Monday, 11 November 2013

Himalaya herbals protein hair cream

Hi friends!
Today I am back with a review on a product from one of my most trusted brands-Himalaya herbals.I have always been a fan of their face washes but did not try out other products.I am not at all experimental with my skin or hair so I never use anything on them unless I am quite confident of the result.Similarly I did not want to try out a new product anticipating disasters.I was introduced to this product by my sister who in turn came to know of this from her classmate.It worked wonders for my sister and so I tried it out a few times and the results were instantaneous.
This miracle cream ,for me, is called Himalaya herbals Protein Hair Cream.We all are quite familiar to oils for hair but a cream is something quite different.I never really imagined rubbing in cream on my scalp.Lets come to the composition and content of the cream:
"A unique herbal formulation with extra nourishment of natural proteins derived from chickpea and Wheatgerm.Enriched with Eclipta and Amla that promote hair growth." 
That's all that is said about the ingredients on the container.
"Each ml contains: Exts.Amalika(Emblica officinalis)*6mg,Chanaka(Cicer arietinum)*6mg,Gpdhuma(triticum sativum)*4mg,Bhringraja(Eclipta prostrata)*4mg
Ref,: * API #Bhava Prakasha
Inactives:methylparaben IP,Propylparaben IP"
As written below the pot.
The product comes in a flat cylindrical plastic pot white in colour with a screw-cap that is green.Both the cap and the pot has a "himalya" label with the product name so it is easy to locate when kept among similar pots.
It's net weight is 175 ml and costs Rs.100.
himalaya herbals hair protein cream
 The cream is white in colour.It smells like medicine-I really don't have a better description for the smell.I suppose most people will find the smell quite repulsive.The cream is oil-based.Application procedure is quite simple.Just massage it into your scalp with your fingertips.A small amount spread as a thin layer all over the scalp is sufficient.You can apply it at night before going to sleep or half an hour before bathing.

I have oily scalp and dry hair.Using this cream is quite an substitute for oil for me.In fact it makes my hair quite oily.I always apply it at night before the day I shampoo-About three nights per week.But if you have normal to dry hair you can use it every day without the hazard of greasy hair.In fact,it works as a good conditioner for my sister who has dry scalp and dry hair that is quite thick.As for the claims it make-it fulfills almost each and everyone of them.I had suffered from daily hairfall but after using this cream a couple of days I had noticed visible reduction of hairfall.I have already finished using a whole pot and felt quite a difference in my hair's health.It has become more strong at the roots,the strands are thicker and it seems to appear more voluminous.But however I am not very sure about hair regrowth.I have heard from other users that it truly stimulates hair regrowth but perhaps that is further slower process.But overal it has changed the quality of my hair for the best.However,I do not like the smell and the worst part is that it is quite strong and lingers as long as I don't shampoo my hair.Another problem is that,it makes my hair greasy which I absolutely hate!But after trying many things this cream has worked wonders for me so I can somehow overlook these cons.And it is dirt cheap compared to its quality.I really can't demand more for 100 bucks!And one pot lasts me nearly 1.5months even if my sister and I share it.Another problem that I personally feel can be changed is the container.The flat pot container is quite unhygienic as we repeatedly have to dab our fingers in it transferring dirt in the whole lot of the cream.But overall it is quite good product.
  • Hair cream and not oil
  • can be applied according to your leisure(but not really so for oily scalp)
  • very cheap-175ml for Rs.100;shelf life-2yrs
  • herbal formulation
  • easily available
  • travel friendly container
  • can be substituted for a conditioner if hair is thick and dry to normal type.
  • small quantity is sufficient
  • fulfills most of the claims succesfully-i.e. adds health,shine,volume,thickens hair strands,reduces hair fall,strengthens roots. 


  • smells like medicine-quite repulsive and worst case since it lingers strongly till the nest wash.
  • one has to dab their fingers repetitively in the cream hence quite unhygienic
  • makes the hair quite greasy if you have oily hair/scalp
Will I repurchase?
Yes,I am already at the verge of finishing the 2nd tub.But I am going to try their anti-drandruff cream or oil next for the winters.
Sure,if you haven't tried it yet give it a try.It is really effective as far as my observation on myself and two other people.

So have you used it yet?hoe did you find it?
Do share your opinions as comments.
Good night and take care..


  1. Excellent tips. Really useful stuff .Never had an idea about this, will look for more of such informative posts from your side.. Good job...Keep it upraw protein

  2. hiii ya.. Since last 2 months, I have been facing a terrible hairfall… when I say terrible I mean it.. I have lost 1/4 of the density in these 2 months.. I use Himalaya anti-hairfall shampoo. dunno how to control it. can i use himalaya protein hair cream?