Colour and finish-
Pigmentation is average.You need at least two deep swipes for the actual colour to show up.The colour is a cross between plum and brown-not at all the shade I was expecting after seeing the catalouge and not 'the brown' I was looking for.The finish is satiny with slight sheen also a drawback for me.
Overall it is a good kohl,if you like the type of brown it is go for it.Looks best on the upper eyelid and outer part of the lower eyelid.It doesn't show-up well in the waterline.In fact.it just won't stay in the waterline.

  • Cheap
  • wide selection of colours-available in black-brown,beige,blue,green,black etc.
  • elongated grip makes application easy
  • easily fits into the average size of purse.
  • waterproof
  • can be used like an eye shadow
  • not too pigmented-buildable colour hence you can't go overboard that easily(a pros for me but might be a con to you)
  • no fragrance
  • Not matte(again this might be a pros to you)
  • Cone shaped-cannot be sharpened hence application become difficult as it blunts.
  • not available easily
  • the cap is flimsy-cracks easily-you have to be careful always not to load other things and throw the kohl into the depths of your bag.since the kohl is not retractable and the cap so filmsy there is always a chance that the kohl might break away from the neck of the grip-a very major con.My one is still intact though the cap cracked at several places but there are reviews in other sites claimimg similar disastors.
  • not the colour I was looking for-doesn't bring out the colour of mu eyes at all.
  • hardened after a year from the time I bought it.
  • tugs/pulls at the skin and settles in creases.
Here is how it looks on the eyes:
I smudged it slightly all over my lid and highlighted the inner corners with a gold pencil
and lakme eye brow pencil for the brows 

As you can see the pros and cons list is almost equal.But overal I am not complaining since I got it at such a low price.It's stupid to expect more at this price.Will i repuchase?Well,not very sure,I am looking forward at investing in the colorful Lakme eyeconic eyes.Actually I am in a dilemma-A lakeme eyeconic white and brown or Avon kohl beige and green?What do you think?

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