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Maybelline baby lips Rose Addict

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I am back after quite some time.Sorry about my irregularity with the updates.College exams are over and classes have started for the new session.The past few day had been too hectic for me to manage any time for writing.Ok,now let get straight into today's topic-A review on Maybelline Baby Lips-Shade Rose Addict.

This is obviously a must have for every girl.The baby lip range are actually tinted lip balms with amazing moisturizing power and at the same time imparts a very natural make-up look suitable for everyday wear.

What Maybelline demands about the baby lips range?
"No more basic lip balm.
Our exclusive formula moisturizes lips for full 8 hours.
Lips renewed in 1 week *(based on panelist's self-evaluation)"

Product name- Maybelline Baby Lips colour Rose Addict
Price-150 INR
Shelf life-2years
Baby Lips Rose Addict
The product comes in a medium pink shade twist up cylinder with Baby lips colour printed in bold white letters on it.The shade name is written in much smaller letters.The packaging is overall sturdy. The lip balm is the same shade as the cylinder but has a shimmery look.However the shimmers hardly transfer on the lips on application yet gives a shiny look to the lips.The balm smells like bubble gum-while the smell is quite overpowering in the container it gradually becomes mild and almost negligible within 10-15mins of application.However I cannot agree with maybelline's claim about its moisturizing power.Undoubtedly it is very moisturizing and smooth on the lips but the longevity is not 8hrs.It is hardly 4-5hr without any eating and drinking.The texture is creamy and it is very little pigmented.I did not find the balms imparting any additional color to my lips but it did impart a shine and healthy glow that is more preferable to me than any artificial coloring.As for the repairing part,it is too true.My lips are not really too dry but I have a habit of biting my lip hence there are small wound on my lower lips,Using this balm did help healing them and make my lips way more softer than they ever were.Overall I am quite happy with it's performance.And it is a budget buy.

RECOMMENDATION: Yes,I would recommend it to anyone who prefers a natural look for their lips.
RATE:4.5/5(I deducted 0.5 for the moisturizing longevity)

As the name claims it is sure an addictive product.Not in the literary sense for the word but you are bound to fall in love with the quality of the balm.Following are pictures of the balm and swatches.

without flash in daylight(cloudy day)

With flash on cloudy day
A short summary-
  • texture very smooth and creamy and light on the lips
  • though not upto the claim made but still the moisturization is more than average
  • very easily available particularly this shade is the most available one.
  • the price is reasonable for the quantity specially since the balm seems to last ages for me.
  • impart a shine to the lips that is not unnatural.
  • can be substituted for a nude lipstick and looks very nice when wore as a part of natural make-up look.
  • sturdy packaging:travel friendly.
  • I don't like the smell much but on the brighter side the smell don't last too long.
So have you used this one yet?If so how did you find it??Do leave your comments below as they are very valuable to me.This is all for now,see you tomorrow.Take care.. :)

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