Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Nature's Aloe Vera Gel

An advanced Merry Christmas!
I have already went into that festive mood of the year-ending celebrations that is I am living up to that mood by bunking college,sleeping off at home and doing everything except important and productive works.Such a nice change isn't it??
Anyways,enough commentary on my life, let's get going with the post-A review(again!)on an aloe vera gel I have been using often for the past 4-5months and now it is high time I review it for all of you beauties who are searching for one.Aloe Vera gels are my first love when I need a moisturizer for my so very oily skin.It's seconded by my new crush from Ayur reviewed here.
I don't think I really need to go into the details of goodness of Aloe Vera gel-all I can say is my very own opinion of the miracle plant-It's really a multi-dimensionally helpful plant.The gel extracted from the plant is very much concentrated but after processing,it is an anti-septic,suncreen,anti-ageing and removing scar beauty gel all-in-one.So far I have tried using three Aloe Vera gels from three seperate brands-Patanjali,Nature's and another one, that was my first Aloe Vera gel,called Venizen's Aloe Vera Gel.It only taught me(rather my mom),never to trust any brand promoting their products through teleshopping.I really don't know what was wrong with it but it broke all the places I had applied it on into ugly rashes.It completely spoilt my Durga Puja outings that year-I looked like a hideous clown with big red blotches all over my face and hands!
My next attempt with a aloe vera gel came about 2years ago with Patanjali Aloe Vera gel and I thoroughly love that product now and wish I hadn't changed brand out of sheer boredom just because the tube was so very large.I had no complaint against it other than the packaging which was huge and the gel never-ending.It lasted me 1 1/2 years!It's really not a problem is it??
And then came in Nature's.It is also very good but the Patanjali one was better,now I realize that after using both the products.
The quantity,and outlook: 
The product comes in a tub shaped like a pot,transparent with a leaf-green screw cap carrying the logo of the brand.I don't remember whether it came in a carton or not because I didn't really spare much attention to it and I didn't know that I'd soon be contributing as a beauty blogger ever.The price is 120INR for 100ml.The product is chlorophyll green in colour and there is no ingredients list on the tub.The gel is called actually,"Nature's Aloe Vera Gel-moisturizing beauty gel".
My take:
The product is in gel form and very light.A very small quantity is required to spread evenly through out the area.Though it says "moisturizing gel" and seems to be essentially a face-product I use it for my whole body-as moisturizer for face and de-tanning and scar-treatment for the rest of the body as Aloe Vera gel is known for these properties as well.The fragrance is good and very mild-just the sort I like.I can't really describe it,,but it is a very unusual yet sweet smell.As a moisturizer it is excellent but I would recommend it only for summer season for normal to dry skin while it suits my oily skin well even in winter(winter in Kolkata is very pleasant so consider it accordingly).The best part is that it is not at all oily and very soothing though compared to the patanjali gel it takes little more time to get absorbed in the skin.But as I mentioned earlier I am not a great fan of screw-cap tubs where you have to dip your fingers everytime you want to take out the cream.Another con is if you keep the tub upside-down the cream falls down on the cap.Underneath are pictures for your assistance:
the tub

the cap

the cream got transfered on the cap as i had toppled it upside-down
  • mild moisturizer-very suitable for daily use in summer
  • soothing
  • not oily
  • easily absorbed in the skin
  • very affordable
  • lasts long as little product is required everytime you use
  • can be used anywhere in the body
  • can even be used as after-shave for it's healing and anti-septic properties
  • not travel friendly-though the cap is very secure I still hesitate taking it in a bag if in case it spills somehow.
  • not easily available-Nature's is not a very widely distributed brand
  • Needs some time to get well absorbed
  • dip-and-dab system of application-not hygenic specially if you are sharing the tub with other like me(my mom,sister and me share this single tub and even rarely my father who use it as an after-shave lotion in emergency)

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