Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Elle 18 lip color-Coral Romance no.42

Hi Friends!
Sorry that I cannot frequently update my blog and all credit for this goes to my computer that just won't switch on.Today I am going to review one of the favorite brands among college goers-elle 18.Today it is a lip color review.Elle 18 is known and popular among youngsters for their range of trendy colors in a pocket friendly budget.Recently they have launched a number of new shades both in their nail pop range and the lip colors.Six new lips colors were added to their already fabulous range of around 30 shades.But unlike the existing shades these colors are more coral based hues.I have picked up the shade numbered 42 and named coral romance to review.I might appear a bit biased given it is my favorite lip colour shade,but then everyone becomes biased when it comes to defending their prized possessions isn't it?
This lip colour comes in the usual plain black packaging with a girl's portrait and elle 18 logo printed on the cap.Like every other elle 18 lipstick it is enriched with cocoa butter and has the same vanilla like strong fragrance.
Elle 18 color pop-coral romance 42

Price-INR 100(but I got it at INR85 from our local drugstore-discounted price for being a dedicated customer. :D)
Shelf life-30 months from package

Though the elle 18 lip colors come with a moisturizing center they tend to dry out the lips within a couple of hours but surprisingly this lipstick is far more creamy and moisturizing compared to the other lipsticks of the same brand that I have used so far.It is not highly pigmented but still more than the usual elle 18 formulation.Two swipes are enough.The color itself is not a very deep shade so you really can't expect it to be very deep in color.It is a matte lipstick.The color stays on well for 2-3 hours but leaves a subtle pinkish stain for a couple of hours more.And I found it very suitable for both fair and dusky complexion(experimented on my sweet little sister who is dusky and truly beautiful).However I don't think it will compliment olive toned beauties too well but you can give it a try if you really love this colour.
It is a very natural shade suitable for daily wear and casual parties but I won't recommend it as a colour for more extravagant purposes like wedding ceremonies.Works pretty well on both full lips and thinner ones,it looks best for me with a brown and golden smokey eyes.You can try that out or find another make up trick to enhance your beauty but do share your ideas with me,I am always eager to know more.

Coral romance
The color is a true coral-in between tangerine and pink.

a single swipe swatch

A short summary:
  • more than average moisturising
  • very pocket friendly yet good quality
  • easily available
  • lovely shade
  • suitable for most skin tones
  • suitable as a everyday colour
  • Hate the smell
  • colour transfers easily while drinking or eating
RECOMMENDATION: If you love corals then this is the colour for you.I will buy it again if I don't fall in love with another shade or find the same shade in some other superior brand that I can manage to afford.Budget matters! :P
RATE IT: 4/5(deducted the point for the smell and color transfer problem)
So have you used this colour yet??How do you find it?
I love your opinions and they are really valuable so keep reading and keep sharing!
Look out for my next post,I will be back soon..till then buy and take care!
p.s. Stay pretty! :)




Thursday, 22 August 2013

Lotus Herbals Peach Perfect 99

Hi friends!
Sorry that I couldn't update anything for the past few day because of my Exams..I really hate exams!don't you??They are still on and the net connection at my home have gone dead as well..So here I am logging in from the only irritating cyber cafe of my locality.Irritating because it is always so crowded!Now,enough of blabbering.Today,unlike my last post,I am going to review something.This is my first ever review and I seriously don't know anything formally about reviewing products.What I am going to write is my own experience with the product and it is completely my own honest observation.
Today I am going to review Lotus herbal Peach Perfect nail enamel no.99.
This is,as the name suggest,the perfect peach shade though I find it more on the brownish side.The shade is of medium depth and will definitely be flattering on almost all skin tones,but I think it will look best on the fairer beauties.
Lotus Herbals Peach perfect nail enamel no.99
Net wt.-9 ml
Price- INR 100
Shelf Life- 2yrs
Usage Direction-Shake well-apply 2 coats.
Features- Free of toluene and DB.
My Observations-
This is not by far the best nail polish I have used but it is definitely a great product compared to the price.I simply love the shade,not the girly pinky type and not loud at the same time-can be a perfect wear for daily use as in college and office and also can serve the purpose of party colour if subtlety is your style.The bottle is classic-cylindrical with a silver and long cap that i very handy for a easy application.Since I personally am very impatient,nail polishes that take hours to dry is simply not my thing but this beauty is really a winner in this particular aspect.It dries quite quickly.A single coat takes maximum of 2-3mins and the second coat 5-6 minutes more.The long applicator ends in a perfect brush,neither too wide nor very flat.the brush is uniform
 and easy to apply without leaving streak marks.However I don't entirely believe that it is completely free of toluene and all thoes harmful chemical and is a complete herbal formulation but the nail polish smells lighter compared to other brands.Shelf life is 2yrs but I am sure none of you girls have seen a nail colour survive more than 6montha after starting to use it,have you?I am not a great nail polish user so my bottle is going to last for ages and dry up in my bottle which I simply hate about any nailpolish.Such a waste!especially when I love the colour and I do love this colour...The enamel is also not runny but rather creamy in texture and quite well pigmented.Two coats of it is more than enough.
the apllicator

the colour in flash light(no top coat)
the colour without flash
  • the price compared to weight and quality
  • the shade
  • toluene free
  • chipping is minimal even after 5-7days.lasting power elongates with a good top coat.
  • long handled applicator 
  • quick drying
  • Too much quantity(this is a con for me but might be a pros for you)
  •  not entirely herbal(again,this is my personal con as I am too much of a perfectionist)
So.this is all for today.have you used this shade?
How do you find it??
Do share your thoughts here.for now,gotta go!Bye!

Friday, 16 August 2013

Body Art-Permanent Tattoos(contd.)

In my last post I mentioned some of the common problems one might experience while or before getting inked.In my following post I am going to mention some of the common do's and don't regarding the procedure.
Some of the issues you need to be aware of before getting your tattoo done:
  • The artist breaks the seal of the needles before you i.e. the needle is a fresh one.
  • He/she wears a pair of clean surgery gloves.
  • In case of a colour tattoo where you the artist will require to work with multiple colours,he/she must use seperate needles for different colours or at the least thoroughly clean the needle before dipping it in another shade.This is because if there remains any residue of the previous shade used it will tend to get mixed with the next colour and the result might be a shade altogether different from what expected. Eg. If the first shade used is black,and the next to be used is crimson,then the resultant if the colour mix will be a brownish shade.
  • There are two types of needles-A liner(an linear arrangement of 5 extremely fine needles) and a shader(a octagonal arrangement of 8 needles with one in center that is a total of 9 needles).As the name suggests the liner's main function is drawing of line tatoos and borders and fine line.Working with liner is a slow process.While the shader's main purpose is blending colours and works that require filling colours.Working with a shader is a faster process and it can also serve the purpose of a liner.But shaders are costlier compared to liners.
Your tattoo will look like any other normal wound except that it is colourful.It won't look fabulous(in fact it might even appear hideous)from the very first day.It might pain,throb like any other wound but remember this will last only for a week at most if you take proper care of the tattoo.Here are some aftercare you need to keep in mind:
  • After getting inked,don't touch a drop of water to it at least for the first three days.
  • Let the wound breath.It will heal up faster.But make sure the open wound is always clean enough and don't attract dirt.You will notice a trasperant liquid secreting as it does in any other wound-use a soft clean piece of cotton to dab it dry.
  • Next step is the tricky part as it contradicts with my second point-use petroleum based balms(I used vaseline) to keep the area "wet".Apply it twice a day especially before bedtime.As any wounds dry up flakes develop which peels off when skin regeneration is complete.The purpose of using this balms is to keep this flakes wet.The longer the flakes remain the richer will be the hue of colour.This step can be quite messy as I observed using a balm healed my wound faster but there was much liquid secretion and I had to always keep an eye on the tattoo making sure that only the tattoo remains wet and not my entire hand.but then the mess is totally worthwhile as I have very bright colouring of my tattoo.
  • Don't pull off the flakes.Let them shade on their own.Pulling them off not only will create a discolouration but also the skin might break,bleed and once the area is healed you will see that that portion doesn't have any colour at all.
  • You will of course need to bathe and that would mean wetting your tattoo for sure.To avoid this problem you can apply a considerable amount of olive oil or baby oil on the tattoo before bath as this will make a slippery layer between your skin and the water molecules making it difficult for the water to get absorbed.But note that,this point refferes to after the first three days when you can allow little water to come in touch but not abundant.
  • It might pain or swell,as the skin generates it will also feel taut but don't even think of using pain killer balms,or any medicines.The colour won't be rich enough.
  • Try and avoid any type of friction as much as possible like rubbing hard with a towel,or while sleeping,the flakes will tear away and the open wounds always are at risk of infections.
  • Drink at least more than 2lts of water daily.This will make your skin healthier and hence the tattoo as well.
  • Last but not the least,massage a body oil(please take care that it is 'oil' and NOT 'lotion')daily for the next couple of weeks till it heals completely to keep the area moisturized.
Follow this few basic hygiene factors and your tattoo will glow for you to flaunt it befor the world.Do please leave suggestions and ideas you have on the topic.Have you ever been inked before?Share your experience here with me.For now,good night and sweet dreams! :)

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Body Art

Happy Independence Day!
I hope all are enjoying their holiday.Today's post is about a thriving new art which is also a favourite of mine-permanent tattoos.Among the latest trends 'getting inked' is among the top three.But this art however beautiful it might look has several health hazards if not executed perfectly and also require some maintenance.Having first hand experience of the procedure I can tell you that this art is not for the whimsical.I mean is it really a feasible idea that you get inked today and within a fortnight opt for laser treatment because you no longer like your tattoo or came across some even more attractive designs?? There are few things you should know before getting inked and today I am going to provide a easy summary of every facts,do's and don't regarding this art.
Lets start with a brief history.Do you know that tattooing is practiced since the Neolithic age?The modern technologies today have enabled impossible designs to be engraved in the skin.The procedure is only as deep as your dermis layer of the flesh.deeper penetration can be extremely harmful and undoubtedly painful.Now,some of the things you should be aware of before opting for the procedure:

  • Be sure of what you want.Remember this is a permanent process and alteration is neither easy nor pocket friendly.So first make up your mind.Though the art is permanent but trends in the art are not.What is 'in' fashion today is bound to go out of fashion a couple of years later like 3d tattoos,large tattoos have outshined small tattoos today.
  • Do a bit of research for your own knowledge before getting ink specially about best available tattoo inks,the needles and hygeine factors.Also as a extra precaution consult a doctor about your skin.
  • Tattooing is a painful procedure especially if you have stiff muscles.We tend to stiffen more when we are afraid so relax,don't be scared.Believe me the pain is nothing more than ant's sting at some places. However places that are bony like your shoulder blades,knee cap,beneath or over the ankles,collarbone and behind the ears tend to hurt the most.But then again it depends on your ability to endure pain.
  • Always opt for established professional parlours.You can go for the local ones only if you are sure enough about the quality promised.

  • A 3d tattoo( image courtesy:google images)
  • This is all for today.Coming up are the hygiene factor you should observe while getting inked and the do's and don't about tattooing.Have a nice day!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Hi people!
This is going to be my first ever attempt at blogging and I am really excited-so excited that what I really intend to write has gone all jumbled up in my mind!
Well,then lets just limit it till the introduction for today.Since childhood i had a flair for painting,art and crafts.Its very recently that I really thought about bringing this skills in a more wider circle outside my near and dear ones.Give me some brushes,paints,or crayons and I will be lost in them.As for my base of work anything from canvas to paper to fabric to skin will do. Though i didn't had the fortune of a wider circle for feedback but my works are generally appreciated.I hope reactions will be the same anywhere and everywhere.any critical comments are more than welcome and feel free to interact with me about anything.I will try my best to provide the best answer within my knowledge and capacity.
For now,bye!
And to keep an eye on my blog for some upcoming updates I plan to post soon.