Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Hi people!
This is going to be my first ever attempt at blogging and I am really excited-so excited that what I really intend to write has gone all jumbled up in my mind!
Well,then lets just limit it till the introduction for today.Since childhood i had a flair for painting,art and crafts.Its very recently that I really thought about bringing this skills in a more wider circle outside my near and dear ones.Give me some brushes,paints,or crayons and I will be lost in them.As for my base of work anything from canvas to paper to fabric to skin will do. Though i didn't had the fortune of a wider circle for feedback but my works are generally appreciated.I hope reactions will be the same anywhere and everywhere.any critical comments are more than welcome and feel free to interact with me about anything.I will try my best to provide the best answer within my knowledge and capacity.
For now,bye!
And to keep an eye on my blog for some upcoming updates I plan to post soon.