Monday, 27 January 2014

Street Wear-Nail Enamel no.12

Good morning girls!
A belated Happy Republic day.I had been quite busy attending 150th year celebrations of our college and so again lagging behind with my posts again.
Today's post is about one of my favorite nail polish from street wear.I had bought this shade some one year back and fell in love with the colour at first sight.I had saved this post for later when I can take all my time to rave about the colour to my heart's content.Just joking!
I am sure no one needs an introduction of the Street wear nail enamels.The colours itself speak of the quality.I was first introduced to the brand by the colour 'Silver Sparkles'.It was beautiful but the sparkles were quite chunky and hence the finish were never smooth and i hated the bumpy feel.So I always steered clear off the brand until this shade-NO.12 in Barely Nude.I was so attracted to the colour seeing it over the bottle that I forgot all my past reservation of the brand and bought it.Since then,I have been swearing by street wear nail polishes.
Now My take on the nail polish-
It comes in the usual tiny square bottle with matte black long cap.I like the look of the bottles very much-so classic and convenient-it fits into your palm.The net content is 5ml and cost Rs.50-such a budget buy.Now lets come down to the main part-the colour.It is hard to define the colour.It is a beige that matches exactly with the skin around my nail bed and this beige-on-beige effect is amazing! There is no shimmer in the colour which is another plus.The unique thing is that I never ever found a dupe of this shade in my staple brands of nail polish,namely-elle 18,maybelline coloroma and color show series,Faces,VoV,Avon,Lotus herbals,Lakme the 150 rs ones-forgot their name.
The texture is not runny nor thick and the colour is very pigmented.2 swipes and the shade looks same as that on the bottle.It also dries fast on nails and lasts 3-4 days without chipping on my nails.Even the initial shine is also retained as long.5ml is a convenient quantity that don't dry in the bottle before I have finished with it.Overall I really find this nail laquer a must have in your collection.Suits ideally in formal occasions and as a base for nail arts with any color.I suppose it is the only nude shade available in a budget friendly nail polish brand in India.Here are the pictures:


  • cheap
  • easily available at any store and online
  • Somehoe this brand of polish don't dry up as fast in the bottle(or maybe I use them up too fast!)
  • cute bottle
  • awesome shade
  • suits any casual occasion
  • good pigmentation
  • fast drying(average of 5 minutes)
  • does not chip easily
  • applicator is good but you should check it before buying-Some are damaged-I own the magic brick shade with a damaged brush-(I was stupid enough not to check it)
  • does not stain nails

  • really can't find any-Can you????
I am sure many of you have tried this shade.How did you find it?

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