Monday, 17 November 2014

Streetwear Ultra Moist Lipstick-Crisp Caramel 21

As promised,I am back with my review on the newly launched Streetwear Ultramoist lipsticks in shade Crisp Caramel-21.I was looking for a nice nude shade that I can use daily as well as to compliment smokey eyes.I already have a similar shade from Lakme but in the LOTDs they are way different from each other though not so much when seen as a bullet.

This new range mostly comprises of really vibrant shades of reds,pinks,orange and brown.This is the most subtle colour that I could find.I saw these beauties online but wanted to see them "live" before buying them.Virtual shopping and color cosmetics are mutual enemies anyways.So I started looking for them everywhere and thankfully they were available easily in all those shops that stocked streetwear products.

Priced at 180 rupees,these lippies are a steal.I got this at a discounted price of Rs.155.It's quantity is 4g.
My Take:
Firstly as you can see the packaging is apparently really cute with the black plastic body,transparent cap and a dash of pop art.However the bullet,protrudes about 1cm outside the plastic body even after completing the swivel. This is a really major problem as I have to be really careful while opening and closing the cap so that the bullet is not damaged in any way.Even then I have scratched it in a few places as evident from the lipstick sticking to the cap's base.Also the bullet itself feel a bit fragile and the plastic packaging quite cheap.Then again,it is really no use complaining given it is priced so low.
Next,the texture of the lipstick is really creamy-They truely mean it when they say "moist" but there is nothing "ultra" about that moisture.It glides really smoothly on the lips and do not feel drying or heavy on the lips.However after 3-4 hours of wear it does fell a little dry but not like parched-dry.
The pigmentation is awesome.Though it is the lightest shade available in the range,2swipes of the lipstick provides opaque colour.The staying power of the colour is good-around 4-4.5hours with light eating or drinking.After that it fades leaving a nice stain which also vanished in another hour or so.It do not stain the lips-at least nothing that a cleanser cannot get rid off.But it does leave marks anywhere and everywhere my lips come in contact with.Well,it is a creamy lipstick and not matte,so this much I have to accept.
The colour lastly-though named as "caramel",the shade is actually a cross-over of brown and

peach.It is more of peach and coral and less of brown though in the bullet it looks otherwise.On my lips it appears a true coral-peach with a hint of brown-a very unique colour.

This is how it looks on my lips when freshly applied:
(2 swipes of the lipstick only on bare lips-photograped in tubelight without flash)

  • Easily available
  • Dirt cheap
  • beautiful shade
  • good staying power
  • suitable for daily wear as well as on occasions
  • well pigmented

  • The packaging is awful-there is always a risk of damaging the bullet
  • apart from this one most shades are too vibrant for my taste(may not be a con for you)-at least they appeared so on the hand swatches
  • leave marks on everything your lips come in contact to.
Given its price,we are actually getting more than our money's worth and this shade is truly unique.I am going to buy a backup of this shade soon in case they are ever discontinued.I can't really say that it is my MLBB shade but it has replaced my go-to shade-Elle 18 Coral Romance.
Rate:4/5(-1 for packaging)

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