Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Maybelline Color Show Nail enamel-Constant Candy 401

Hello and welcome to yet another nail polish review from the much hyped Maybelline Color show Range.I used these almost a year back and finally managed to review it.Please ignore the image quality because they were pictured with my old cellphone.
The shades I am going to review are called "Constant Candy"-a perfect french manicure pink and "Porcelain Party-102"-a creamy milk white,perfect for french manicure tips.Till date I have used quite a few of the nail polishes from the color show range and each colour has it's own characteristics.As far as the chipping resistance,color intensity,nail polish texture and finish is concerned,this shade is very similar to "Porcelain Party"-a creamy shimmer-free white from the same range.SO I would not be dedicating a separate post for that one and include its swatches here as well.
My take:

  • Price-Rs.75
  • Quantity-6ml
  • Texture-Creamy and quite thick.
  • Pigmentation-Very good.1 coat give almost opaque finish and 2 coats gives true color as seen in the bottle.
    Constant Candy

    Porcelain Party
  • It dries real fast on the nails-around a couple of minutes and even after drying it retains a glossy finish.But on the downside since it is characteristically a quick drying nail polish,it thickens in the bottle and become impossible to be used quickly.
  • If you are not much into doing household works,then it will last without chipping for 3-5days,otherwise 2-3days.But both the shades tend to peel off like some plastic from my nails.I really don't understand why."Downtown Red" of this nail polish range worked so very well for me.
  • Since they are the lightest of the colors offered by Maybelline Color Show they don't leave stains.
  • The packaging and brush both are very practical for use and pretty at the same time.The brush is really good and perfectly shaped for covering up the nails within 3 strokes.
  • The pink has very fine silver shimmers that are invisible on the bottle and even on your nail they show up only if you are looking very closely.They only add a tiny bit of sheen to the nails.

Overall,they are good shades but did not really work for me as they kept peeling off every 3days.Even a top coat did not help with keeping them in place.I don't think I will nut them agian-maybe some other shade but not this two.

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