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Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick-Obsessed Orange

Hey beauties!
It's just a week before Valentines Day and I suppose many of you are planning to dazzle your boyfriend/husband/or the person you know secretly adores you or vice versa.What could be more dazzling than a bold lipstick and a great day spend together?
I suppose you have got the hint what tosay's post is about-Yeah,A lipstick that have been so much discussed yet don't seem to get boring if another post is dedicated to it.Today I will be reviewing the much obsessed about orange lipstick from Colorbar-Obsessed Orange from the Velvet Matte Range.I was never fond of the colour orange in any way until I came across a girl in metro who was wearing a orange lipstick and it looked really beautiful on her.She had the same type of pinkish fair complexion like me and so I was utterly convinced that a orange lippy would suit me just as well.So my hunt for a budget true orange lipstick began.My limit was Rs.250-300.This was my first buy from Colorbar(yes,you are reading it right-FIRST) and has a story of its own.Read on and you will know why I took up the pain of narrating the whole history behind this buy.
After much research through out the internet and beauty blogosphere I narrowed down on this one and the Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Refill no.37.My interest was more on the Inglot one because..well,It's INGLOT!Do I need to say more?The only dilemma I was having is that it is a pan of 1.3-4g while the bullet weighed 4g.In that sense the Inglot refill was expensive.Another thing was that Colorbar availability near my area was a problem and I knew where the Inglot was for sure.My third and worst problem however is entirely different-pestering and unhelpful or overly helpful SAs.The bigger the brand name the more pestering the SAs are.My worst experience so far had been at a local mall where I had went to the Pantaloons store for some dress-shopping when the Loreal SA earnestly insisted to try out their new Kajal Magique which I was not at all interested in.My only fault I suppose was that I was discussing kajal brands with my sister which she overheard.I let her swatch it so she won't nag us further but after swatching(which further made me disinterested since that kajal was not at all dark enough-my maybelline one was far darker)but she insisted I should buy it since it is on an introductory "offer" price-Rs.245!She pissed the hell out of me and I started walking out without even buying what I initially intended.She almost ran to the exit insisting I was making a huge loss!Just imagine!
After this I have become more cautious and so started researching on the staff's conduct at the Kolkata,Inglot.Only two bloggers had shared their experience-while one in 2011 said that the Kolkata staffs are very helpful another in 2013 said they are the worst possible SAs-totally opposite views.So I settled down to calling at the store up first and then going.A girl received the call and sounded bored and almost lost.I had already heard that they have made buying their palettes mandatory so I asked if it is true.It was and if I already owned one inglot palette I have to take it up to the store and they will fill it up.Now,I wanted to buy only one refill and the palettes cost a bomb!When I said I don't want it and if there is such rules I will reconsider visiting there store at all.She asked me to talk to their manager who firmly kept piping the same lines but much more politely.I asked if the divider less palette was available but it was out of stock and so was the smallest palettes for two refills.The one for four refills cost Rs.745 and each refill currently cost Rs.400 for the same quanity!My DIY palette would have cost me less than Rs.100 had I made it and would have held at least eight refills.Now given it is Inglot,I was really tempted to buy one for Rs.400 but after calculating the price of an inglot bullet(Rs.1200 for 4g!)I settled for colorbar.The Price Hike is unbelievable.
I was too lazy to go and search a colorbar counter around the city so ordered it online at Flipkart.I received my package within 4-5days-the longest time ever taken by a parcel from flipkart to reach me.
Now the Review-
Net Vol.-4.2g
Shelf life-3 years
The lipstick comes packaged in a transperant plastic.As you can see,the body is silver colored metal with a transperant plastic cap and a fibre see-through bottom which holds bit of the lipstick so you can easily locate it if you have more than one of these beauties.The packaging is glossy but the cap is filmsy though it firmly closes but there is always a risk of breaking.

 My take-
This one is the costliest lipstick that I have till date.I am more of a eye makeup person and never liked highlighting my lips much so I always opted for light colours and sheer coverage lipsticks like elle 16 ones.So this was quite a bold choice-pigmentation wise and shade wise.First lets come to the formula-The lipstick is in between drying and creamy and sets down in a matte finish.It last 4-5 hours easily after which it started fading.Now it stains the lips heavily-something that I hardly encountered before.The stain is rusty orangey-not a very nice colour and the stain is uneven which is another problem.It has a vanilla essence like smell which is ok with me but wouldn't have loved it if it lingered too long.It clings to flaky lips and settles in fine lines and also bleeds a bit at the corner of the lips so a lip liner is necessary as well as a lip balm if you have dry lips.The stain however won't budge off until you rub it hard with some sort of makeup remover.Now orange is a very bold color to be carried with confidence.It appears almost neon on the bullet.But on application it is quite wearable.On my lips which are quite pigmented in a brownish-pink shade,it appears little rustly under certain lightings.Now,it has a tendency to make me appear sick when I wear it with maybelline bb stick in radiance.Also since my lips are quite plump,it emphasis that as well.But I really like the colour specially when I don't have even 5 minutes to spare for makeup yet want to look eye-catching.It itself is so bold a colour that,Anything more than tight-lined eye,or a dash of brown kohl make me look too made up.I thought it won't suit dusky beauties but my sister who is NC 35 or 37 approx sport it better than me.I specially love this colour along with any neutral outfit like white-beige combination.Now pigmentation is really good.One swipe give enough colour and two swipes make it almost neon.Overall this is one shade that is unusual yet very pretty if carried with confidence.
in normal light at morning
Now a summary of the whole:
  • Affordable
  • True orange
  • easy to locate shade
  • very good pigmentation
  • travel friendly
  • matte finish yet creamy in application
  • good staying power
  • in  full focus under sunlight
    (I don't know if it is just in the picture
     or in reality but it looks slight pink isn't it?)

  • suits very fair to medium dusky complexion-might appear to stark on very dark complexion
  • Stains lips
  • Transfers after 3-4 hours
  • smell might be a con for some
  • availability

How do you find the swatches?
I am planning to skip this on Valentines Day though,since my bf loves coral pink lips,I think I will get the one from the following list-Peach Crush,Pretty Please,Over the top-Any more suggestions??

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