Sunday, 30 November 2014

Maybelline Bold Matte-MAT 02 review

After sleeping through a lazy Sunday morning I thought of studying but seriously couldn't concentrate so now here I am-Blogging away!Wedding season is on and so I thought of reviewing a lipstick that I feel is perfectly complimentary with the mood of weddings.Today's review is about Maybelline Bold matte lipstick in shade MAT02.
The Range comprises of 5shades of the red family.I swatched all of them except MAT03 which the SA said does not "exists".Really woman,you think customers are dumb?It was such a stupid lie anyways given that they are numbered serially.Anyone with minimum sense will question why then are they numbered as 1-2-4-5?If you don't have the stock then say you don't have it,why lie so bluntly that it doesn't even exists?I was in a really good mood because my mom was gifting this to me and so didn't want to make a fuss and spoil my mood.
Now coming back to the lipsticks.MAT01 is a fire engine red and the boldest of the range.MAT02 is a unique blend of and pink bordering on neon in the bullet but swatches as a elegant and soft germanium that can be build up for a bolder look.Though I did not swatch MAT03 I know that it is a very wearable orange.MAT04 is a red with hints of pink and MAT05 is a cranberry red with blue undertones -a perfect color for Indian Brides if you are thinking of donning bold lips on your wedding day.
Price-Rs.375(got it for Rs.350)
My take:
Packaging-The lipsticks all come in silver twist up round tubes with a square base and semi transperant matte-finish red plastic cap of the same shape as the base.The name of the lipstick in written at the base of the tube.the top of the cap has a silver glazing that is reflective and can be fairly passed off a substitute of mirror in emergencies."Maybelline New York" is engraved on the silver tube in very tiny letters but apart from that you will hardly be able to tell the brand unless you are familiar with the packaging.But I love how classy the tube looks and it is quite sturdy.The cap click-shuts and hence travel friendly.
Texture- Though it is a matte lipstick I won't call it a classic matte.It is creamy to apply and do not tug and pull at your lips.But after a few minutes settles down as matte and powdery to touch.
Wear time and pigmentation-Given it settles down as matte and powdery the lipstick has amazingly long wear time.It survived for 5-6hours easily with meals and the best part is that it do not transfer anywhere unless you are intentionally rubbing your lips to leave a mark.I have had this on for 8-9hours and by the end of the day there was a pink stain left behind uniformly all over the lips.But it does highlight chapped lips and settles into lines and looks awful if your lips are even minimum flaky.Pigmentation is medium but buildable and 2 swipes completely covers up the natural pigmentation of the lips.The stain is difficult to remove but easily comes of with baby oil.
Colour-The trickiest part is perhaps the shade itself.It is not a daily wear colour that I would have preffered.I was so tempted by the beauty of the shade in the hand swatches that I got it.It looks coral pink in the tube and the photos hardly did any justice to the shade as it looks orange in the pictures which is nowhere near the real colour.In the hand swatches below it looks more red but in reality it is germanium shade.The first time I tried it on it made me look so sickly and the true shade hardly showed up on my lips.It looked worse on my sister.I was so crestfallen about what to do with this one now.So I started experimenting with it to make it work somehow.My lips are full and averagely pigmented and looks much like the shade of Maybelline Hypershine Lipgloss mirrored mauve.My skin is neutral and fair but tanned and perfectly matches with Maybelline Dream Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation in shade Creamy Natural Light 5.this reference might help you to understand whether this lipstick will suit you or not.This lipstick looks disastrous on me when I look tired or my face is greasy.It looks better when I wear it as a stain and skipping some sort of base(I usually use maybelline BB sticks Fawn and Radiance mixed together) is an absolute no-no with this lipstick.After much experimenting I found out that it looks best if I blend it with another orange lipstick and the resultant is a fire engine red with yellow undertones(I use Colorbar Obsessed Orange)-my perfect red when I am in those rare moods for bold lips.Another way is prepping my lips with a foundation thus toning down the true pigmentation of my lips hence the real colour shows through.Another thing that I observed is that this colour looks good on me during morning or midday in natural light(preferably sunny weather) but makes me look sickly under artificial light when wore directly on my lips during night time.I think this lipstick will best suit someone really fair and with less full lips.You can see for yourself in the following LOTDs:
  • Matte finish but creamy to apply
  • Availability
  • Budget lipstick considering the quality and finish
  • sturdy and beautiful packaging
  • staying power is awesome
  • do not transfer
  • beautiful shade for those who can carry it
  • not suitable for dry lips or winter season unless you have moisturized and exfoliated your lips well
  • highlights chapped lips
  • won't suit all skin tones

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Virgo nail Buffer

Hi friends today I am back with a review of a nail buffer that I use some one year back and have been dying to rave about.I recently became a bit too obsessed with nail-care after I discovered that a perfect home manicure completely changes the look of my hands.But unfortunately I really cannot resist biting my nails and they are always in an utter mess.The nail buffer I am going to review is from a brand called "Virgo"-I never really heard of them.I happened to come across their products(that includes combs,brushes,pumice stones,pedicure and manicure kits etc.) at Big Bajaar.I was looking for an affordable nail buffer and this one was the cheapest available.I liked that this one had 6 faces and a cute shape so I got this one.Read on to know my experience with it.
Virgo 6-in-1 nail buffer:
 My take:
The first thing you will notice is the bright colours of the faces.When I started to use it though the first problem is came across was understanding which side was meant to be used after which one-there is no number coding or anything as such to imply that.You can easily tell apart the one meant for "step 1"(refer the image on left) but the ones from step 2-step 5 is a complete guessing game.
Rub it on your nails and feel your way through the manicure.It was a bit annoying at the beginning but once I got a hang of it and was patient enough to complete the whole process the results were worth the trouble. In the image below you can see the 4 faces,the other two are yellow and buff coloured.The yellow side is the emery board for step 1.The buff is the shiner or for step 6.for step 2,3,4,and 5 you are suppose to use the teal-blue,green,pink and violet respectively in the order I have written the names.My nails do not have much ridges and are bit frail so I went easy with the emery.The whole process took around 30 minutes.The resultant shine and glow of the nails lasted for more than a couple of weeks.The shine was equivalent to a top coat.However the buffer is a bit difficult to be maneuvered at corners of the nail so the shine was not uniform throughtout.
 This is the end result right after buffing.You can easily see the difference in the way my nails look in the before and after pictures.

  • Cheap
  • 6 faced hence ensures smoother and shinier finish
  • looks cute
  • one buffer lasted me 8-9months given I used it on my sister,mom and myself.
  • the effect last much longer than applying a clear nailpolish

  • availability-I did not find the Virgo products when I went to buy my second buffer(had to settle down for "faces" 4-in-1 buffer instead which was quite a disappointment given it is a "Faces" product-review coming soon)
  • no instructions about which side is meant for what-it is pure guess work.
  • bit difficult to maneuver at the edges or corners.
Overall, it was a good buy and I would like to get another one of them if I can find this brand anywhere again.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Maybelline Color Show Nail enamel-Constant Candy 401

Hello and welcome to yet another nail polish review from the much hyped Maybelline Color show Range.I used these almost a year back and finally managed to review it.Please ignore the image quality because they were pictured with my old cellphone.
The shades I am going to review are called "Constant Candy"-a perfect french manicure pink and "Porcelain Party-102"-a creamy milk white,perfect for french manicure tips.Till date I have used quite a few of the nail polishes from the color show range and each colour has it's own characteristics.As far as the chipping resistance,color intensity,nail polish texture and finish is concerned,this shade is very similar to "Porcelain Party"-a creamy shimmer-free white from the same range.SO I would not be dedicating a separate post for that one and include its swatches here as well.
My take:

  • Price-Rs.75
  • Quantity-6ml
  • Texture-Creamy and quite thick.
  • Pigmentation-Very good.1 coat give almost opaque finish and 2 coats gives true color as seen in the bottle.
    Constant Candy

    Porcelain Party
  • It dries real fast on the nails-around a couple of minutes and even after drying it retains a glossy finish.But on the downside since it is characteristically a quick drying nail polish,it thickens in the bottle and become impossible to be used quickly.
  • If you are not much into doing household works,then it will last without chipping for 3-5days,otherwise 2-3days.But both the shades tend to peel off like some plastic from my nails.I really don't understand why."Downtown Red" of this nail polish range worked so very well for me.
  • Since they are the lightest of the colors offered by Maybelline Color Show they don't leave stains.
  • The packaging and brush both are very practical for use and pretty at the same time.The brush is really good and perfectly shaped for covering up the nails within 3 strokes.
  • The pink has very fine silver shimmers that are invisible on the bottle and even on your nail they show up only if you are looking very closely.They only add a tiny bit of sheen to the nails.

Overall,they are good shades but did not really work for me as they kept peeling off every 3days.Even a top coat did not help with keeping them in place.I don't think I will nut them agian-maybe some other shade but not this two.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

DIY #Beauty

It has been a hectic day but a fun one.Today's post is going to be a short one on a few DIYs.I am a really lazy person in general but when it comes to interesting and fun things,I don't mind laboring a bit :) .The DIYs I am going to share today are partly my innovations and partly things I learnt from my mom and the net.

The first one is an oil for hair.Like I mentioned earlier,my hair is really dry at the ends and I suffer from hairfall.So I treat my hair with hot oil massages like twice a week at the least.Following is the "recipe" for the oil I use.I am not very regular with my hair care regime but still the results are quite noticable and positive.My hair feels softer,more hydrated and there is lesser hairfall compared to prior following this routine.I usually heat the oil before massaging it and leave it on for a couple or hours or more then shampoo and condition as usual.While leaving it on,I wrap my hair in a damp towel and blast the towel with hot air from my blow dryer rather than wrapping a towel dipped in boiling water.
Now the recipe:
You will need:

  • 100ml coconut oil
  • 4 hibiscus flowers(the petals,and the carpel,you can leave out the green base)
  • 1 amla,chopped and de-seeded
  • 1flat tea-spoon methi seeds

  • In a heavy saucepan,place the oil and amla.In low flame,start simmering the content.Then put in the methi seeds and the flowers.Bring it to boil until you see fumes surfacing over the saucepan and also the petals geting discoloured to some extent.Turn off the flame and cover it and leave it undisturbed until it cools down to room temperature.
  • Using a filter,pour the oil in an empty bottle,preferably glass(if not available,plastic will do).The oil will be reduced to around 85ml.Now etract some of the methi seeds from the residue and add it to the oil.Let it stay there.
You can store it for a couple of months though if you routinely use it for even twice a week,it won't last that long.

The second one is a real crazy one-Eyeshadow primer.I like using eyeshadows but hated how some really beautiful shades just don't show up on my oily lids or hoe the shadow sreases and becomes patchy.Then I discovered there is yet another elemental makeup product called eyeshadow primer.Now,there is really no drugstore eyeshadow primers in India as far as I know(do correct me if I am wrong) and those that are available will definitely burn a hole in my pocket.So I started googling for substitute of eyeshadow primer that will provide equal results in minimum price.I discovered that one recipe has been repeated all over the internet and I was not very keen on trying that ditto so I tweaked it a bit and this is what I came up with:
                                                                                 You will need:

  • a empty air tight container
  • baby powder(I used the johnson baby powder)
  • thick face/eye cream(I used my mom's ponds age miracle night cream)
  • foundation of your skintone/bb/cc cream
  • toothpick/q-tips

  • Using a q-tip scoop out little of the cream and add very little powder to it.Mix them together thoroughly.Your end product should be more on the powdery side but not like stale dough.
  • Add a small drop of foundation to the mixture and again mix well using the q-tip or toothpick-it will yield a lighter shade of the foundation that is bit more powdery and thick.
  • Tweak the amount of powder,cream and foundation to suit your need-the oilier your lids the more powder you add yet it must not be too much that it end product feels rubbery.You should be able to spread and blend it evenly on your lids.If you add too much powder it will be visible as small lumps and flakes over your eyelids.
  • when kept air tight,it lasts for couple of weeks though I would recommend to make really small batches and use it up within one week.I observed that if left for too long the mixture loose all moisture over time and it becomes impossible to be used.
  • Now you will find this recipe all over the net but most will ask you to use cornstarch which I replaced with baby powder.Why?It is because cornstarch is a food product and it seemed too weird to be used on my eyes and secondly since it is edible I doubted that it will become "rancid"-perhaps you do get what I mean???In short it would have become the breeding ground of bacterias.Why I replaced It with Baby Powder?That's because it's major ingredient is talc which is also a major ingredient in most eyeshadows and since it is meant for babies it should be milder than most cosmetic products available.And lastly,powder can't become "stale",can it??
After vigorous rubbing,this is how the swatches looked.
swatches of an eye shadow with the primer on-as you can see the middle stripe is more vibrant than the other two,that is where I applied the primer. 

This is how it looked on the eyelids.I used the primer on my left eyelid and the difference it made is obvious.
This Is how it looked.My eyeshadows does look more vibrant,and the best part is they do not budge off unless I rub it off with water.But on the downside blending the shadows feels a bit difficult than usual with this on.

So this is all for today.see you in my next post.Good night!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Streetwear Ultra Moist Lipstick-Crisp Caramel 21

As promised,I am back with my review on the newly launched Streetwear Ultramoist lipsticks in shade Crisp Caramel-21.I was looking for a nice nude shade that I can use daily as well as to compliment smokey eyes.I already have a similar shade from Lakme but in the LOTDs they are way different from each other though not so much when seen as a bullet.

This new range mostly comprises of really vibrant shades of reds,pinks,orange and brown.This is the most subtle colour that I could find.I saw these beauties online but wanted to see them "live" before buying them.Virtual shopping and color cosmetics are mutual enemies anyways.So I started looking for them everywhere and thankfully they were available easily in all those shops that stocked streetwear products.

Priced at 180 rupees,these lippies are a steal.I got this at a discounted price of Rs.155.It's quantity is 4g.
My Take:
Firstly as you can see the packaging is apparently really cute with the black plastic body,transparent cap and a dash of pop art.However the bullet,protrudes about 1cm outside the plastic body even after completing the swivel. This is a really major problem as I have to be really careful while opening and closing the cap so that the bullet is not damaged in any way.Even then I have scratched it in a few places as evident from the lipstick sticking to the cap's base.Also the bullet itself feel a bit fragile and the plastic packaging quite cheap.Then again,it is really no use complaining given it is priced so low.
Next,the texture of the lipstick is really creamy-They truely mean it when they say "moist" but there is nothing "ultra" about that moisture.It glides really smoothly on the lips and do not feel drying or heavy on the lips.However after 3-4 hours of wear it does fell a little dry but not like parched-dry.
The pigmentation is awesome.Though it is the lightest shade available in the range,2swipes of the lipstick provides opaque colour.The staying power of the colour is good-around 4-4.5hours with light eating or drinking.After that it fades leaving a nice stain which also vanished in another hour or so.It do not stain the lips-at least nothing that a cleanser cannot get rid off.But it does leave marks anywhere and everywhere my lips come in contact with.Well,it is a creamy lipstick and not matte,so this much I have to accept.
The colour lastly-though named as "caramel",the shade is actually a cross-over of brown and

peach.It is more of peach and coral and less of brown though in the bullet it looks otherwise.On my lips it appears a true coral-peach with a hint of brown-a very unique colour.

This is how it looks on my lips when freshly applied:
(2 swipes of the lipstick only on bare lips-photograped in tubelight without flash)

  • Easily available
  • Dirt cheap
  • beautiful shade
  • good staying power
  • suitable for daily wear as well as on occasions
  • well pigmented

  • The packaging is awful-there is always a risk of damaging the bullet
  • apart from this one most shades are too vibrant for my taste(may not be a con for you)-at least they appeared so on the hand swatches
  • leave marks on everything your lips come in contact to.
Given its price,we are actually getting more than our money's worth and this shade is truly unique.I am going to buy a backup of this shade soon in case they are ever discontinued.I can't really say that it is my MLBB shade but it has replaced my go-to shade-Elle 18 Coral Romance.
Rate:4/5(-1 for packaging)

Streax Perfect Shine Hair serum

Hello everyone!
Today I am going to review a hair serum that I got almost 1 year back and it is high time I review it.It remains cooped up in a corner of my study table ever since I started using the Mythic oil.I was in search for a hair serum because I read that they are helping with taming frizzes and ever since I started using a blow dryer at home I felt my hair getting rougher and frizzier than usual.Thankfully I have at last overcome that obsession for hair styling and hence my hairs are saved.After the Garnier serum (reviewed here),I wanted to try out something new and better.After reading a few other reviews I zeroed on this one as it is most easily available everywhere and do not burn holes in your pocket.I sort of share a love/hate relationship with this one.Read on and you will know exactly why.

Price- Rs.175
Packaging-transparent yellow ocher bottle and yellow ocher cap with pump dispenser.Transparent plastic label.THe bottle is plastic.It is sturdy and the cap click-fits and hence quite travl firendlt though I prefer to make sure it stays erect inside my bag just as an extra precaution.

My take:
The serum is colourless and has a very sweet smell,rather floral.My shoulder lenght hair required 2-3pumps to properly coat my hair.I usually use it after shampooing though at rare times I did use it on second-day dry hair as well.The results were better when usd on damp hair.On dry hair it made my hair slightly oily.
It does tame frizz but only for a few of hours after that you have to re-apply.The smell lingers for about an hour or so.Another problem is that if I re-apply through the day,by the end of the day my hair feels a bit sticky-something totally undesirable.Otherwise it is ok-I will prefer to call it an average product-better than the garnier one because this one is far less chemical-y.

  • Easily available
  • Really cheap
  • Beautiful scent
  • do not contain too much of chemicals
  • travel friendly
  • transparent bottle hence convenient to keep track of amount used
  • though feels sticky in my hair type if re-applied too many times-it did add some shine and healthy look to my hair

  • Makes hair oily when used on dry hair
  • feel sticky if reapplied
  • hair gets frizzy after a few hours post application if not re-applied through out the day
It is a OK-OK type of product for me.Good but not good enough to make me return to buying another bottle of it.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick-Thrilling Pink

Today I am going to review a pretty true pink lipstick from the Colorbar Velvet Matte range.This is my second lippy from this range the first one being Obsessed Orange.While I really love the orange lipstick I hated the hideous stain it left on my lips that just refused to budge off even with a cleanser.On the other hand,I have to admit that the pigmentation,staying power offered buy these lipsticks at INR250 would put much high end lipsticks to tough competition.So after much dilemma I got this one.I had actually went to look for the newly launched Streetwear Ultra Moist lipsticks in the shade Crisp caramel and had in mind the shade "Bare" from this range should I not get the Streetwear ones.But in the end I ended up buying two lipsticks on the same day-the streetwear one and this one reasoning that I do need a pink lippy in my stock.Makeup does become an obsession after a point of time. How I wish I had searched for a similar pink among the streetwear ones then I could have saved some 150 bucks!Why I say so?That's because the streetwear ones provide almost the same quality sans the stain and at half the price.This pink stains the lip horribly!

Price-Rs.299- yeah they have actually increased the price though I just don't see any point to it!Have they improved the formula?No.Then what's the price hike for??
Quantity- 4.2g
There is nothing new to be said of the packaging,it is same as ever.Practical but very ordinary-nothing eye-catching about it.However they have changed the shape of the tip of the bullet as you can see in the picture at the right.I find the new shape more convenient to use.Another thing I like about these lipsticks is that they have both name and number.This shade is numbered 61P.

My take:
The colour-As you can see the bullet in a bright rose pink but on application the colour is less vibrant-much like how it appears in the left picture's color-coded bottom.
Staying power-6-7hours maximum with minimal eating and drinking.the color remains intact upto 4-5 hours after which it leaves behind a uniform pink stain that is pretty but hard to remove.
Texture-Though named matte,these lipsticks are more on the creamy side.It applies smoothly without any tugging and has a glossy sheen.How ever with time the glossiness fades and it starts feeling bit dry on the lips but despite that it stains every thing it comes in contact with.So unlike my maybelline bold matte lipstick which at least did not stain things unless I deliberately pressed my lips tightly to aomething to stain it.
Now,my lips are averagely pigmented and its true colour is much like dusty mauve-pink.This is how this lipstick looks on me.If you have similar lip-colour it hopefully will look the same on you.

  • good pigmentation-2 swipes give full coverage opaque colour covering all pigmentation
  • perfect shade for daily wear as well as parties.
  • good staying power
  • convenient and practical packaging-color coded backside,transparent cap makes it easy to locate if you have more than one from this range
  • easily available
  • reasonably priced(though I suppose the previous price was good enough for the quality)
  • specially designed tip makes application easier

  • stains the lips like hell and just refuse to come off even with a proper cleanser
  • settle into fine lines of the lip
  • stains anything and everything my lips comes in contact with on the slightest touch
  • odd smell
All in all,I would have called this a good-buy rather than bidding it goodbye had I not experienced something equally good at half the price.Next time I want a pink lipstick I will try out "pink pirouette"(not sure of the name-it was definitely called pink something...) from the streetwear Ultra moist range which seemed to be the exact dupe of this one at least in the hand swatch.Sorry Colorbar,but I just couldn't help making a more comparative study and less a review.To find out why I am so raved about the streetwear lippies stay tuned for my next review on them.Till then goodnight!

LOreal Paris-Mythic oil Rich Oil Review

Hi friends!
After been away for nearly 6 months,feeling that I just can't keep balance between my blogging and studying I am back.Today I am going to review a hair oil/serum that I have been using since May and I suppose now it is high time that I review it.It belongs to the professional range of L'Oreal hair products,specifically the Mythic Range-Mythic Oil and the variant I am using is Rich oil.
If you have been through my previous post you would know that my hair is dry at the ends and oily at the roots.It gets awfully rough if I don't condition it for once and neglect oiling my hair before shampooing.
My hair got really dry last winter and when I went on my first hair trimming trip to the parlour after the winters the hairdresser coaxed me into getting this serum,after depressing me with lectures about how awfully thin my hair has become since the last time she saw me.She said that the "mystic oil"(yeah that's her version of pronunciation) was a "miracle" remedy to everything from split ends to hair nourishment etc etc.Even I will sprout new hairs!Really,as if I was going to believe that!I got this solely because it is mainly composed of Argan oil which is famed as a natural heat protectant and that there was raving reviews of it all over the internet.But did it really live up to all the claims and hype?read on to find out.

Physical appearance:

  • Golden yellow press-down cap and translucent yellow bottle made of plastic.
  • transparent label mentioning the name and variant of the oil and the logo of the range of product.
  • It also says "controlling oil for unruly hair".
  • the carton it comes in is sturdy white paper with all the prints in gold.The packaging is really classy and beautiful.

My take:
The product's consistency is light and non-sticky though it is actually an oil.The smell is heavenly.For my shoulder lenght hair 1-2 pumps is enough.Given it has a pump dispenser and the cap closes tightly it is quite travel friendly.I usually use it on days after shampooing as a serum and as a styling product before blow-drying.Though I was recommended by the hairdresser to use it regularly as a massaging hair oil as well but somehow seeing the chemicals in ingredient list I preferred to stick to my home-made oil blend(recipe coming soon).
Now,as a serum it works fine-better than my Streax perfect shine hair serum but nothing that is miraculous. When I pay proper attention to my hair care routine my hair is not that rough or frizzy.Using this serum only imparts a little more shine,softness and manageability but not throughout the day as claimed by many bloggers.Maybe the results vary from person to person.The scent lingers for quite sometimes though.Since it is very light and non greasy it gets easily absorbed in my hair and do not make it limp.But if I use it on my dry hair or hair washed only with water,it does feel like I have applied something oily after sometime.It is damn costly given the results are nothing spectacular but on the up side a little goes a long way.My sister and me,have been sharing this bottle since May and still 1/3rd of it is left.another thing to be mentioned is that it cannot be used as a substitute of conditioner particularly if you have dry hair like me.I tried a couple of times when I had run out of conditioner but my hair felt like straw within 3-4 hours post application.

  • smells really good and the scent linger for quite a long time if used on wet hair
  • does control frizz to some extent without making hair greasy 
  • when used before blow-drying hair,my hair looks healthy and shinier compared to blow-drying without applying this serum.(I apply 1 drop before blow-drying and 1 drop after I finish setting my hair)
  • Damn pricey!
  • need to be reapplied through the day to maintain the frizz-free look
  • results are nothing spectacular or unusual as expected of a product with such a price tag.
  • for best results your hair stylist will recommend you to use the whole range which comprises of a shampoo(rs.750),conditioner(approx. above rs.500),this oil and a hair masque(rs.600-1000 depending on the size you opt for).
  • Availablity-only at l'oreal,wella salons and a few cosmetic shops around and in New market,Esplanade that stock professional range products.(I know only for Kolkata,no idea about other cities)
Will I re-purchase?
Nah,The results are nothing that I expected.I am currently using the 6 oil nourish shampoo and conditioner together and after a couple of weeks of using my hair is completely frizz free,though it tends to get oily at the roots and hence limp on the 2nd day if I am not careful with the amount of shampoo I use.
Rate: 3.75/5