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StreetWear Color rich Nail Enamel-Romantic Pink

Hello Beauties!
Sorry about my timings-being a night owl,I cannot help but work at night.Hope you all had a great day.It has also been a big day for me with my results coming out at last-Something that I wanted to get over with as soon as possible!from today I am full-fledged back to work that is reach out to you divas with lot new surprises.
Today's post is a review on Streetwear Color Rich Nail Enamel-Yeah,yeah I know-It is not a new name to any beauty-novice even but then, each time we come across these cuties we can't help falling in love with them over again,can we??With there huge array of colors,and good quality at quite cheap rate,Streetwear makes sure that these nail polish remain eternally a classic choice among girls and women alike.The shade that I am going to review for you all today is a really flirty color with a great name-Romantic Pink,no.52.The brand do knows how to attract our eyes and mind.While in my proper senses I would never have bought such a shocking pink color but then,I was really attracted by the name that hinted a flirtatious side that I couldn't resist picking it up and I really don't regret my choice at all.Sometimes indulging in madness is healthy.Yes,you read right.To me shocking fluorescent pink is a mad woman's choice(no offence pink-lovers) and I used to simply hate that color and avoid it throughout my life in any form(even in marker-pens!) but now I really love my nail polish but I want to limit that colour to my nails only.Anyways,I muat have already irritated you all to death with my chatter so let's get straight to the point.

You all are familiar with the classy bottles I assume but for those who are not,the bottle is a tiny square one with a long black matted cap.The quantity it can hold is 5ml  and it costs Rs.50.There are 9ml bottles available as well at some stores which are flat rectangular in shape with the same type of cap and costs Rs.90 perhaps.I never buy the larger one as they tend to dry up in the bottle.5ml is a great quantity that we can finish up before it starts drying in the bottle.
the bottle
My take:
What to say?I am so in love with the brand!Ever since I laid my hands on them and they are available at the next-door departmental store,I have almost forgotten my elle18 bottles which were my first love.I am not being baised and I am sure many of you will agree with me that these are one of the best budget nail enamels there is in the Indian cosmetics market.
  • Now,about this particular shade-it is a shockingly bright pink-almost fluorescent but not truly so.Under some light,it appears to be a true neon pink while at other times it is more of a bright,eye-stinging pink but not neon.
  • The lacquer is neither too runny nor very tight-a very appropriate density for hassle-free application.
  • The brush bristles are not very spread apart or rounded but rather thin and straight.But I find this brush type very convenientBut after a comparative study to bit more costly brands(in this case,Maybelline color show and Lakme Absolute speed dry,Lotus Herbals nail enamel and the Rs.150 Lakme nail colors-forgot their names! :( ) I felt the bristles are less flexible and harder but really that's too much of an expectation from a nail polish priced so less.But the brush felt more comfortable compared to elle 18 color bombs.
  • It dries pretty quickly-1st coat hardly 3-4minutes and 2nd coat 4-5minutes.This is a real plus point for me as I am very impateint.So in average 8 to 9 mins in total.
  • Another interesting thing that I observed for myself is that while most nail enamels tends to peel off completely from my nails if I try and pull them(elle 18,Lakme and Lotus herbal does so for me),this won't budge at all.
  • Chipping is minimum even after 5-6days!Isn't that great?I usually change my nail color every 7days at the most so in this case there won't be any problem of ugly semi-chipped nail laquer stains on the nails.
  • Pity there is no base coat available of the brand but overall it has the qualities to give many high-end brand a run for there money.
  • The colour is highly pigmented-Perhaps one of the most pigmented nail polish I have seen so far(My first choice would be colorlife 202-scarlet.You can check its review here).While 1 coat is sufficient,but I apply two coats mainly because the brush does not pick up enough color to cover the whole nail sufficiently without any see-through gaps.
Here are some pictures that I took on my way back home from college in the bus.I was getting bored by the traffic and had nothing better to do but later when I saw the pictures I felt the sunlight is the best complimentary light to show off the colour at it's truest hue.The colour has a great quirky quality about it and can lift an ordinary look to the status of extraordinary.I personally felt it compliments casual,rock-chic outfits best and also turns sober toned-down formal look to a very time-to-party look.It does have a flirty side.The instant effect of the colour is that lively!The swatches are of two coats of colour without base coat or top coat and was worn 2-3days back before the photo was taken:
Pardon the black marks around the nail-bed-those are the remainings of Black nail polish that I was wearing earlier from the same brand which just won't budge with a remover even.Its another quality shade whose review I will do later.
In a gist:
  • Affordable(5ml rs.50)
  • good brush
  • quick drying(8-9mins appox)
  • This particular shade is extremely pigmented
  • great colour
  • perfect density for good application
  • does not peel off even if peeked at.
  • does not chip easily(5-6days withour chipping)
  • easily available
  • No base coat available
  • sometimes few bottles can come with defected brush(I got only one so far which I was stupid enough not to open and check in the colour Magic brick,no.43.Will come up with the review soon)
  • Cannot remove it completely even with a remover specially at the corners.
So have you ever owned this color??how do you find it?
Do share your views and keep reading and commenting-they are the inspirers that boost me to write more.This is all for today.Good night,sleep tight.

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