Thursday, 7 November 2013

Colorlife Nail Colour 202

Hey buddies!
Today I am back with another nail polish review from a new and a less popular brand-Colorlife.I stumbled upon this brand at my local gift and cosmetic shop and was attracted mainly by the beautiful bottle and the vibrancy and variety of the shades.There were perfect metallic shades like golden and even a matte white.I so much want to try them all but resisted because my room has become quite a nail polish go-down with different tiny bottles peeping from most unusual corners.I had finally settled on the classic and eternal red nail polish.
I find even high end branded nail lacquers like lakme,maybelline etc. peeling off my nail like dry fevicol and they take ages to completely dry on my nails.Less popular brands simply don't work for me so I was bit in a dilemma before getting this one.Firstly,because I have never before hard of this brand,and couldn't really believe a nail polish of Rs.40 can be of any good.But then I just love this shade and have been looking for a true scarlet for ages.Most of the "classis reds" I have tried so far proved to be actually a borderline shade between carmein(never heard of this shade?check a camlin watercolour/acrylic/oil/ colour set) and scarlet.This include a blue heaven nail polish in red,lakme absolute range fast and fabulous nail enamel in red,and elle 18 60,70 and 34.Though beautiful in their own way they did not satisfy me in terms of what I was looking for.But this color is simply gorgeous and exactly the shade I wanted.Surprisingly I did not find much about this brand online.The few reviews that I came across were mostly negative complaining of poor pigmentation,very runny and bad brush.But I did not find all this completely true on trying it myself.

The product comes in two quantities-6ml for Rs.30 and 9 ml for Rs.40.I got the 9 ml bottle.The bottle is similar to Lakme true colour nail polishes but the cap is silver in colour and larger compared to the bottle.
The nail polish is quite thin and runny but not so much that it will settle at the corner of the nails.The brush is however not so good.My one has a bristle that pokes out longer than the others.But the pigmentation is superb.A single coat cover the nail completely and a second coat provides a shinier effect like a top coat.The drying time is average,but once completely dry it do not peel off like other nail polishes I have used so far.It dries faster when used together with a good top coat.(I use lotus herbals 901 Transparent.)
It is a true scarlet red.The colour looks like carmein at night but is a perfect scarlet at day.It colour looks at its best and true self under sunlight.A perfect and bold companion as a party colour as well as ofice,this colour simply works with almost any look.But I think it is best suitable as a bridal wear.As mentioned earlier,it is a superbly pigmented colour and works even with a single coat for me but better id a double coat is applied.Given below are some of the snapshots that I took at different times of the day to capture the possible colours.
night time-under tubelight-with flash-without top coat

shade no. 202

midday(cloudy)-by the window side-without flash and with topcoat

A short overview:
  • Very cheap
  • gorgeous colour
  • does not peel or cheap off easily once completely dried up
  • formulation not too thick so does not easily dries up in bottle.My bottle was opened about 2.5 months ado and the enamel is still quite thin.
  • less bubble formation.
  • highly pigmented.
  • brush not up to the mark.
  • does not dry easily(about half an hour at the least even when used with a top coat and nails kept immersed in cold water)
  • not easily available all the time
  • some of the colours of this brand are accused of poor pigmentation.
Will I repurchase it?
yes but this time I would love to try out some different shades.I have an eye out for their white,a sparkly navy blue and a orangey-golden shade(cannot remember their nos.)

So have you tried out this product?if so how did you find it?Do read and leave your valuable comments and ideas to share.This is all for today.Good night and take care!

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