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12th International Trade Fair-Kolkata

Hi beauties!
After a series of reviews,I am getting a bit tired of them so just thought of sharing this little information that I am sure at least the Calcuttan Divas are aware of-12th International trade fair is on since 12th December and ends on 25th December.I am bit late about informing given that it's midway through the fair but it's weekend and it's never late for a trip to the fair.
Venue-Science City Ground,beside the Space theatre.
Time-11am to 9pm
Entry fees-Rs.20 per head
The easiest way to reach this place is a taxi or private car.It's damn hard to get a comfortable public transport to E.M.Bypass.The buses are almost always overcrowded(except the rare few A.C. Volvos like VS-2) and a caged-in-a-suffocating-bus experience is a must even if you are lucky to get a seat.It is bit more easier to reach the place if you live in north Calcutta or regions along the Bypass.Any bus that go via VIP road to places like Mukundapur,Baruipur even Jadavpur,Ruby hospital can take you there.
Now about the fair.There are 14 Pavilions this year-namely A-N each dedicated to a seperate section such as lifestyle,furniture,interior decoration,electronic gadgets,handlooms,cafeteria,processed food,and two pavillion entirely to Bangladesh exhibition.Other foreign countries include Myanmar,Thailand,Pakistan,Ghana,Egypt,and few more.
Pavilion A-handlooms and textiles from cottage industries of West Bengal.
This one comprised mainly of sarees and salwar suits and dress materials but the real attractions were the sarees.The assemble of so many different sarees under the same roof  was mind blowing for any saree lover(not my love though).For me,they were beautiful to look at but scary to wear.
Pavilion B-Lifestyle products from myanmar,thailand,Indonasia etc.
This is one of my favorite pavilion.The range of product is huge-from textiles to jewellery to cosmetics to decorative lanterns and interior decorative items.It is the cheapest,affordable pavilion and also there are offers.All the products-specially the jewelleries,and cosmetics are fashionable and cheap.I have heard that cosmetics in Singapore is cheap but really didn't believe that until seeing this pavilion.
Pavilion C-Furnitures
Pavilion D-Electronics
Pavilion E-Stationaries,paper,mable statues
Pavilion F-Interior decoration Items-THe first stall of fountains is beautiful
Pavilion G-Lifestyle products-Gym and sports equipments,leather items
Pavilion H-Cafeteria
Pavilion I and J-Processed Food
Pavilion K and L-Bangladesh
Pavilion M and N-International-Pakistan,Ghana,Egypt
After visiting the fair for the fourth time I had to conclude that it is a tempting place(As you can well guess given I endured a 30minutes bus ride and yet visited the place four times).My favorite one (and also tempting ones) were the whole pavilion B,The stationary product pavilion,Gym equipment pavilion and the fountains and asian art gallery stores(sorry I don't remeber the pavilion name for these).On the other hand side of the field I liked the processed food pavilion-there were pickles of every flavour you could think of and signature snacks of different states.
There were also beauty products,perfumes but I wasn't very interested in them.Partly because I am scared to try out new beauty products and of the sales agents who nag us like hell and also because they won't allow testing of the perfumes.My favorite stops are a cosmetics and jewellery stall in Pavillion B and another in pavilion G.The cosmetic stalls were negotiable-I don't know how that was possible unless the products were duplicate.But I couldn't resist picking up an eye-shadow palette and a combo pack of Eye-liner and Mascara.And guess what the palette was?The oh-so-crazed Urban Decay Naked 2!I was sure that it is a duplicate given that I got it for 700INR but still I couldn't resist it.But after trying it at home I don't care even if it is a fake because it performs far better than those palettes available in Indian brands or any brand found in India.I always hated picking up individual eye shadows and searched and searched for a decent eye-shadow palette at stores(I find ordering online and paying in dollars too complicated and then there is always a question of security).My next pick was Miss Five Collosal 2-in-1 Eye liner and mascara-A combo containing an eyeliner and a mascara for 250INR.The eyeliner is really good-waterproof,quick-dry,smudge-proof and doesn't crack but the mascara is not that great-not waterproof and the brush is also not upto the mark.I got the Urban decay palette at the store in pavilion B and the eyeliner-mascara in pavilion G.The best part is that I even got a goat-milk soap for free with the palette and even that one is great.Apart from these I got two pairs of studs which looked so bright and antique.Here are the pictures of the things I bought but I couldn't get pictures of the fair as I was too busy ogling around and forgot all about taking pictures. :P

  The detailed reviews will soon Follow,till then stay tuned and keep reading!
And have a nice day ahead!

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