Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Virgo nail Buffer

Hi friends today I am back with a review of a nail buffer that I use some one year back and have been dying to rave about.I recently became a bit too obsessed with nail-care after I discovered that a perfect home manicure completely changes the look of my hands.But unfortunately I really cannot resist biting my nails and they are always in an utter mess.The nail buffer I am going to review is from a brand called "Virgo"-I never really heard of them.I happened to come across their products(that includes combs,brushes,pumice stones,pedicure and manicure kits etc.) at Big Bajaar.I was looking for an affordable nail buffer and this one was the cheapest available.I liked that this one had 6 faces and a cute shape so I got this one.Read on to know my experience with it.
Virgo 6-in-1 nail buffer:
 My take:
The first thing you will notice is the bright colours of the faces.When I started to use it though the first problem is came across was understanding which side was meant to be used after which one-there is no number coding or anything as such to imply that.You can easily tell apart the one meant for "step 1"(refer the image on left) but the ones from step 2-step 5 is a complete guessing game.
Rub it on your nails and feel your way through the manicure.It was a bit annoying at the beginning but once I got a hang of it and was patient enough to complete the whole process the results were worth the trouble. In the image below you can see the 4 faces,the other two are yellow and buff coloured.The yellow side is the emery board for step 1.The buff is the shiner or for step 6.for step 2,3,4,and 5 you are suppose to use the teal-blue,green,pink and violet respectively in the order I have written the names.My nails do not have much ridges and are bit frail so I went easy with the emery.The whole process took around 30 minutes.The resultant shine and glow of the nails lasted for more than a couple of weeks.The shine was equivalent to a top coat.However the buffer is a bit difficult to be maneuvered at corners of the nail so the shine was not uniform throughtout.
 This is the end result right after buffing.You can easily see the difference in the way my nails look in the before and after pictures.

  • Cheap
  • 6 faced hence ensures smoother and shinier finish
  • looks cute
  • one buffer lasted me 8-9months given I used it on my sister,mom and myself.
  • the effect last much longer than applying a clear nailpolish

  • availability-I did not find the Virgo products when I went to buy my second buffer(had to settle down for "faces" 4-in-1 buffer instead which was quite a disappointment given it is a "Faces" product-review coming soon)
  • no instructions about which side is meant for what-it is pure guess work.
  • bit difficult to maneuver at the edges or corners.
Overall, it was a good buy and I would like to get another one of them if I can find this brand anywhere again.

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