Friday, 24 January 2014

Oumeidie 24 ans 12 eye shadow pallettes

Hi friends!
I am back again after quite sometime and today it's a review on a infamous Eye-shadow palette that I stumbled upon a few months ago in my search of a budget eyeshadow palette with variety of colours all together.Personally I am not a great fan of shimmer eye shadows or loud colour but sometimes it is handy to have a variety in case I want to adorn a different look for any occasion.Shimmer eyeshadows look quite gorgeous in parties and ceremonies like weddings and when you prefer to highlight your eyes,which I always do.
I absolutely hate spending huge amounts on single or dual eye shadows when I can get so many shades at the same price from a unknown brand.It feels such a waste especially since I rarely wear eye shadows and so all of them just end up in dustbins intact because they crossed the expiry limit.I asked for a local-made eye shadow palette to the SA and she showed me this one by Oumeidie.I already owned one from them but it is 12-shade palette and I was actually wanting a change of brand but ended up buying this one because this was the only brand available.But I am really not disappointed.It's futile comparing the quality with Inglot or the Maybelline color tattoo ones,but this one can definitely give a run to Lakme absolute eyeshadow quads or the Maybelline diamond quads.Read on to find out how!
The packaging-
Sleek black rectangular box made of plastic with "Oumeidie" inscribed on it in golden cursive letter.The packaging looks very classic but is filmsy otherwise.One accidental fall even from a short height and the eye shadows will break.It happened with my 12-shade box.The blue and the maroon finished off just by crumbling and spreading over the floor.There is one rubber-tip applicator which is useless unless you plan to dab the eye shadows cakily over your eyelids.The mirror is nice though but again just somehow stuck to the lid of the box.

Quantity-30g approx
Price- Rs.150,Got it for Rs.120(the MRP is nowhere printed and so the price might be subject to change according to your shopkeeper.It's best to start bargaining with half the price they demand.I did even though rs.150 sounded more than reasonable! :D)This is how it looks(Ignore the dents in few of the shades,Those are the markings of my brush as I used those shades the most):
This is the 12 shade palette before it got damaged.The maroon at extreme left and the poison blue at extreme right are the ones that broke down.
Though both are from Ouemeidie,somehow I have a feeling that the 12-shade palette is better in quality as far as pigmentation is the main concern.This one was a emergency buy as I madly needed a perfect gold shade with an outfit in between the pujas.I did not even consider anything except that the palette have a gold shade.Both the palettes are sleek and travel friendly specially the small one if you are travelling to a wedding or similar extravagant occasion.For my purpose,it has all the colours that I might possibly wear at a party.THe 24 shade is equally sleek but since I love keeping my luggage minimal,I prefer the 12-shades.I tried using them in wet form and it does work that way and provides more coverage in the wet form.Staying power is also good,about 4-5hours on my oily eyelids which is more than enough for me.I really don't see the point of "24 hours formulas" and "36 hour formulas".Really!Who wears make-up to bed?And also most of my occasions last max of 12hours.After 5hours if anyone cares to take a closer look then they can see that the shadow has settled in one and only crease of my eyelid.The colour is bit lighter than it was initially but that's all that is wrong.I manage this by lightly removing the extra shadow in the crease and lightly blotting on a tissue paper to remove the oil.It lightens the shadow further but nothing ugly.In fact I find it more subtle and beautiful once it had faded a bit-specially if I am wearing purple,navy blue,or poison blue.However the applicators are useless.Another down side is that they are so shimmery you really cannot wear them in the morning or casually.Still there are a few shades in the 24 shade palette that I can pull off in the morning and as casual wear.A closer view of the 24 shade palette:
All the shades are very pigmented but shimmery.The orange
at the last row,second from the left is somewhat less pigmented.It works as a nice blend along with the orange in 12-shade palette which is much more pigmented. 

The sky blue in top row,3rd from left;the peach at extreme left,2nd row;and mauve in bottom row 2nd from left are the least pigmented of all.
Here are some of the looks I created with the palette:
Champegne,purple from 12-shade and mauve from 24-shade

You can find the breakdown here

Mermaid eyes-All the blues in the 24-shade palette

Gold from 12-shade,champegne from 24 shade,dark brown from 24-shade,Black from UB Naked 2 palette
A summary:
  • Dirt cheap.
  • Travel friendly
  • Easily availble(at least in kolkata)
  • 24-shade palette-which you won't get in high end brands(You can argue that inglot freedom system provides 90 shades and you can make your own custom palette upto 40 shades together.But are you ready to throw away Rs.{350(for 1.2g product)x40+1000 (for their special magnetic palette)}=Rs.15000approx) just like that???)
  • can be used in wet form.
  • useless applicator
  • filmsy packaging
  • super-shimmery!and no mattes available in this brand.
  • Though igredient list don't mention lead,but you never know or can trust unknown brands.
Well,I do love this palette and it works really well when I have a gorgeous occasion to attend but I won't recommend it despite all the goof things it is still a unknown brand and you can never really trust it if you are into using make-up daily.Occasion occur once in a blue moon for me and so I did not invest in a high end product but I am looking forward in investing in at least four mattes in peaches and teals and yellow from inglot freedom system.So,can you recommend some?Do leave your precious comments and suggestions.I will put my best effort in replying them all.
Have a nice day ahead!

P.S :While critical comments are welcome any negative comment like abusing verbally/slangs will be removed.Also comments with links will be removed as well.This is a place for sharing your views and not for your publicity.


  1. this is the first time im hearing about this brand but i must say the shade looks gorgeous!

  2. Yeah I was quite apprehensive while getting this one but don't regret my choice at all.It is available at least in Kolkata in all cosmetics shops.All you have to ask for is some cheap and "local" brand of eyeshadow palette.If you name the brand the SA hardly understand and stare at you as if you are talking in hebrew! :D Other than that I think it is available in few metroplitan cities apart from kolkata because I saw a few reviews by beauty bloggers from Mumbai,Delhi etc.

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