Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Ayur Non-sticky Moisturizer

Hey friends!
It's December along with it's entire package of celebrations,winter,and as well as skin problems!But despite all hazards I love this season and winter in Kolkata is quite pleasant specially during beginning of December.The cold is not as biting and yet its chilly enough to wear all my cute colourful sweaters!I love my collection of pullovers,sweaters etc.But the only thing that I hate(and I am sure all of you do as well) about winter is the huge amount of hair and skin problems that accompany this lovely season.This is the only season when I feel really blessed about my oily skin.My skin don't flake off as easily and I can easily go on without a moisturizer for couple of days or more.I am really lazy when it comes to daily skin care regime.
As you have already guessed-my today's post is a review on a moisturizer that is quite easily available throughout India from a well trusted Indian Brand-Ayur.
The cream is called Ayur Herbal Cold Cream with Aloe Vera.
The product comes in white flat cylindrical pot,white in colour and screw-cap which is sky blue.The cream is white in colour.The label says that the cream is herbal and non-sticky.80 ml of the product costs Rs.60.
What Ayur claims about the product?
"Prevents Ageing and Dehydration of Skin
made from Natural Moisturizers.extra Rich formula for winter care.High concentration of natural moisturizers protect your skin against winter dryness,keep it satin soft and increases the blood circulation."
There's a ingredient list as well but it is way too long to type in.However among the ingredients notable one worth mentioning are Aloe vera,rose,Cucumber extract among herbal ones while on the other hand there is silicone oil,Methyl paraben and Propyl paraben as well.
Ayur Aloe vera moisturizer
My take:
I am not a ardent moisturizer user partly because I never found one that suits my oily skin without making it dark and greasy and partly because I forget to routinely apply moisturizer even when I need it.My mom and sister lately are much taken to Ayur products and so replaced our usual staple ponds cold cream with this one.What attracted me to using this cream is the non-oily and non-sticky label on it.I never liked Ponds anyways because it irritated my skin  if it was broken.This cream is not completely oil free but enough to suit my skin as well as my sister's normal to dry skin type.THis can be used by almost all skin types if your skin is not extremely sensitive or oily.It feels little sticky soon after application but that feel goes away within few minutes as the cream gets absorbed in the skin.Overall it is a nice product and dirt cheap.
the cap
the cream

At a glance:
  • Travel friendly
  • non sticky,non-oily(almost)
  • Prevents ageing(? as per claim but not really sure about this feature)
  • does not irritate broken skin
  • very cheap
  • Hate the smell
  • open tub container-not very hygienic(it might be a pros for you but con to me)
  • not always available easily
Will I recommend?
Yeah,give it a try if you find it in your area.
So have you tried this one yet?if so,how was your experience?do share your view and comment.I heart your lovely comments and will surely reply back to each and everyone of them.

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