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LOreal Paris-Mythic oil Rich Oil Review

Hi friends!
After been away for nearly 6 months,feeling that I just can't keep balance between my blogging and studying I am back.Today I am going to review a hair oil/serum that I have been using since May and I suppose now it is high time that I review it.It belongs to the professional range of L'Oreal hair products,specifically the Mythic Range-Mythic Oil and the variant I am using is Rich oil.
If you have been through my previous post you would know that my hair is dry at the ends and oily at the roots.It gets awfully rough if I don't condition it for once and neglect oiling my hair before shampooing.
My hair got really dry last winter and when I went on my first hair trimming trip to the parlour after the winters the hairdresser coaxed me into getting this serum,after depressing me with lectures about how awfully thin my hair has become since the last time she saw me.She said that the "mystic oil"(yeah that's her version of pronunciation) was a "miracle" remedy to everything from split ends to hair nourishment etc etc.Even I will sprout new hairs!Really,as if I was going to believe that!I got this solely because it is mainly composed of Argan oil which is famed as a natural heat protectant and that there was raving reviews of it all over the internet.But did it really live up to all the claims and hype?read on to find out.

Physical appearance:

  • Golden yellow press-down cap and translucent yellow bottle made of plastic.
  • transparent label mentioning the name and variant of the oil and the logo of the range of product.
  • It also says "controlling oil for unruly hair".
  • the carton it comes in is sturdy white paper with all the prints in gold.The packaging is really classy and beautiful.

My take:
The product's consistency is light and non-sticky though it is actually an oil.The smell is heavenly.For my shoulder lenght hair 1-2 pumps is enough.Given it has a pump dispenser and the cap closes tightly it is quite travel friendly.I usually use it on days after shampooing as a serum and as a styling product before blow-drying.Though I was recommended by the hairdresser to use it regularly as a massaging hair oil as well but somehow seeing the chemicals in ingredient list I preferred to stick to my home-made oil blend(recipe coming soon).
Now,as a serum it works fine-better than my Streax perfect shine hair serum but nothing that is miraculous. When I pay proper attention to my hair care routine my hair is not that rough or frizzy.Using this serum only imparts a little more shine,softness and manageability but not throughout the day as claimed by many bloggers.Maybe the results vary from person to person.The scent lingers for quite sometimes though.Since it is very light and non greasy it gets easily absorbed in my hair and do not make it limp.But if I use it on my dry hair or hair washed only with water,it does feel like I have applied something oily after sometime.It is damn costly given the results are nothing spectacular but on the up side a little goes a long way.My sister and me,have been sharing this bottle since May and still 1/3rd of it is left.another thing to be mentioned is that it cannot be used as a substitute of conditioner particularly if you have dry hair like me.I tried a couple of times when I had run out of conditioner but my hair felt like straw within 3-4 hours post application.

  • smells really good and the scent linger for quite a long time if used on wet hair
  • does control frizz to some extent without making hair greasy 
  • when used before blow-drying hair,my hair looks healthy and shinier compared to blow-drying without applying this serum.(I apply 1 drop before blow-drying and 1 drop after I finish setting my hair)
  • Damn pricey!
  • need to be reapplied through the day to maintain the frizz-free look
  • results are nothing spectacular or unusual as expected of a product with such a price tag.
  • for best results your hair stylist will recommend you to use the whole range which comprises of a shampoo(rs.750),conditioner(approx. above rs.500),this oil and a hair masque(rs.600-1000 depending on the size you opt for).
  • Availablity-only at l'oreal,wella salons and a few cosmetic shops around and in New market,Esplanade that stock professional range products.(I know only for Kolkata,no idea about other cities)
Will I re-purchase?
Nah,The results are nothing that I expected.I am currently using the 6 oil nourish shampoo and conditioner together and after a couple of weeks of using my hair is completely frizz free,though it tends to get oily at the roots and hence limp on the 2nd day if I am not careful with the amount of shampoo I use.
Rate: 3.75/5

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