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Ombre lips Tutorial

HI buddies!
I am so very lazy when it comes to work and so the result is irregular updates!Sorry about that but I really can't get over the temptation of sleeping off looong hours and just doing nothing.It would have been so much fun if there was no studies,no work-just idling all through the day,isn't it?Nay! I don't really believe so.Sometime I get bored of idling as well.Anyways,let's just forget my chattering because it will just go on and on,if I don't stop myself,and come to the point.
An ideally beautiful face is defined by perfect features but hardly there is anyone who is so perfect.Perfection again doesn't always have a perfect definition or attributes to follow.What is perfection to one maybe flawed to another.But beauty is about the eyes-anything that catches out eyes in a good light is beautiful to us.So we all strive to achieve that attractiveness somehow-while some are god-gifted lucky ones the rest strive for make-up to get that flawless beauty.Concept of make-up and fashion has evolved through ages and is always experimented with.This in turn give rise to new trends and today I am going to write about one such new trend-the ombre lips.
The eyes and lips are the most dominating and expressive features of our face.Beautiful lips can work wonders(and so can a sharp tongue! :D).Be it a twitch or a pucker we ladies surely know our secrets of beauty and "expressions".But why not intensify your already beautiful lips?Looking even more special and fashionable on any day is such a mood-lifter specially if you enjoy and dare experimenting with your looks.
As the name suggests,the ombre lips can be defined as a gradual blending of colours to achieve a more 3D effect thereby standing out in a crowd.It is a bold look and requires quite a bit of confidence to be carried but then almost all looks need that.If created perfectly,ombre lips can be enough to finish off a look because it is such a bold look when done perfectly that no one can keep there eyes off your lips!Ombre lips can be of many types-blending of two colours on both the lips,colouring each lips with different shades but each lips has a single colour-no mixing,while one lip sports a single colour the other one has blends of colour etc.Wear it your way-anyway that you feel comfortable and nice. After-all at the end of the day it is all about the fun of experimenting and feeling good.The combinations can be so vibrant that they instantly lifts your mood.A perfect wear for the grey winter months-just jazz up your whole look with a dash of colours and you are good to go anywhere and everywhere though I feel this look is too loud for formal parties or regular college days.It is better to wear this look in more extravagant occasions but then again it all depend on the colours you choose to combine.The look unfolds at it's best when created in combinations of vibrant colours and with well pigmented lipsticks so invest on quality lipsticks with good pigmentations to achieve perfection in the look.
Since I am not much of a make-up person and even more not much a lipstick-lover I don't really care about experimenting with my lips and another reason is that I am not very confident about my lips so i prefer drawing more attention to my eyes but this new trend is so cute and fun to try out and I started practicing with whatever lippies I own.I don't invest in high-end lipsticks-300bucks is enough as most of them just get wasted lying around and even getting trodden and smashed under my feet.The following looks are created mostly with Elle 18,Colorbar,Lakme satin enrich and Avon simply pretty lipsticks.Now that I have explained all that I know about ombre lips,let's plunge into the tutorial.

Things required:
(Rather the things I used):

  • Elle 18 27 Rosy Blush
  • Colorbar Obsessed Orange 60
  • Elle 18 16 mousse melt
  • Elle 18 29 Rusty
  • neutral Lip Liner
  • A good lip brush
  • tissues(optional)
 Its as simple as painting on canvas-all you need to do is choose the shades that go together really well and blend them with a lip brush.The trick lies in blending the colours well and filling in every corner of your lips.First I outlined the lips with a neutral lip liner so that the colour don't stand out to harshly or clash with the lipsticks-I have fuller lips and so avoid lip liners because they make them look even thicker.But the lipstick stays on longer without bleeding with it.After outlining I began with colouring the outer rim of the lips with elle 18 rosy blush which is a bright carmein red.Check the camlin shade card if you have doubts about which is carmein colour.I left the inside portion empty.Then I filled the inner part with Colorbar obsessed orange which is a true orange shade.After that with a lip brush I started blending the two colours.My lip brush is not so good-just another stray Chinese brand so I had some problems as the lipstick won't spread well but rather got picked up on the bristles instead.I managed this problem by repeatedly picking up colour from the lipsticks and applying it till I achieved the desired blend.The idea is to mix the colours but make sure that the original colours still remain distinguishable.Underneath are the pictures-in normal light and flash light-
without flash-combination of elle 18 rosy blush
and colorbar obsessed orange
with flash-same combination

I used the same technique but with another combination-elle 18 29 rusty as fillers(inside half of the lips) and elle18 mousse melt 16 at the outer rims.The pictures are as follows:
in tubelight
in daylight

I only tried out the blending techniques.The 2nd popular technique is even easier.Just suppose the first combination of rosy blush and obsessed orange.Just fill the upper lips with rosy blush and the lower one with obsessed orange-finished.This one is easier to create but harder to pull off and can be disastrous if the colours don't compliment each other well.It is always safer to colour the upper lips with a darker shade and the lower one with a lighter one of the same colour family.How do you find them?Sorry about the pictures-they don't do justice to the actual look at all.I find the 2nd combination more sober and wearable at the daytime.It is safe to keep the eye makeup minimum while wearing this lips.I opted for a well defined slightly winged eye liner lined eyes on the upper lids,kajal at the outer 1/3rd of the lower lid and mascara with the red-orange lips.You can try slight contouring of your cheeks but I left it out(too lazy!).I went bit more bolder with the brown-rust combination-Slight smokey brown eye by smudging Avon brown kohl and a hint of moss-green shadow at the corners of the upper lid.make sure the green is barely visible or it will be too overpowering.Then highlighting the inner corner of the eyes with golden liner and mascara,slight hint of coral coloured blush or any blush suitable for your complexion and you are ready to flaunt your look anywhere.The red lip is more versatile and goes well with both traditional and western outfits while the rust lip is more complimenting with western,specially formals.I am going to try out new combinations and techniques and upload them soon.Till then good night and enjoy winter!

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