Thursday, 20 March 2014

Loreal Paris Smooth Intense Smoothing Shampoo

Hi,today I am back with a review of a shampoo that I had been using through the winter months this year.I finished up the whole bottle finallu and now feel confident enough to share what exactly I feel about this shampoo.I had tried Loreal conditioner looong back that to on the recommendation of the local parlour and after that never again.Not that the conditioner was not good but then Loreal was not exactly available over the counter and the professional ranges at the parlours were too pricey and had to be availed from the parlour only and I hated visiting parlours.After that somehow I never felt like trying this brand again as I was quite happy with my Sunsilk shampoos.Recently,now that I have gained a bit more knowledge about need-specific shampoos,I started looking for ones that will exactly suit my requirement and this is how Loreal Paris Smooth Intense Smoothing Shampoo took it's entry in my life.
First let's begin with my hair type-I have wiry-curly shoulder length hair,that is not very dense and gets really frizzy specially during winter months.While my scalp is oily during summers it gets dry in winter and this year it got too dry and I got dandruffs!But my hair is pretty dry which gets even more so during winter.I wanted a shampoo that will have moisturizing properties and smooth out my frizzes.I suppose my scalp got so dry because I had been using my Lush Jumping juniper even during December.So when I saw these shampoos at the More store,I was instantly sold to them as it promised everything I was looking for.Moreover it contains Argan Oil which is really good for hair.I researched a bit online and bought the small bottle of both the shampoo and conditioner from the same range.
It comes in a creamy golden bottle made of plastic with a flip-top cap with a brown border.The Label with the brand name,product nam,the ingredient list are all in a combination of brown,gold and cream.I was actually very much attracted to the packaging-the cream colour is so rich.The packaging is sturdy as well and the cap click locks quite firmly.The colour of the shampoo is a tad more lighter than the colour of the bottle and contains minuscule shimmers.
Price:Rs.69 for 90ml
What the brand claims about the product?
"For the 1st time the L'Oreal Laboratories have suceeded in combining Argan oil and Silk Protein which is naturally reach in essential fatty nutrients:
1.Deep Norishment:the creme formula nourishes and smoothes your hair from root to tip making it look more smooth and manageable.
2.48hr Protection:the formula shields your hair from the effects of humid and dry weather ,like unruly,unmanageable hair."
Now I am not going into the details of the oh-so-long ingredients list.I will just mention some key ingredients though,which are not really desirable at least by me in my shampoo.The shampoo in "Surfactant based", contains SLS as the 2nd product in the ingredient list,contains paraben("sodium methylparaben").
My take:
The shampoo is mildly fragrant and is quite heavy-this was my first impression and a impression that stayed on as long as the shampoo got over.I have always used lighter formulas so this shampoo felt exceptionally heavy on my hair.You need loads of water to remove this entirely from your hair,even then it leaves behind a slight sticky feeling-no wonder this shampoo is a "smoothing" shampoo!When I didn't have the patience to keep washing and washing my hair-I ended up with my hair weighed down by the shampoo and conditioner since I never skip conditioning.Hence my hair would easily get sticky and dirty,collecting all the grime in the city in the curls of my hair!However when I did wash it well enough,it left my hair shiny and visibly smooth and soft-even more so when I blow dried my hair afterwards.The fragrance lingers for quite sometime but is quite pleasant specially when topped with the conditioner.As for the 48hr protection claim-I really don't know-my hair felt sticky when I was not patient enough to wash it all off and even when I did manage to do so,my hair got quite frizzy the very next day after shampooing even though I almost ritually conditioned then applied a smoothing serum.Another thing is that I experienced comparatively more hairfall as long as I had been using this shampoo.With my lush shampoo maximum hairfall averaged at 2-3 post-shampooing,but in case of this one it got increased to 9-12!However it is no doubt moisturizing.Overall it is a fair choice if you are looking for a budget moisturizing shampoo and don't have any high and extraordinary expectations and if you are patient enough at shower. :P
At a Glance:
  • budget-friendly
  • travel friendly
  • smooths hair visibly
  • makes hair soft and shiny
  • easily available
  • contains Parabens and SLS
  • requires loads of water to wash off
  • makes hair sticky and weighs down hair if you do not wash your hair well
  • increased my hairfall
  • not the permanent solution for frizzy hair(not that I expected it to be)-hair gets frizzy again the very next day after shampooing
Will I repurchase?
No.I am extremely happy with my little Jumping Juniper and I suppose I will try some other moisturizing shampoo that is easier to wash off.
Not that bad but neither too good,get it at your own risk.Who knows?I might work really well for you.
I don't realy like the shampoo much but the conditioner from the same range proved excellent so far-A perfect pair to my Jumping Juniper.I will soon review it,once I have finished up the bottle.Till then,good night and wake up bright!

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