Sunday, 30 November 2014

Maybelline Bold Matte-MAT 02 review

After sleeping through a lazy Sunday morning I thought of studying but seriously couldn't concentrate so now here I am-Blogging away!Wedding season is on and so I thought of reviewing a lipstick that I feel is perfectly complimentary with the mood of weddings.Today's review is about Maybelline Bold matte lipstick in shade MAT02.
The Range comprises of 5shades of the red family.I swatched all of them except MAT03 which the SA said does not "exists".Really woman,you think customers are dumb?It was such a stupid lie anyways given that they are numbered serially.Anyone with minimum sense will question why then are they numbered as 1-2-4-5?If you don't have the stock then say you don't have it,why lie so bluntly that it doesn't even exists?I was in a really good mood because my mom was gifting this to me and so didn't want to make a fuss and spoil my mood.
Now coming back to the lipsticks.MAT01 is a fire engine red and the boldest of the range.MAT02 is a unique blend of and pink bordering on neon in the bullet but swatches as a elegant and soft germanium that can be build up for a bolder look.Though I did not swatch MAT03 I know that it is a very wearable orange.MAT04 is a red with hints of pink and MAT05 is a cranberry red with blue undertones -a perfect color for Indian Brides if you are thinking of donning bold lips on your wedding day.
Price-Rs.375(got it for Rs.350)
My take:
Packaging-The lipsticks all come in silver twist up round tubes with a square base and semi transperant matte-finish red plastic cap of the same shape as the base.The name of the lipstick in written at the base of the tube.the top of the cap has a silver glazing that is reflective and can be fairly passed off a substitute of mirror in emergencies."Maybelline New York" is engraved on the silver tube in very tiny letters but apart from that you will hardly be able to tell the brand unless you are familiar with the packaging.But I love how classy the tube looks and it is quite sturdy.The cap click-shuts and hence travel friendly.
Texture- Though it is a matte lipstick I won't call it a classic matte.It is creamy to apply and do not tug and pull at your lips.But after a few minutes settles down as matte and powdery to touch.
Wear time and pigmentation-Given it settles down as matte and powdery the lipstick has amazingly long wear time.It survived for 5-6hours easily with meals and the best part is that it do not transfer anywhere unless you are intentionally rubbing your lips to leave a mark.I have had this on for 8-9hours and by the end of the day there was a pink stain left behind uniformly all over the lips.But it does highlight chapped lips and settles into lines and looks awful if your lips are even minimum flaky.Pigmentation is medium but buildable and 2 swipes completely covers up the natural pigmentation of the lips.The stain is difficult to remove but easily comes of with baby oil.
Colour-The trickiest part is perhaps the shade itself.It is not a daily wear colour that I would have preffered.I was so tempted by the beauty of the shade in the hand swatches that I got it.It looks coral pink in the tube and the photos hardly did any justice to the shade as it looks orange in the pictures which is nowhere near the real colour.In the hand swatches below it looks more red but in reality it is germanium shade.The first time I tried it on it made me look so sickly and the true shade hardly showed up on my lips.It looked worse on my sister.I was so crestfallen about what to do with this one now.So I started experimenting with it to make it work somehow.My lips are full and averagely pigmented and looks much like the shade of Maybelline Hypershine Lipgloss mirrored mauve.My skin is neutral and fair but tanned and perfectly matches with Maybelline Dream Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation in shade Creamy Natural Light 5.this reference might help you to understand whether this lipstick will suit you or not.This lipstick looks disastrous on me when I look tired or my face is greasy.It looks better when I wear it as a stain and skipping some sort of base(I usually use maybelline BB sticks Fawn and Radiance mixed together) is an absolute no-no with this lipstick.After much experimenting I found out that it looks best if I blend it with another orange lipstick and the resultant is a fire engine red with yellow undertones(I use Colorbar Obsessed Orange)-my perfect red when I am in those rare moods for bold lips.Another way is prepping my lips with a foundation thus toning down the true pigmentation of my lips hence the real colour shows through.Another thing that I observed is that this colour looks good on me during morning or midday in natural light(preferably sunny weather) but makes me look sickly under artificial light when wore directly on my lips during night time.I think this lipstick will best suit someone really fair and with less full lips.You can see for yourself in the following LOTDs:
  • Matte finish but creamy to apply
  • Availability
  • Budget lipstick considering the quality and finish
  • sturdy and beautiful packaging
  • staying power is awesome
  • do not transfer
  • beautiful shade for those who can carry it
  • not suitable for dry lips or winter season unless you have moisturized and exfoliated your lips well
  • highlights chapped lips
  • won't suit all skin tones

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