Hi! I am Abanti-Currently a College student living in Kolkata-the city of joy.I enjoy writing and experimenting with colours-combining them together now I have developed a passion for blogging about colours or make-up.
Some random facts about me:
Going through my posts you might wander how the product I adore might look on you,given that everyone is unique in their own way,cosmetics too behave uniquely for each of us.But through the blogs we,the fashion bloggers,try our level best to help you get an idea how a cosmetic might look on you.The following facts might help you relate how a product will look on you.
Skin type-Oily during summers,dry during winters
Complexion-fair to medium(tanned)with pink undertones
Face cut-Oval
Hair-Shoulder-lenght/ringlets/black which reflect brown in sunlight
This can be your one stop destination if you are looking for any suggestions regarding art and craft,make up ideas,product reviews and many more.I don't claim to be an expert in any of these fields but then again is there any measurement for expertise?I enjoy these activities in my free time and as well writing anything and everything I can think of.Blogging provides me an opportunity to exercise both my passions and the resultant is my little blog.So happy surfing!

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