Tuesday, 18 November 2014

DIY #Beauty

It has been a hectic day but a fun one.Today's post is going to be a short one on a few DIYs.I am a really lazy person in general but when it comes to interesting and fun things,I don't mind laboring a bit :) .The DIYs I am going to share today are partly my innovations and partly things I learnt from my mom and the net.

The first one is an oil for hair.Like I mentioned earlier,my hair is really dry at the ends and I suffer from hairfall.So I treat my hair with hot oil massages like twice a week at the least.Following is the "recipe" for the oil I use.I am not very regular with my hair care regime but still the results are quite noticable and positive.My hair feels softer,more hydrated and there is lesser hairfall compared to prior following this routine.I usually heat the oil before massaging it and leave it on for a couple or hours or more then shampoo and condition as usual.While leaving it on,I wrap my hair in a damp towel and blast the towel with hot air from my blow dryer rather than wrapping a towel dipped in boiling water.
Now the recipe:
You will need:

  • 100ml coconut oil
  • 4 hibiscus flowers(the petals,and the carpel,you can leave out the green base)
  • 1 amla,chopped and de-seeded
  • 1flat tea-spoon methi seeds

  • In a heavy saucepan,place the oil and amla.In low flame,start simmering the content.Then put in the methi seeds and the flowers.Bring it to boil until you see fumes surfacing over the saucepan and also the petals geting discoloured to some extent.Turn off the flame and cover it and leave it undisturbed until it cools down to room temperature.
  • Using a filter,pour the oil in an empty bottle,preferably glass(if not available,plastic will do).The oil will be reduced to around 85ml.Now etract some of the methi seeds from the residue and add it to the oil.Let it stay there.
You can store it for a couple of months though if you routinely use it for even twice a week,it won't last that long.

The second one is a real crazy one-Eyeshadow primer.I like using eyeshadows but hated how some really beautiful shades just don't show up on my oily lids or hoe the shadow sreases and becomes patchy.Then I discovered there is yet another elemental makeup product called eyeshadow primer.Now,there is really no drugstore eyeshadow primers in India as far as I know(do correct me if I am wrong) and those that are available will definitely burn a hole in my pocket.So I started googling for substitute of eyeshadow primer that will provide equal results in minimum price.I discovered that one recipe has been repeated all over the internet and I was not very keen on trying that ditto so I tweaked it a bit and this is what I came up with:
                                                                                 You will need:

  • a empty air tight container
  • baby powder(I used the johnson baby powder)
  • thick face/eye cream(I used my mom's ponds age miracle night cream)
  • foundation of your skintone/bb/cc cream
  • toothpick/q-tips

  • Using a q-tip scoop out little of the cream and add very little powder to it.Mix them together thoroughly.Your end product should be more on the powdery side but not like stale dough.
  • Add a small drop of foundation to the mixture and again mix well using the q-tip or toothpick-it will yield a lighter shade of the foundation that is bit more powdery and thick.
  • Tweak the amount of powder,cream and foundation to suit your need-the oilier your lids the more powder you add yet it must not be too much that it end product feels rubbery.You should be able to spread and blend it evenly on your lids.If you add too much powder it will be visible as small lumps and flakes over your eyelids.
  • when kept air tight,it lasts for couple of weeks though I would recommend to make really small batches and use it up within one week.I observed that if left for too long the mixture loose all moisture over time and it becomes impossible to be used.
  • Now you will find this recipe all over the net but most will ask you to use cornstarch which I replaced with baby powder.Why?It is because cornstarch is a food product and it seemed too weird to be used on my eyes and secondly since it is edible I doubted that it will become "rancid"-perhaps you do get what I mean???In short it would have become the breeding ground of bacterias.Why I replaced It with Baby Powder?That's because it's major ingredient is talc which is also a major ingredient in most eyeshadows and since it is meant for babies it should be milder than most cosmetic products available.And lastly,powder can't become "stale",can it??
After vigorous rubbing,this is how the swatches looked.
swatches of an eye shadow with the primer on-as you can see the middle stripe is more vibrant than the other two,that is where I applied the primer. 

This is how it looked on the eyelids.I used the primer on my left eyelid and the difference it made is obvious.
This Is how it looked.My eyeshadows does look more vibrant,and the best part is they do not budge off unless I rub it off with water.But on the downside blending the shadows feels a bit difficult than usual with this on.

So this is all for today.see you in my next post.Good night!

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