Sunday, 16 November 2014

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick-Thrilling Pink

Today I am going to review a pretty true pink lipstick from the Colorbar Velvet Matte range.This is my second lippy from this range the first one being Obsessed Orange.While I really love the orange lipstick I hated the hideous stain it left on my lips that just refused to budge off even with a cleanser.On the other hand,I have to admit that the pigmentation,staying power offered buy these lipsticks at INR250 would put much high end lipsticks to tough competition.So after much dilemma I got this one.I had actually went to look for the newly launched Streetwear Ultra Moist lipsticks in the shade Crisp caramel and had in mind the shade "Bare" from this range should I not get the Streetwear ones.But in the end I ended up buying two lipsticks on the same day-the streetwear one and this one reasoning that I do need a pink lippy in my stock.Makeup does become an obsession after a point of time. How I wish I had searched for a similar pink among the streetwear ones then I could have saved some 150 bucks!Why I say so?That's because the streetwear ones provide almost the same quality sans the stain and at half the price.This pink stains the lip horribly!

Price-Rs.299- yeah they have actually increased the price though I just don't see any point to it!Have they improved the formula?No.Then what's the price hike for??
Quantity- 4.2g
There is nothing new to be said of the packaging,it is same as ever.Practical but very ordinary-nothing eye-catching about it.However they have changed the shape of the tip of the bullet as you can see in the picture at the right.I find the new shape more convenient to use.Another thing I like about these lipsticks is that they have both name and number.This shade is numbered 61P.

My take:
The colour-As you can see the bullet in a bright rose pink but on application the colour is less vibrant-much like how it appears in the left picture's color-coded bottom.
Staying power-6-7hours maximum with minimal eating and drinking.the color remains intact upto 4-5 hours after which it leaves behind a uniform pink stain that is pretty but hard to remove.
Texture-Though named matte,these lipsticks are more on the creamy side.It applies smoothly without any tugging and has a glossy sheen.How ever with time the glossiness fades and it starts feeling bit dry on the lips but despite that it stains every thing it comes in contact with.So unlike my maybelline bold matte lipstick which at least did not stain things unless I deliberately pressed my lips tightly to aomething to stain it.
Now,my lips are averagely pigmented and its true colour is much like dusty mauve-pink.This is how this lipstick looks on me.If you have similar lip-colour it hopefully will look the same on you.

  • good pigmentation-2 swipes give full coverage opaque colour covering all pigmentation
  • perfect shade for daily wear as well as parties.
  • good staying power
  • convenient and practical packaging-color coded backside,transparent cap makes it easy to locate if you have more than one from this range
  • easily available
  • reasonably priced(though I suppose the previous price was good enough for the quality)
  • specially designed tip makes application easier

  • stains the lips like hell and just refuse to come off even with a proper cleanser
  • settle into fine lines of the lip
  • stains anything and everything my lips comes in contact with on the slightest touch
  • odd smell
All in all,I would have called this a good-buy rather than bidding it goodbye had I not experienced something equally good at half the price.Next time I want a pink lipstick I will try out "pink pirouette"(not sure of the name-it was definitely called pink something...) from the streetwear Ultra moist range which seemed to be the exact dupe of this one at least in the hand swatch.Sorry Colorbar,but I just couldn't help making a more comparative study and less a review.To find out why I am so raved about the streetwear lippies stay tuned for my next review on them.Till then goodnight!

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