Monday, 17 November 2014

Streax Perfect Shine Hair serum

Hello everyone!
Today I am going to review a hair serum that I got almost 1 year back and it is high time I review it.It remains cooped up in a corner of my study table ever since I started using the Mythic oil.I was in search for a hair serum because I read that they are helping with taming frizzes and ever since I started using a blow dryer at home I felt my hair getting rougher and frizzier than usual.Thankfully I have at last overcome that obsession for hair styling and hence my hairs are saved.After the Garnier serum (reviewed here),I wanted to try out something new and better.After reading a few other reviews I zeroed on this one as it is most easily available everywhere and do not burn holes in your pocket.I sort of share a love/hate relationship with this one.Read on and you will know exactly why.

Price- Rs.175
Packaging-transparent yellow ocher bottle and yellow ocher cap with pump dispenser.Transparent plastic label.THe bottle is plastic.It is sturdy and the cap click-fits and hence quite travl firendlt though I prefer to make sure it stays erect inside my bag just as an extra precaution.

My take:
The serum is colourless and has a very sweet smell,rather floral.My shoulder lenght hair required 2-3pumps to properly coat my hair.I usually use it after shampooing though at rare times I did use it on second-day dry hair as well.The results were better when usd on damp hair.On dry hair it made my hair slightly oily.
It does tame frizz but only for a few of hours after that you have to re-apply.The smell lingers for about an hour or so.Another problem is that if I re-apply through the day,by the end of the day my hair feels a bit sticky-something totally undesirable.Otherwise it is ok-I will prefer to call it an average product-better than the garnier one because this one is far less chemical-y.

  • Easily available
  • Really cheap
  • Beautiful scent
  • do not contain too much of chemicals
  • travel friendly
  • transparent bottle hence convenient to keep track of amount used
  • though feels sticky in my hair type if re-applied too many times-it did add some shine and healthy look to my hair

  • Makes hair oily when used on dry hair
  • feel sticky if reapplied
  • hair gets frizzy after a few hours post application if not re-applied through out the day
It is a OK-OK type of product for me.Good but not good enough to make me return to buying another bottle of it.

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