Sunday, 22 December 2013

Street Wear Color rich Nail Enamel-Black Passion

Happy sunday!
I have a sort of love-hate relationship with the weekends.Love because it's a holiday and dad is home-it's always fun when dad is around and hate because dad is home!sounds dumb isn't it?It's that dad and I are completely loggerheads when it comes to cleanliness and discipline.While I am as messy as messy can be,he is the epitome of discipline.I can't sleep late in the morning or stay awake too late at nights,I have to clean my room and specially study table which is a real pain as I dump a whole week's junk there.I can't sit idle or kill time but study or always do something or the other worthwhile but still apart from this the weekend is so thoroughly lively just because of him.Also I can use his net-connection and save mine! :P
You might be wondering why I am chattering non-sense?Well,it's just my way of expressing happiness and I am damn happy because I am getting the chance of exploiting my dad's internet connection again.Today's post is a review(yes,again!) on a black nail-polish from street wear-Black Passion.Black dress to nail polish,the color has been a rage among girls and ladies since time immemorial.It is my favorite color but I have always avoided it on the nails because I have a habit of biting my nails and so they are almost always through out the year out of condition for so bold a color.But Recently(actually after starting the blog)I have forced myself to quit the habit which had almost become ingrained in me like smoking or other addictions.I had earlier in class 10(about 3years back) had tried elle 18 black nail color but hated it-partly because my half-eaten nails looked horrible in it and partly because it was not really a true black color.
Picking up this particular shade was a whimsical choice(a result of a very personal event).I got this along with another color-Romantic Pink.The choices were real contrast.I ended up loving this black shade so much that I finished the bottle way before it started thickening.
So now lets plung into the detailed review:
You all do know how a street wear nail enamel bottle looks?I won't insult your knowledge describing the bottle over again.This one was a 5ml bottle and costs 50INR(I got it for 45INR).
My take:
The colour is just WOW!It is super pigmented but bit streaky at times while applying.You can see the nail bed through the colour at places if a single coat is applied.But a double coat give full opaque coverage and the darkest,shiniest black finish.It is so goth and a damn sexy colour!Unlike other colours,the black polish retains its shine for maximum days(for me,about 3-4 days) and also the longest surviving one without chipping(around 9days-after that the nail bed show up as the nail grows and so appears like the polish has chipped at the tips).It looks best with a top clear coat.It dries fast on nails too.Here are the pictures:

Doesn't it shines like diamond in sunlight?I am definitely going to buy it again.It made me fall madly in love with black nail polish.
The review at a glance:
  • very cheap
  • 5ml bottle-very convenient size to finish up before it start drying out in the bottle
  • survives best on nails(comapared to other street wear colours)
  • easily available
  • highly pigmented true black
  • sometimes the brushes are awfully damaged so always check yours before buying(I got one in magic brick shade-going to post the photos soon)
  • nothing more!

Friday, 20 December 2013

12th International Trade Fair-Kolkata

Hi beauties!
After a series of reviews,I am getting a bit tired of them so just thought of sharing this little information that I am sure at least the Calcuttan Divas are aware of-12th International trade fair is on since 12th December and ends on 25th December.I am bit late about informing given that it's midway through the fair but it's weekend and it's never late for a trip to the fair.
Venue-Science City Ground,beside the Space theatre.
Time-11am to 9pm
Entry fees-Rs.20 per head
The easiest way to reach this place is a taxi or private car.It's damn hard to get a comfortable public transport to E.M.Bypass.The buses are almost always overcrowded(except the rare few A.C. Volvos like VS-2) and a caged-in-a-suffocating-bus experience is a must even if you are lucky to get a seat.It is bit more easier to reach the place if you live in north Calcutta or regions along the Bypass.Any bus that go via VIP road to places like Mukundapur,Baruipur even Jadavpur,Ruby hospital can take you there.
Now about the fair.There are 14 Pavilions this year-namely A-N each dedicated to a seperate section such as lifestyle,furniture,interior decoration,electronic gadgets,handlooms,cafeteria,processed food,and two pavillion entirely to Bangladesh exhibition.Other foreign countries include Myanmar,Thailand,Pakistan,Ghana,Egypt,and few more.
Pavilion A-handlooms and textiles from cottage industries of West Bengal.
This one comprised mainly of sarees and salwar suits and dress materials but the real attractions were the sarees.The assemble of so many different sarees under the same roof  was mind blowing for any saree lover(not my love though).For me,they were beautiful to look at but scary to wear.
Pavilion B-Lifestyle products from myanmar,thailand,Indonasia etc.
This is one of my favorite pavilion.The range of product is huge-from textiles to jewellery to cosmetics to decorative lanterns and interior decorative items.It is the cheapest,affordable pavilion and also there are offers.All the products-specially the jewelleries,and cosmetics are fashionable and cheap.I have heard that cosmetics in Singapore is cheap but really didn't believe that until seeing this pavilion.
Pavilion C-Furnitures
Pavilion D-Electronics
Pavilion E-Stationaries,paper,mable statues
Pavilion F-Interior decoration Items-THe first stall of fountains is beautiful
Pavilion G-Lifestyle products-Gym and sports equipments,leather items
Pavilion H-Cafeteria
Pavilion I and J-Processed Food
Pavilion K and L-Bangladesh
Pavilion M and N-International-Pakistan,Ghana,Egypt
After visiting the fair for the fourth time I had to conclude that it is a tempting place(As you can well guess given I endured a 30minutes bus ride and yet visited the place four times).My favorite one (and also tempting ones) were the whole pavilion B,The stationary product pavilion,Gym equipment pavilion and the fountains and asian art gallery stores(sorry I don't remeber the pavilion name for these).On the other hand side of the field I liked the processed food pavilion-there were pickles of every flavour you could think of and signature snacks of different states.
There were also beauty products,perfumes but I wasn't very interested in them.Partly because I am scared to try out new beauty products and of the sales agents who nag us like hell and also because they won't allow testing of the perfumes.My favorite stops are a cosmetics and jewellery stall in Pavillion B and another in pavilion G.The cosmetic stalls were negotiable-I don't know how that was possible unless the products were duplicate.But I couldn't resist picking up an eye-shadow palette and a combo pack of Eye-liner and Mascara.And guess what the palette was?The oh-so-crazed Urban Decay Naked 2!I was sure that it is a duplicate given that I got it for 700INR but still I couldn't resist it.But after trying it at home I don't care even if it is a fake because it performs far better than those palettes available in Indian brands or any brand found in India.I always hated picking up individual eye shadows and searched and searched for a decent eye-shadow palette at stores(I find ordering online and paying in dollars too complicated and then there is always a question of security).My next pick was Miss Five Collosal 2-in-1 Eye liner and mascara-A combo containing an eyeliner and a mascara for 250INR.The eyeliner is really good-waterproof,quick-dry,smudge-proof and doesn't crack but the mascara is not that great-not waterproof and the brush is also not upto the mark.I got the Urban decay palette at the store in pavilion B and the eyeliner-mascara in pavilion G.The best part is that I even got a goat-milk soap for free with the palette and even that one is great.Apart from these I got two pairs of studs which looked so bright and antique.Here are the pictures of the things I bought but I couldn't get pictures of the fair as I was too busy ogling around and forgot all about taking pictures. :P

  The detailed reviews will soon Follow,till then stay tuned and keep reading!
And have a nice day ahead!

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Nature's Aloe Vera Gel

An advanced Merry Christmas!
I have already went into that festive mood of the year-ending celebrations that is I am living up to that mood by bunking college,sleeping off at home and doing everything except important and productive works.Such a nice change isn't it??
Anyways,enough commentary on my life, let's get going with the post-A review(again!)on an aloe vera gel I have been using often for the past 4-5months and now it is high time I review it for all of you beauties who are searching for one.Aloe Vera gels are my first love when I need a moisturizer for my so very oily skin.It's seconded by my new crush from Ayur reviewed here.
I don't think I really need to go into the details of goodness of Aloe Vera gel-all I can say is my very own opinion of the miracle plant-It's really a multi-dimensionally helpful plant.The gel extracted from the plant is very much concentrated but after processing,it is an anti-septic,suncreen,anti-ageing and removing scar beauty gel all-in-one.So far I have tried using three Aloe Vera gels from three seperate brands-Patanjali,Nature's and another one, that was my first Aloe Vera gel,called Venizen's Aloe Vera Gel.It only taught me(rather my mom),never to trust any brand promoting their products through teleshopping.I really don't know what was wrong with it but it broke all the places I had applied it on into ugly rashes.It completely spoilt my Durga Puja outings that year-I looked like a hideous clown with big red blotches all over my face and hands!
My next attempt with a aloe vera gel came about 2years ago with Patanjali Aloe Vera gel and I thoroughly love that product now and wish I hadn't changed brand out of sheer boredom just because the tube was so very large.I had no complaint against it other than the packaging which was huge and the gel never-ending.It lasted me 1 1/2 years!It's really not a problem is it??
And then came in Nature's.It is also very good but the Patanjali one was better,now I realize that after using both the products.
The quantity,and outlook: 
The product comes in a tub shaped like a pot,transparent with a leaf-green screw cap carrying the logo of the brand.I don't remember whether it came in a carton or not because I didn't really spare much attention to it and I didn't know that I'd soon be contributing as a beauty blogger ever.The price is 120INR for 100ml.The product is chlorophyll green in colour and there is no ingredients list on the tub.The gel is called actually,"Nature's Aloe Vera Gel-moisturizing beauty gel".
My take:
The product is in gel form and very light.A very small quantity is required to spread evenly through out the area.Though it says "moisturizing gel" and seems to be essentially a face-product I use it for my whole body-as moisturizer for face and de-tanning and scar-treatment for the rest of the body as Aloe Vera gel is known for these properties as well.The fragrance is good and very mild-just the sort I like.I can't really describe it,,but it is a very unusual yet sweet smell.As a moisturizer it is excellent but I would recommend it only for summer season for normal to dry skin while it suits my oily skin well even in winter(winter in Kolkata is very pleasant so consider it accordingly).The best part is that it is not at all oily and very soothing though compared to the patanjali gel it takes little more time to get absorbed in the skin.But as I mentioned earlier I am not a great fan of screw-cap tubs where you have to dip your fingers everytime you want to take out the cream.Another con is if you keep the tub upside-down the cream falls down on the cap.Underneath are pictures for your assistance:
the tub

the cap

the cream got transfered on the cap as i had toppled it upside-down
  • mild moisturizer-very suitable for daily use in summer
  • soothing
  • not oily
  • easily absorbed in the skin
  • very affordable
  • lasts long as little product is required everytime you use
  • can be used anywhere in the body
  • can even be used as after-shave for it's healing and anti-septic properties
  • not travel friendly-though the cap is very secure I still hesitate taking it in a bag if in case it spills somehow.
  • not easily available-Nature's is not a very widely distributed brand
  • Needs some time to get well absorbed
  • dip-and-dab system of application-not hygenic specially if you are sharing the tub with other like me(my mom,sister and me share this single tub and even rarely my father who use it as an after-shave lotion in emergency)

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Ombre lips Tutorial

HI buddies!
I am so very lazy when it comes to work and so the result is irregular updates!Sorry about that but I really can't get over the temptation of sleeping off looong hours and just doing nothing.It would have been so much fun if there was no studies,no work-just idling all through the day,isn't it?Nay! I don't really believe so.Sometime I get bored of idling as well.Anyways,let's just forget my chattering because it will just go on and on,if I don't stop myself,and come to the point.
An ideally beautiful face is defined by perfect features but hardly there is anyone who is so perfect.Perfection again doesn't always have a perfect definition or attributes to follow.What is perfection to one maybe flawed to another.But beauty is about the eyes-anything that catches out eyes in a good light is beautiful to us.So we all strive to achieve that attractiveness somehow-while some are god-gifted lucky ones the rest strive for make-up to get that flawless beauty.Concept of make-up and fashion has evolved through ages and is always experimented with.This in turn give rise to new trends and today I am going to write about one such new trend-the ombre lips.
The eyes and lips are the most dominating and expressive features of our face.Beautiful lips can work wonders(and so can a sharp tongue! :D).Be it a twitch or a pucker we ladies surely know our secrets of beauty and "expressions".But why not intensify your already beautiful lips?Looking even more special and fashionable on any day is such a mood-lifter specially if you enjoy and dare experimenting with your looks.
As the name suggests,the ombre lips can be defined as a gradual blending of colours to achieve a more 3D effect thereby standing out in a crowd.It is a bold look and requires quite a bit of confidence to be carried but then almost all looks need that.If created perfectly,ombre lips can be enough to finish off a look because it is such a bold look when done perfectly that no one can keep there eyes off your lips!Ombre lips can be of many types-blending of two colours on both the lips,colouring each lips with different shades but each lips has a single colour-no mixing,while one lip sports a single colour the other one has blends of colour etc.Wear it your way-anyway that you feel comfortable and nice. After-all at the end of the day it is all about the fun of experimenting and feeling good.The combinations can be so vibrant that they instantly lifts your mood.A perfect wear for the grey winter months-just jazz up your whole look with a dash of colours and you are good to go anywhere and everywhere though I feel this look is too loud for formal parties or regular college days.It is better to wear this look in more extravagant occasions but then again it all depend on the colours you choose to combine.The look unfolds at it's best when created in combinations of vibrant colours and with well pigmented lipsticks so invest on quality lipsticks with good pigmentations to achieve perfection in the look.
Since I am not much of a make-up person and even more not much a lipstick-lover I don't really care about experimenting with my lips and another reason is that I am not very confident about my lips so i prefer drawing more attention to my eyes but this new trend is so cute and fun to try out and I started practicing with whatever lippies I own.I don't invest in high-end lipsticks-300bucks is enough as most of them just get wasted lying around and even getting trodden and smashed under my feet.The following looks are created mostly with Elle 18,Colorbar,Lakme satin enrich and Avon simply pretty lipsticks.Now that I have explained all that I know about ombre lips,let's plunge into the tutorial.

Things required:
(Rather the things I used):

  • Elle 18 27 Rosy Blush
  • Colorbar Obsessed Orange 60
  • Elle 18 16 mousse melt
  • Elle 18 29 Rusty
  • neutral Lip Liner
  • A good lip brush
  • tissues(optional)
 Its as simple as painting on canvas-all you need to do is choose the shades that go together really well and blend them with a lip brush.The trick lies in blending the colours well and filling in every corner of your lips.First I outlined the lips with a neutral lip liner so that the colour don't stand out to harshly or clash with the lipsticks-I have fuller lips and so avoid lip liners because they make them look even thicker.But the lipstick stays on longer without bleeding with it.After outlining I began with colouring the outer rim of the lips with elle 18 rosy blush which is a bright carmein red.Check the camlin shade card if you have doubts about which is carmein colour.I left the inside portion empty.Then I filled the inner part with Colorbar obsessed orange which is a true orange shade.After that with a lip brush I started blending the two colours.My lip brush is not so good-just another stray Chinese brand so I had some problems as the lipstick won't spread well but rather got picked up on the bristles instead.I managed this problem by repeatedly picking up colour from the lipsticks and applying it till I achieved the desired blend.The idea is to mix the colours but make sure that the original colours still remain distinguishable.Underneath are the pictures-in normal light and flash light-
without flash-combination of elle 18 rosy blush
and colorbar obsessed orange
with flash-same combination

I used the same technique but with another combination-elle 18 29 rusty as fillers(inside half of the lips) and elle18 mousse melt 16 at the outer rims.The pictures are as follows:
in tubelight
in daylight

I only tried out the blending techniques.The 2nd popular technique is even easier.Just suppose the first combination of rosy blush and obsessed orange.Just fill the upper lips with rosy blush and the lower one with obsessed orange-finished.This one is easier to create but harder to pull off and can be disastrous if the colours don't compliment each other well.It is always safer to colour the upper lips with a darker shade and the lower one with a lighter one of the same colour family.How do you find them?Sorry about the pictures-they don't do justice to the actual look at all.I find the 2nd combination more sober and wearable at the daytime.It is safe to keep the eye makeup minimum while wearing this lips.I opted for a well defined slightly winged eye liner lined eyes on the upper lids,kajal at the outer 1/3rd of the lower lid and mascara with the red-orange lips.You can try slight contouring of your cheeks but I left it out(too lazy!).I went bit more bolder with the brown-rust combination-Slight smokey brown eye by smudging Avon brown kohl and a hint of moss-green shadow at the corners of the upper lid.make sure the green is barely visible or it will be too overpowering.Then highlighting the inner corner of the eyes with golden liner and mascara,slight hint of coral coloured blush or any blush suitable for your complexion and you are ready to flaunt your look anywhere.The red lip is more versatile and goes well with both traditional and western outfits while the rust lip is more complimenting with western,specially formals.I am going to try out new combinations and techniques and upload them soon.Till then good night and enjoy winter!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Ayur Non-sticky Moisturizer

Hey friends!
It's December along with it's entire package of celebrations,winter,and as well as skin problems!But despite all hazards I love this season and winter in Kolkata is quite pleasant specially during beginning of December.The cold is not as biting and yet its chilly enough to wear all my cute colourful sweaters!I love my collection of pullovers,sweaters etc.But the only thing that I hate(and I am sure all of you do as well) about winter is the huge amount of hair and skin problems that accompany this lovely season.This is the only season when I feel really blessed about my oily skin.My skin don't flake off as easily and I can easily go on without a moisturizer for couple of days or more.I am really lazy when it comes to daily skin care regime.
As you have already guessed-my today's post is a review on a moisturizer that is quite easily available throughout India from a well trusted Indian Brand-Ayur.
The cream is called Ayur Herbal Cold Cream with Aloe Vera.
The product comes in white flat cylindrical pot,white in colour and screw-cap which is sky blue.The cream is white in colour.The label says that the cream is herbal and non-sticky.80 ml of the product costs Rs.60.
What Ayur claims about the product?
"Prevents Ageing and Dehydration of Skin
made from Natural Moisturizers.extra Rich formula for winter care.High concentration of natural moisturizers protect your skin against winter dryness,keep it satin soft and increases the blood circulation."
There's a ingredient list as well but it is way too long to type in.However among the ingredients notable one worth mentioning are Aloe vera,rose,Cucumber extract among herbal ones while on the other hand there is silicone oil,Methyl paraben and Propyl paraben as well.
Ayur Aloe vera moisturizer
My take:
I am not a ardent moisturizer user partly because I never found one that suits my oily skin without making it dark and greasy and partly because I forget to routinely apply moisturizer even when I need it.My mom and sister lately are much taken to Ayur products and so replaced our usual staple ponds cold cream with this one.What attracted me to using this cream is the non-oily and non-sticky label on it.I never liked Ponds anyways because it irritated my skin  if it was broken.This cream is not completely oil free but enough to suit my skin as well as my sister's normal to dry skin type.THis can be used by almost all skin types if your skin is not extremely sensitive or oily.It feels little sticky soon after application but that feel goes away within few minutes as the cream gets absorbed in the skin.Overall it is a nice product and dirt cheap.
the cap
the cream

At a glance:
  • Travel friendly
  • non sticky,non-oily(almost)
  • Prevents ageing(? as per claim but not really sure about this feature)
  • does not irritate broken skin
  • very cheap
  • Hate the smell
  • open tub container-not very hygienic(it might be a pros for you but con to me)
  • not always available easily
Will I recommend?
Yeah,give it a try if you find it in your area.
So have you tried this one yet?if so,how was your experience?do share your view and comment.I heart your lovely comments and will surely reply back to each and everyone of them.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

StreetWear Color rich Nail Enamel-Romantic Pink

Hello Beauties!
Sorry about my timings-being a night owl,I cannot help but work at night.Hope you all had a great day.It has also been a big day for me with my results coming out at last-Something that I wanted to get over with as soon as possible!from today I am full-fledged back to work that is reach out to you divas with lot new surprises.
Today's post is a review on Streetwear Color Rich Nail Enamel-Yeah,yeah I know-It is not a new name to any beauty-novice even but then, each time we come across these cuties we can't help falling in love with them over again,can we??With there huge array of colors,and good quality at quite cheap rate,Streetwear makes sure that these nail polish remain eternally a classic choice among girls and women alike.The shade that I am going to review for you all today is a really flirty color with a great name-Romantic Pink,no.52.The brand do knows how to attract our eyes and mind.While in my proper senses I would never have bought such a shocking pink color but then,I was really attracted by the name that hinted a flirtatious side that I couldn't resist picking it up and I really don't regret my choice at all.Sometimes indulging in madness is healthy.Yes,you read right.To me shocking fluorescent pink is a mad woman's choice(no offence pink-lovers) and I used to simply hate that color and avoid it throughout my life in any form(even in marker-pens!) but now I really love my nail polish but I want to limit that colour to my nails only.Anyways,I muat have already irritated you all to death with my chatter so let's get straight to the point.

You all are familiar with the classy bottles I assume but for those who are not,the bottle is a tiny square one with a long black matted cap.The quantity it can hold is 5ml  and it costs Rs.50.There are 9ml bottles available as well at some stores which are flat rectangular in shape with the same type of cap and costs Rs.90 perhaps.I never buy the larger one as they tend to dry up in the bottle.5ml is a great quantity that we can finish up before it starts drying in the bottle.
the bottle
My take:
What to say?I am so in love with the brand!Ever since I laid my hands on them and they are available at the next-door departmental store,I have almost forgotten my elle18 bottles which were my first love.I am not being baised and I am sure many of you will agree with me that these are one of the best budget nail enamels there is in the Indian cosmetics market.
  • Now,about this particular shade-it is a shockingly bright pink-almost fluorescent but not truly so.Under some light,it appears to be a true neon pink while at other times it is more of a bright,eye-stinging pink but not neon.
  • The lacquer is neither too runny nor very tight-a very appropriate density for hassle-free application.
  • The brush bristles are not very spread apart or rounded but rather thin and straight.But I find this brush type very convenientBut after a comparative study to bit more costly brands(in this case,Maybelline color show and Lakme Absolute speed dry,Lotus Herbals nail enamel and the Rs.150 Lakme nail colors-forgot their names! :( ) I felt the bristles are less flexible and harder but really that's too much of an expectation from a nail polish priced so less.But the brush felt more comfortable compared to elle 18 color bombs.
  • It dries pretty quickly-1st coat hardly 3-4minutes and 2nd coat 4-5minutes.This is a real plus point for me as I am very impateint.So in average 8 to 9 mins in total.
  • Another interesting thing that I observed for myself is that while most nail enamels tends to peel off completely from my nails if I try and pull them(elle 18,Lakme and Lotus herbal does so for me),this won't budge at all.
  • Chipping is minimum even after 5-6days!Isn't that great?I usually change my nail color every 7days at the most so in this case there won't be any problem of ugly semi-chipped nail laquer stains on the nails.
  • Pity there is no base coat available of the brand but overall it has the qualities to give many high-end brand a run for there money.
  • The colour is highly pigmented-Perhaps one of the most pigmented nail polish I have seen so far(My first choice would be colorlife 202-scarlet.You can check its review here).While 1 coat is sufficient,but I apply two coats mainly because the brush does not pick up enough color to cover the whole nail sufficiently without any see-through gaps.
Here are some pictures that I took on my way back home from college in the bus.I was getting bored by the traffic and had nothing better to do but later when I saw the pictures I felt the sunlight is the best complimentary light to show off the colour at it's truest hue.The colour has a great quirky quality about it and can lift an ordinary look to the status of extraordinary.I personally felt it compliments casual,rock-chic outfits best and also turns sober toned-down formal look to a very time-to-party look.It does have a flirty side.The instant effect of the colour is that lively!The swatches are of two coats of colour without base coat or top coat and was worn 2-3days back before the photo was taken:
Pardon the black marks around the nail-bed-those are the remainings of Black nail polish that I was wearing earlier from the same brand which just won't budge with a remover even.Its another quality shade whose review I will do later.
In a gist:
  • Affordable(5ml rs.50)
  • good brush
  • quick drying(8-9mins appox)
  • This particular shade is extremely pigmented
  • great colour
  • perfect density for good application
  • does not peel off even if peeked at.
  • does not chip easily(5-6days withour chipping)
  • easily available
  • No base coat available
  • sometimes few bottles can come with defected brush(I got only one so far which I was stupid enough not to open and check in the colour Magic brick,no.43.Will come up with the review soon)
  • Cannot remove it completely even with a remover specially at the corners.
So have you ever owned this color??how do you find it?
Do share your views and keep reading and commenting-they are the inspirers that boost me to write more.This is all for today.Good night,sleep tight.