Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Budget buys #2

OK,this is my second part of budget buy compilation and here I am moving forward to products ranged between Rs.100 to Rs.200.

  • Maybelline Colossal kajal-
I used this kajal some time back and simply love it.Now the formulation has been improved to 12hours.It is true to its claim of smudgeproof and waterproof formula.The colour is not charcoal black but quite dark.The only downside is that it simply vanishes within 3-4months.I wish it lasted longer.

  • Lakme Eyeconic Eye Kajal-
I bought this kajal just for the sake of trying it out.It is darker than Maybelline kajal but it smudges on me within 4-5hours though it claims to be 10 hour smudge-proof.Detailed review will be given soon.

  • Oumeidie Eyeshadow palette- 
Quanity-30g approx
I bought this palette because I wanted a 24 shade palette but really happy that I risked buying this one.You can get the detailed review here.

  • Maybelline cheeky glow blush-
This is my first single blush.Available in 3 shades-coral,Creamy cinnamon and a pink(forgot the name).The coral is the most pigmented.The colours are buildable,satiny finish,last about 3-4hours and leaves a pinkish stain,these blushes are really affordable and worth the money.The featured blush is in shade Creamy Cinnamon.Detailed review coming up soon.

  • Maybelline Clear Glow All in One Compact-
This is another first-my first compact.I didn't want to buy this or any compact as a matter of fact.I was looking for a shade that is 2shades darker than my skin tone so that I can use it for contouring.Can be used in wet form but I am not yet very sure about it since I haven't used it much.It has SPF 26 and PA++ .It claims to impart Instant Fairness,Uv protection,Smooth even skin and Shine control.The featured shade is the darkest in 04 Sand Beige.

  • Yardley London English Rose Deodrant-

Quantity-100ml approx

I bought this one about a year back and really love this deodrant.It comes in variety of flowery fragrance like lavender,Indian rose,Sandalwood,Jasmine etc.But I found the english rose milder and nice though rest of my family find the smell artificial.Yes,it it so but half an hour after application it milds down and the smell then is amazing.Lasts 2-3hours after that the fragrance don't spread around but only you can still smell it.

Budget buys #1

Today I am going to compile some of my favorite things within a particular budget.I always try my best to buy the best thing possible without burning a hole into my pocket.I hate asking for something from my parents specially when it comes to make-up.These are going to be things that I alone would use and so I don't like bothering them about them.Besides there is always a self-satisfaction attached to things we buy with our own earned bucks-a feelings of independence. So here are the 7 things I adore within Rs.100.

  • Elle 18 color bomb nail enamels-

Really do they need an introduction?I have been using them since they were priced Rs.25 and came in square bottles.Now they come in huge selections of colour.I have already reviewed a few of them.The featured colour is shade no.65.

  • Streetwear nail enamels-


Again a product that does not need an introduction.The Streetwear nail polish are also available in 9ml bottles price Rs.90.If a comparison is drawn between Streetwear and Elle 18,I will rate these beauties more for there formula which dries faster than the Elle 18 on the nails yet don't dry up in the bottle easily.They are also more pigmented than the Elle 18 ones.The only drawback I can think of is that they don't have a natural colour in there range.The featured nail polish is in shade 'Magic Brick' and number 43.I have linked a few nail polish of the brand.Click the names to go the complete review-
Barely Nude
Romantic Pink
Black Passion

  • Maybelline Color Show nail Enamel
I have a love-hate relationship with these nail polishes.While all the 40 shades are gorgeous and it is hard to choose one or two from them,they stain the nail like hell!Except the lightest shades all of them stain.They even peel off from my nail.Each colour has its own characteristic so it is difficult to generalise about them.I own 5 including the natural base from the series.I had bought one first and immensely liked it and bought 4 together in my next haul.My first buy was 'Downtown Red',which did stain my nail but stayed intact for 5-6days on my nails.But the rest disappointed me.The only plus point is the shades,the applicator and the look of the bottles.The featured nail polish is 'sunshine yellow'.Detailed reviews coming up soon.If a comaparison is drawn between the three featured brands then I will recommend Streetwear because it has gorgeous shades(except yellow,the maybelline yellow is unique at this price tag but again it stains awfully even if there is a base coat!),availability,price,and does not stain.

  • Avon Simply pretty lipsticks-
Quantity-4g approx
Price-Rs.129 but in offer you can get 2 for Rs.219 so each costs Rs.109.50These lipsticks are a steal especially when they are on discount.Very slightly above the budget of Rs.100 but totally worth it.The formula is very creamy and moisturizing and staying power 4-5 hours easily and then leaves behind a beautiful stain.The only drawback is there availability and it's difficult to choose a shade from the catalouge.They never match with the real shades.The featured lipstick is in shade "Cranberry".

  • Avon Kohl-
Price-Rs.175,on offer-Rs.125,I got this for rs.110
These kohls are not as popular as the simply pretty lippies but quite good given the price they come for.They are available in approx 9 different shades like beige,blue,green,black,black brown,brown etc.The featured kohl is shade "Brown K101".The detailed review can be seen here.

  • Everyouth Golden Glow Peel off-
This peel-off facial mask is the best available in Indian market.True to its claim it does impart a radiant glow in approx 20minutes.Also available in sachets of Rs.14 and tubes of 75g I suppose.I never get the bigger tube because I use this one only on special occasions which are rare in my life.Complete review coming soon.

  • Lakme insta-liner eyeliner
Another product that is perhaps the first eyeliner of every girl.A golden product by lakme and also the only product by Lakme that I really love.The blackest eyeliner is by far the best I have used.Its waterproof,great applicator,huge quantity,matte finish,does not chip,stay on for hours(10hour max I observed till now.I suppose it would have lasted even longer but I strictly never wear make-up to bed so couldn't test it) what morecan we ask for at this price?Well I suppose quick drying formula because that's the only drawback.Thick the line longer will it take to dry,even upto 5minutes.Sorry,I didn't click a picture of it but I don't think you all need it either,do you?

  • Himalaya Hair Protein Cream
Another less known product by himalayas herbal,This protein hair cream is really great.Though it makes oily scalp greasy but it infuses new life in the hair so I don't mind the grease.You can get the detailed review here.

Next coming up are products between Rs.100 to Rs.200.Till then take care and stay beautiful!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Avon Kohl in Brown review

Hi friends!
A very good morning.My morning is still sleepy-just woke up around 10 am.Anyway let's get straight into the topic.Brown is becoming a more and more popular colour when it comes to eyes.Kohl,pencils,eyeliners,shadows and what not can be found is variety of shades of brown.Personally I now-a-days prefer brown over the eternally classic black kohl or kajal.It looks more subtle and natural and as if you don't have any make-up on-something that I always focus on while doing my make-up.However finding a good brown kohl or pencil within a budget can be challenging.While there are many browns available out there from different brands,most will cost Rs.250 up for 1g or lesser amount of product.Being a college goer with very nominal pocket money and huge temptations all around,it is sometimes really hard to decide which investment would be best-spending the whole amount for one single MAC product or using the same amount for 5 different things from cheaper brands and then saving up some every month so you can get the MAC later on?Tough choice isn't it?I am sure many of you girls face this every day-when you are so tempted by something that you turn blind to everything else and yet can't afford it yourself.I faced the same thing when I wanted a brown kohl that is 'branded'.Before this kohl the only brown pencil I owned were a lip liner from ADS which cost me just Rs.35 and like the price it was cheap!However it helped me discover that a brown liner actually highlighted the brown of my eyes better.And so my hunt for a good brown liner began.
I had seen the Avon catalouge from a school mate who is also a Avon distributor.But back then I ordered two lipstick from there simply pretty range.When looking for a brown kohl I remember seeing that Avon had one and again ran back to her but unforunately she no longer distributed them.So next I tried finding one online.While there were many but none fitted within my Rs.150 budget and I was quite attracted to the Avon one.My messaih came in the form of my local cosmetic shopkeeper who promised to get me the kohl-all I had to do is give him the exact name and product code if any.I got my little beauty about 2weeks after that at a discount as well.
That was quite a long journal,isn't it?But now I will go into the review which you all must be waiting for.
Name-Avon Kohl Brown K101
Price-Rs.125 on offer according to the catalouge.The actual price was I think about 175INR.I got a further discount on the Rs.125 pricetag and finally had to pay Rs.110(benefit of being regular and dedicated customer)
The kohl along with the cap measures approx 5inch.The body is black and like round pyramid without the top-cone and the cap is a transparent plastic one.The kohl is just fixed over the pyramid grip.
Shelf life-2years
closer look of the cap

closer look of the shade(I photographed under white light and the shade looks exactly same in real as well)

the kohl
My Take-
Creamy,it glided very easily over my lids.Not too soft and crumbly but not hardy either.But it has been a year I have this kohl with me and now it has hardened a bit.But nevertheless application is not that tough.It however tugs and pulls the skin while application which some of you might find objectionable.
Though nowhere does it claim to be water proof,but it is so.It easily survives splashing of water and doesn't bleed off around my is not smudgeproof.In fact it smudges pretty much espesially if you deliberately rub it to smudge.So it works great as a shadow as well and for creating smokey eyes.
Staying power-
Average of 4-5hours after that it fades lightly.It also settle in fine lines and creases if you have any after this time.
Colour and finish-
Pigmentation is average.You need at least two deep swipes for the actual colour to show up.The colour is a cross between plum and brown-not at all the shade I was expecting after seeing the catalouge and not 'the brown' I was looking for.The finish is satiny with slight sheen also a drawback for me.
Overall it is a good kohl,if you like the type of brown it is go for it.Looks best on the upper eyelid and outer part of the lower eyelid.It doesn't show-up well in the waterline.In just won't stay in the waterline.

  • Cheap
  • wide selection of colours-available in black-brown,beige,blue,green,black etc.
  • elongated grip makes application easy
  • easily fits into the average size of purse.
  • waterproof
  • can be used like an eye shadow
  • not too pigmented-buildable colour hence you can't go overboard that easily(a pros for me but might be a con to you)
  • no fragrance
  • Not matte(again this might be a pros to you)
  • Cone shaped-cannot be sharpened hence application become difficult as it blunts.
  • not available easily
  • the cap is flimsy-cracks easily-you have to be careful always not to load other things and throw the kohl into the depths of your bag.since the kohl is not retractable and the cap so filmsy there is always a chance that the kohl might break away from the neck of the grip-a very major con.My one is still intact though the cap cracked at several places but there are reviews in other sites claimimg similar disastors.
  • not the colour I was looking for-doesn't bring out the colour of mu eyes at all.
  • hardened after a year from the time I bought it.
  • tugs/pulls at the skin and settles in creases.
Here is how it looks on the eyes:
I smudged it slightly all over my lid and highlighted the inner corners with a gold pencil
and lakme eye brow pencil for the brows 

As you can see the pros and cons list is almost equal.But overal I am not complaining since I got it at such a low price.It's stupid to expect more at this price.Will i repuchase?Well,not very sure,I am looking forward at investing in the colorful Lakme eyeconic eyes.Actually I am in a dilemma-A lakeme eyeconic white and brown or Avon kohl beige and green?What do you think?

Monday, 27 January 2014

Street Wear-Nail Enamel no.12

Good morning girls!
A belated Happy Republic day.I had been quite busy attending 150th year celebrations of our college and so again lagging behind with my posts again.
Today's post is about one of my favorite nail polish from street wear.I had bought this shade some one year back and fell in love with the colour at first sight.I had saved this post for later when I can take all my time to rave about the colour to my heart's content.Just joking!
I am sure no one needs an introduction of the Street wear nail enamels.The colours itself speak of the quality.I was first introduced to the brand by the colour 'Silver Sparkles'.It was beautiful but the sparkles were quite chunky and hence the finish were never smooth and i hated the bumpy feel.So I always steered clear off the brand until this shade-NO.12 in Barely Nude.I was so attracted to the colour seeing it over the bottle that I forgot all my past reservation of the brand and bought it.Since then,I have been swearing by street wear nail polishes.
Now My take on the nail polish-
It comes in the usual tiny square bottle with matte black long cap.I like the look of the bottles very much-so classic and convenient-it fits into your palm.The net content is 5ml and cost Rs.50-such a budget buy.Now lets come down to the main part-the colour.It is hard to define the colour.It is a beige that matches exactly with the skin around my nail bed and this beige-on-beige effect is amazing! There is no shimmer in the colour which is another plus.The unique thing is that I never ever found a dupe of this shade in my staple brands of nail polish,namely-elle 18,maybelline coloroma and color show series,Faces,VoV,Avon,Lotus herbals,Lakme the 150 rs ones-forgot their name.
The texture is not runny nor thick and the colour is very pigmented.2 swipes and the shade looks same as that on the bottle.It also dries fast on nails and lasts 3-4 days without chipping on my nails.Even the initial shine is also retained as long.5ml is a convenient quantity that don't dry in the bottle before I have finished with it.Overall I really find this nail laquer a must have in your collection.Suits ideally in formal occasions and as a base for nail arts with any color.I suppose it is the only nude shade available in a budget friendly nail polish brand in India.Here are the pictures:


  • cheap
  • easily available at any store and online
  • Somehoe this brand of polish don't dry up as fast in the bottle(or maybe I use them up too fast!)
  • cute bottle
  • awesome shade
  • suits any casual occasion
  • good pigmentation
  • fast drying(average of 5 minutes)
  • does not chip easily
  • applicator is good but you should check it before buying-Some are damaged-I own the magic brick shade with a damaged brush-(I was stupid enough not to check it)
  • does not stain nails

  • really can't find any-Can you????
I am sure many of you have tried this shade.How did you find it?

Friday, 24 January 2014

Oumeidie 24 ans 12 eye shadow pallettes

Hi friends!
I am back again after quite sometime and today it's a review on a infamous Eye-shadow palette that I stumbled upon a few months ago in my search of a budget eyeshadow palette with variety of colours all together.Personally I am not a great fan of shimmer eye shadows or loud colour but sometimes it is handy to have a variety in case I want to adorn a different look for any occasion.Shimmer eyeshadows look quite gorgeous in parties and ceremonies like weddings and when you prefer to highlight your eyes,which I always do.
I absolutely hate spending huge amounts on single or dual eye shadows when I can get so many shades at the same price from a unknown brand.It feels such a waste especially since I rarely wear eye shadows and so all of them just end up in dustbins intact because they crossed the expiry limit.I asked for a local-made eye shadow palette to the SA and she showed me this one by Oumeidie.I already owned one from them but it is 12-shade palette and I was actually wanting a change of brand but ended up buying this one because this was the only brand available.But I am really not disappointed.It's futile comparing the quality with Inglot or the Maybelline color tattoo ones,but this one can definitely give a run to Lakme absolute eyeshadow quads or the Maybelline diamond quads.Read on to find out how!
The packaging-
Sleek black rectangular box made of plastic with "Oumeidie" inscribed on it in golden cursive letter.The packaging looks very classic but is filmsy otherwise.One accidental fall even from a short height and the eye shadows will break.It happened with my 12-shade box.The blue and the maroon finished off just by crumbling and spreading over the floor.There is one rubber-tip applicator which is useless unless you plan to dab the eye shadows cakily over your eyelids.The mirror is nice though but again just somehow stuck to the lid of the box.

Quantity-30g approx
Price- Rs.150,Got it for Rs.120(the MRP is nowhere printed and so the price might be subject to change according to your shopkeeper.It's best to start bargaining with half the price they demand.I did even though rs.150 sounded more than reasonable! :D)This is how it looks(Ignore the dents in few of the shades,Those are the markings of my brush as I used those shades the most):
This is the 12 shade palette before it got damaged.The maroon at extreme left and the poison blue at extreme right are the ones that broke down.
Though both are from Ouemeidie,somehow I have a feeling that the 12-shade palette is better in quality as far as pigmentation is the main concern.This one was a emergency buy as I madly needed a perfect gold shade with an outfit in between the pujas.I did not even consider anything except that the palette have a gold shade.Both the palettes are sleek and travel friendly specially the small one if you are travelling to a wedding or similar extravagant occasion.For my purpose,it has all the colours that I might possibly wear at a party.THe 24 shade is equally sleek but since I love keeping my luggage minimal,I prefer the 12-shades.I tried using them in wet form and it does work that way and provides more coverage in the wet form.Staying power is also good,about 4-5hours on my oily eyelids which is more than enough for me.I really don't see the point of "24 hours formulas" and "36 hour formulas".Really!Who wears make-up to bed?And also most of my occasions last max of 12hours.After 5hours if anyone cares to take a closer look then they can see that the shadow has settled in one and only crease of my eyelid.The colour is bit lighter than it was initially but that's all that is wrong.I manage this by lightly removing the extra shadow in the crease and lightly blotting on a tissue paper to remove the oil.It lightens the shadow further but nothing ugly.In fact I find it more subtle and beautiful once it had faded a bit-specially if I am wearing purple,navy blue,or poison blue.However the applicators are useless.Another down side is that they are so shimmery you really cannot wear them in the morning or casually.Still there are a few shades in the 24 shade palette that I can pull off in the morning and as casual wear.A closer view of the 24 shade palette:
All the shades are very pigmented but shimmery.The orange
at the last row,second from the left is somewhat less pigmented.It works as a nice blend along with the orange in 12-shade palette which is much more pigmented. 

The sky blue in top row,3rd from left;the peach at extreme left,2nd row;and mauve in bottom row 2nd from left are the least pigmented of all.
Here are some of the looks I created with the palette:
Champegne,purple from 12-shade and mauve from 24-shade

You can find the breakdown here

Mermaid eyes-All the blues in the 24-shade palette

Gold from 12-shade,champegne from 24 shade,dark brown from 24-shade,Black from UB Naked 2 palette
A summary:
  • Dirt cheap.
  • Travel friendly
  • Easily availble(at least in kolkata)
  • 24-shade palette-which you won't get in high end brands(You can argue that inglot freedom system provides 90 shades and you can make your own custom palette upto 40 shades together.But are you ready to throw away Rs.{350(for 1.2g product)x40+1000 (for their special magnetic palette)}=Rs.15000approx) just like that???)
  • can be used in wet form.
  • useless applicator
  • filmsy packaging
  • super-shimmery!and no mattes available in this brand.
  • Though igredient list don't mention lead,but you never know or can trust unknown brands.
Well,I do love this palette and it works really well when I have a gorgeous occasion to attend but I won't recommend it despite all the goof things it is still a unknown brand and you can never really trust it if you are into using make-up daily.Occasion occur once in a blue moon for me and so I did not invest in a high end product but I am looking forward in investing in at least four mattes in peaches and teals and yellow from inglot freedom system.So,can you recommend some?Do leave your precious comments and suggestions.I will put my best effort in replying them all.
Have a nice day ahead!

P.S :While critical comments are welcome any negative comment like abusing verbally/slangs will be removed.Also comments with links will be removed as well.This is a place for sharing your views and not for your publicity.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Vaseline Total Moisture-24 hour moisturizer Review

A happy wintry morning to all of you!
This morning is not so happy for me though-it's awful actually as I just can't stop sneezing!Urghhh!At times like this I so hate my favorite season!Incredible me-caught cold even when I am spending 24hrs indoors-practically hibernating!I can put up with viral fevers,malaria,dengue,pneumonia and anything but not cold and cough!It just brings my life to a stand-still!
Anyways,ranting won't help the situation(but it does lift your mood a bit) ans so let's move on to today's post-A review on a moisturizer-what could be more appropriate than a moisturizer review this winter.The moisturizer is from a very popular Indian brand-Vaseline.Vaseline has been a trusted name in almost all household in India since time immemorial when one speaks of moisturizers,petroleum jellies,lip balms and all those winter necessities.Personally,I had been introduced to this moisturizer by my mother-maybe right after I finished with Johnson Baby.My earliest memory of this brand is of the white and blue bottle when there was no variant of this moisturizer.Now they have come up with so many varieties though I have so far tried only two-the 24hr nourishing lotion that I will be reviewing today and the instant fairness one.I look forward to trying the Aloe vera one but in summers.For winter,the 24hrs lotion is a boon.
Physical attributes-
Looks like the usual vaseline bottles in plastic but cream-yellow in colour with a bit of sheen.The cap is flip-top and matte cream yellow that is a tad more deep than the body of the bottle.
Net volume-100ml(200ml bottles are also available)
Water,Mineral oil,Glycerin,Cetostearyl Alcohol,Dihydroxpropyl,Triammonium Chloride,Hydroxyethyl Urea,Oat extract,Sodium cetostearyl sulphate,Glyceryl stearate,Paraffin,Dimethicone,Microcrystalline wax,Sodium carboxy mithyl cellulose,Methyl paraben,DMDM Hydantion,Propyl Paraben,Semithicon,Disodium ETDA,Soyabean oil,Butylated hydroxy toluene,Perfume.

Phew! It seems like the entire chemistry book has being fitted in four line!And most are carbon compounds-Such a blah chapter.Seriously writing the ingredients list is a pain especially when the compounds sound familiar yet you can't recollect the exact things you ever read about them.It feels like you are back in the exam hall!
My take-
The texture of the cream is quite oily and thick,white in colour.But it spreads quite easily.Best results are observed when applied on wet or semi-wet skin.However it takes a few minute to get completely absorbed in the skin.Even then it leaves behind a slight oily feel which is not that yucky in my opinion.As for 24hours moisturizing I am not so sure.But the effect does last much longer than other variants of the same brand.I usually apply once in the morning,after bath before going out for college and the effect lasts till I come back at night(approx. 12hours) and then I again re-apply before going to bed.For my oily skin type,this is essentially only for winter-care.It will surely feel overly sticky during summers.But anyone with extremely dry skin will find this helpful even during summers as well.The smell is light but nothing remarkable.on the whole,it does it's basic job really well-that is moisturizing.The price is amazing to given it is such a quality product.

A summary-
  • Affordable-in fact dirt cheap.
  • travel friendly sturdy packaging-I personally never suffered any leakage while travelling with this one.
  • I like the sleek design of the bottle
  • moisturizing effect lasts more than 12hours(the initial oily residue fades off through the day within 2-3hours leaving the skin as hydrated but without the stickiness)
  • suitable for oily skin as well but only during winter
  • smell not overpowering
  • each variant comes in different color bottle so you can easily tell them apart if you own different variants together.
  • so very easily available.
  • suitable for winter only-cannot be used in summer unless you have extremely dry and scaly skin
  • opaque bottle-you can't see how much has been used up until you hold it upon the light.
  • So many chemicals!
  • the residue oily feel might not be welcome for everyone.
So this is all for today,I will try and be regular about my posts from now,so keep reading and stay well!

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Fake but do I hate it?

Today I am back with a whole story-how I ended up with a fake Urban decay Naked 2 palette!Yeah,Earlier in my post about the 14th(or 12th?) International Trade Fair that took place in Calcutta ,I ranted about this very same palette believing I got such a cheap deal!Alas only if I knew then!!This was my first extravagant buy and it is fake!Urghhhh!!I was so suspicious that how could it be that cheap but I was blinded by temptation.The palette would cost me around 80$ which is Rs.4800 approx including the shipping charges and here I got it for Rs.600!Yup,that is not a typing mistake-you did read write,just Rs.600 which is 1/8th the price of the original one=2 original Inglot freedom system eye shadows=2 maybelline diamond quad Eye shadow palettes=Do I need to list more?I am already pissed of enough as it is!But temporarily because fake or not the palette is performing really well-far better than Lakme or Maybelline quads and chinese palettes like Ouemedie that I have tried so far.
This year I visited the fair 4 times.I came across this one at a stall in the Pavilion C,I can't exactly remember the number.It was a lifestyle pavilion and consisted mainly of products from Singapore,Malaysia,Thailand-should've guessed then and there.I saw this palette on my second visit-lying in a display basket.I was amazed because this beauties have to be ordered online,paid for buy your card(I prefer COD see) and waited for with bated breathe till they reach you and there they were-lying just like that in front of my eyes-I could touch it before I pay for it!I never before tried a UD before but from many blogs that I studied I had a fair idea that it is a great brand and very overpriced if thought of in terms of Indian Rupee.But the price they offered initially(Rs 800) I was completely knocked off and yet couldn't find any flaw that could justify my suspicion that it is fake.I had seen the authentic packaging coming in a transparent plastic along with a lipgloss but I thought perhaps it costs less because it is without the lip-gloss!Silly me!But I didn't buy it right there,rather came back home,researched a bit,read through reviews but it never occurred to me that I should search with keywords like "duplicated Naked 2 Palette".After reading all the good things about the real palette I went back and bought the fake one!What more they them-self discounted 100bucks and the other 100 was bargained off by my little sister.For the whole time I was so suspicious that I am surely being duped but still I bought it-The palette itself looked so classy! After returning home I tried it on my sister and I was again very convinced that it is the real thing.The quality was much better than original Maybelline quad or Lakme absolute quads.I only realized being duped yesterday when I was thinking of getting a Coastal Scents 88 original Palette from the same dealer.The girl was,I don't know-maybe thai or malaysian gave me her number and lives in Calcutta to contact her in case I want more such 'branded' cosmetics at cheaper rates in Kolkata,specially those which are not available in stores in India.I thought of looking up the net in case coastal scents are duplicated and then it struck me that I can perform the same search for my UD palette.After looking up,I had to admit I was duped indeed.But I am really not complaining for the price I paid It is as good as real.I read of people who paid almost the same amount as the real's price and still received a fake.
Now to differentiate a fake and a genuine one.The most important part is the weight,colour of font and box,and batch number.
The colour of the font is bit off-black in the real one while almost black in the fake.The fonts are bolder in the fake compared to the real one.Most importantly the real one has a batch no. printed at the right corner back of the box(eg. A047) which is not there in the fake one.The mirror produce a stretched image unlike the real one.Another point to be noted is that the fake comes in a cardboard box but the real comes in transparent box along with lip gloss.But this is no longer a vital issue since there are fakes out there which come in the same type of packaging with a lip gloss.I don't have a original to compare with.You can get maybe better equipped articles and videos on the issue.
I will proceed to the review.Even if fake,I can't say that it is bad,good staying power,smudges well,great pigmentation,nothing that I can complain about really.The only major and perhaps a good enough reason to chuck it off is that given it is fake you never know what rubbish it might contain as ingredients.Obviouslt it is surely nothing like the real thing in terms of packaging,quality or staying power but good enough as my daily wear.Here is the photo:
the cardboard box container

the palette
watch the image of the mirror-it is stretched more than normal
It's easily recognizable as a fake for any make-up pro unlike me.Now about the texture,quality,staying power,pigmentation of individual shades.Apart from 'tease',the rest of the colours are very much blendable,smooth and not at all chalky.(I have oily eylids so staying power may vary or be more for you.):
foxy,half baked,booty call,chopper

  • texture-matte
  • colour-cream,but lean more towards white.
  • pigmentation-not good.You need to swipe it 2-3times to get any colour and it almost matched my skin tone so still did not show up.
  • staying power-3-4 hours without primer.
  • works best as a highlighter or a base colour for other shades.
Half Baked-
  • texture-glittery
  • colour-looks copper on the palette but turns out to be golden-copper in swatches
  • pigmentation-really swipe give vivid colour
  • staying power-5-6hours without primer
  • very suitable for all-over eyelid-specially on occasions-not suitable as a day-wear or regular wear
  • testure-satin/slightly shimmery
  • colour-almost like foxy with minute shimmers-but on closer observation,it looks more yellow compared to foxy.
  • pigmentation-very good-one swipe gives full colour
  • staying power-4-5hours without primer
  • suitable as highlighter for inner corners of the eyes and for wearing all-over the lid.Suitable as daily wear and day time.Can be used to create looks for night wear as well
  • texture-shimmery but not as much as half-baked.More like satin finish
  • colour-copper with silver shimmers
  • pigmentation-good-2 swipes needed to show up exact colour
  • staying-power-4-5 hours without primer
  • Personally I am not so fond of this colour.I suppose it can be best used in combination with half baked.not at all a daily use type of colour.But can work as a day wearif used alone or with foxy.


  • texture-matte
  • colour-greyish-brown-in the original palette this colour is a soft and clean brown
  • pigmentation-poor-this is the least pigmented colour of the twelves-your need 3 swipes to get good colour then even it appears patchy.If you try to blend it the colour almost disappears.
  • staying power-2-3 hours-not sure,I cannot differentiate it from my eyelids after sometimes.
  • I would have loved it if it was a soft brown.It works only to even out the lower half of my eyelid which is pigmented compared to the upper half.

  • texture-sparkling
  • colour-dark champegne-I never thought I will love sparkling eyeshadow until this one.It is so sexy a colour!
  • pigmentation-the best of the twelve shades-even one swipe seemed over the top since I am a subtle-shade lover.
  • staying power-I haven't wore this anywhere yet(did not get the occasion for it),but the swatch on my hand stayed put for 6hr approx.
  • It is a all-over colour or maybe in inner 1/3rd of the eyelid but definitely not for the crease.Again a thorough night-time colour and cannot be opted for during the day.

  • texture-shimmery but not glittery
  • colour-in is the same colour group as snakebite but lighter and less sparkly.
  • pigmentation-good-1 swipe is enough
  • staying power-the swatch stayed on for 5-6 hr approx but I haven't yet wore it on my eyes
  • this one is suitable for wearing all over the lid and in combination with snakebite.A very party-ready colour and definitely too dramatic to be wore daily


  • texture-satin
  • colour- a cross of gunmetal and silver
  • pigmentation-good-one swipe show up full colour
  • staying power-4-5 hours without primer
  • Can be used in the crease and during day time at any party but not suitable for college or work

  • texture-satin
  • colour-it is silver with slight hint of peach/pink-a very unusual colour
  • pigmentation-very good-1 swipe is enough
  • staying powr-4-5 hours without primer
  • can be wore during day in combination with lighter or matte colors

  • texture-satin but leaning more towards shimmer
  • colour-a even lighter version of chopper-again a very unusual colour and difficult to describe
  • pigmentation-good-1 swipe is enough
  • staying power-4-5 hours without primer
  • imparts slight shimmer to the lids-can be wore during night and day

  • texture-satin
  • colour-purple-grey with brown undertones but the original one differs slightly and is a deep shimmery brown.
  • pigmentation-very good-1 swipe appears on the top
  • staying power-5-6 hours without primer
  • more  of a night colour and looks nice on the crease

  • texture-matte
  • colour-true black
  • pigmentation-awesome-1 swipe gives extreme deep colour and you need to be careful and light handed with the colour
  • staying power-5-6 hours without primer
  • can be wore during day and night
The brush-the applicator brush is shorter than the original one but the qual
ity is quite good.The blending side is however bit too fluffy and blending becomes bit difficult at times.
the brush
Now the swatches:

As you can see that 'tease' haven't showed up well.I am soon going to upload some looks created with this palette,till then have a nice day!

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Water Marbelling

Hey Friends!
A Belated Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!
I had been away for quite sometimes on vacation then my computer itself decided to take a break and so much more!Sadly my blog went backstage in all these chaos but now I am back with a tutorial.It's nothing new-I am sure all of you guys know this technique by heart from the numerous step by step break downs and videos but I just thought I'll add to that number.Today's post is about water marbling nail art technique.I am not very fond of nail arts as such but I really love playing with colours and creating them though I don't wear them through the day even.I just create a new design,remove it off after sometime and again try a different design-be it colour blocking,french manicure,gradient or water marbling.But if I wear something the whole day it is almost always either a single colour or classic french manicure.
Anyways,now let's get straight into the tutorial:
First,the things you will need:

  • a small bowl-use a old one or one that you can easily dicard(not one out of your mom's favorite dinner set!) because after using it for this technique you surely won't be able to eat out of it.
  • The nail colours-use new bottles as the laquer will still be quite runny.If the colour thicken it won't spread easily in the water.
  • q-tips-to absorb excess colours
  • a sharp tipped object(needle,pencil,compass etc)-to create the design
  • water(obviously)
  • A container-this is optional-read on to know why this is required
Now,the procedure:
Paint your nails with a base colour-here,I used Maybelline color show-Porcelain Party-A matte white.After the laquer dries carefully wrap your fingers with cellotape.You can also use a thick layer of olive oil or vaseline-this is to ensure that the nail polish don't smear your fingers.Trust me,it is a real pain afterwards to remove the stray marks specially it's winter now and I simply run away at the sight of soap and water during these months(but I do use them even though I hate to,during winter).I used cellotapes for this reason because this is my first venture at water marbling and I did not want to take the risk of using lubricants in case they didn't work and my fingers get smeared.Here's how you wrap it:
Next fill your bowl with water to the brim.For the particular design I used Maybelline Color Show Sweet Sunshine-a bright,almost neon-like yellow and Street Wear-Magic Brick-a peachy orange.I started with dropping a drop of yellow first,it will completely diffuse and form a film on the water surface.Next at the center of the film a drop of orange-this one will spread but notice not as easily as the yellow one.Continue the procedd layering one colour over another depending on the density of the film you want.More the no.of drop,less will it spread.After that with a sharp tip object(I used a thick needle) spread or concentrate the colour and create your desired design.As a beginner I opted for abstract texture.I simply swirled the colours and broke the film.This caused the colours to spread further and form a thin film with its own texture.I just mix them a bit more and achieved the following texture.Looks fiery isn't it?:
The last part is the trickiest of all and after the attempt I had to admit it will take quite a few go(s) till I get it right.Select the part of the pattern that you want imprinted on your nails and hold your nail parallel to that.Next slowly lower your nail in the same position till it touches the pattern.Flick your finger as fast as you can inside the water so that air bubbles don't get trapped inside your manicure.This is the main issue-often air bubble gets trapped resulting in bumpy surface on the manicure.A perfect water marbled nail will have no such bumps even without a base coat.While holding your fingers within water quickly using a q-tip absorb the rest of the pattern tearing them away from your finger or else it might mess up your just imprinted water marble.I dipped one finger at a time but you can do up-to 4 fingers together depending on your expertise and confidence.Peel off the cellotapes and see the perfection of the manicure.Finish it off with a top coat.In case bubbles show up in the nail art,the base coat to some extent can reduce them.
This is the finished look.Pardon the mess,some bits of the patterns got stuck in my palm when I tried to peel the cellotape.Since I did one finger at a time I had to create the pattern repeatedly and so required to change the water and going to and fro from basin to balcony where I was doing the work  was unpracticle.So I kept a seperate bowl to change the water because parts of the film remained in the water so the next pattern didn't spread up as easily so freash water was required.
It's really easy and beautiful if you can do it correctly.Do try it!