Sunday, 5 January 2014

Water Marbelling

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A Belated Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!
I had been away for quite sometimes on vacation then my computer itself decided to take a break and so much more!Sadly my blog went backstage in all these chaos but now I am back with a tutorial.It's nothing new-I am sure all of you guys know this technique by heart from the numerous step by step break downs and videos but I just thought I'll add to that number.Today's post is about water marbling nail art technique.I am not very fond of nail arts as such but I really love playing with colours and creating them though I don't wear them through the day even.I just create a new design,remove it off after sometime and again try a different design-be it colour blocking,french manicure,gradient or water marbling.But if I wear something the whole day it is almost always either a single colour or classic french manicure.
Anyways,now let's get straight into the tutorial:
First,the things you will need:

  • a small bowl-use a old one or one that you can easily dicard(not one out of your mom's favorite dinner set!) because after using it for this technique you surely won't be able to eat out of it.
  • The nail colours-use new bottles as the laquer will still be quite runny.If the colour thicken it won't spread easily in the water.
  • q-tips-to absorb excess colours
  • a sharp tipped object(needle,pencil,compass etc)-to create the design
  • water(obviously)
  • A container-this is optional-read on to know why this is required
Now,the procedure:
Paint your nails with a base colour-here,I used Maybelline color show-Porcelain Party-A matte white.After the laquer dries carefully wrap your fingers with cellotape.You can also use a thick layer of olive oil or vaseline-this is to ensure that the nail polish don't smear your fingers.Trust me,it is a real pain afterwards to remove the stray marks specially it's winter now and I simply run away at the sight of soap and water during these months(but I do use them even though I hate to,during winter).I used cellotapes for this reason because this is my first venture at water marbling and I did not want to take the risk of using lubricants in case they didn't work and my fingers get smeared.Here's how you wrap it:
Next fill your bowl with water to the brim.For the particular design I used Maybelline Color Show Sweet Sunshine-a bright,almost neon-like yellow and Street Wear-Magic Brick-a peachy orange.I started with dropping a drop of yellow first,it will completely diffuse and form a film on the water surface.Next at the center of the film a drop of orange-this one will spread but notice not as easily as the yellow one.Continue the procedd layering one colour over another depending on the density of the film you want.More the no.of drop,less will it spread.After that with a sharp tip object(I used a thick needle) spread or concentrate the colour and create your desired design.As a beginner I opted for abstract texture.I simply swirled the colours and broke the film.This caused the colours to spread further and form a thin film with its own texture.I just mix them a bit more and achieved the following texture.Looks fiery isn't it?:
The last part is the trickiest of all and after the attempt I had to admit it will take quite a few go(s) till I get it right.Select the part of the pattern that you want imprinted on your nails and hold your nail parallel to that.Next slowly lower your nail in the same position till it touches the pattern.Flick your finger as fast as you can inside the water so that air bubbles don't get trapped inside your manicure.This is the main issue-often air bubble gets trapped resulting in bumpy surface on the manicure.A perfect water marbled nail will have no such bumps even without a base coat.While holding your fingers within water quickly using a q-tip absorb the rest of the pattern tearing them away from your finger or else it might mess up your just imprinted water marble.I dipped one finger at a time but you can do up-to 4 fingers together depending on your expertise and confidence.Peel off the cellotapes and see the perfection of the manicure.Finish it off with a top coat.In case bubbles show up in the nail art,the base coat to some extent can reduce them.
This is the finished look.Pardon the mess,some bits of the patterns got stuck in my palm when I tried to peel the cellotape.Since I did one finger at a time I had to create the pattern repeatedly and so required to change the water and going to and fro from basin to balcony where I was doing the work  was unpracticle.So I kept a seperate bowl to change the water because parts of the film remained in the water so the next pattern didn't spread up as easily so freash water was required.
It's really easy and beautiful if you can do it correctly.Do try it!

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