Sunday, 15 September 2013

Your daily best friends

HI friends!
I am back after pretty long time.The new college session prove to be more trying than I had expected.Speaking of college,beside studies,bunking classes and fun it is also the best years of our life in terms of grooming,looks and fashion.No wonder,the large range of cosmetics launched by all brands targeting college girls!
But beside looking pretty,don't we all want to be pretty within a budget?Specially when the limited pocket money is concerned?So today I thought of listing some of the must-haves in all teenagers bag within the limit of INR 150.

  • Himalayan Neem Face Wash-15ml for Rs.15
This is a life saver for me.Suitable for all skin types,this mild face wash fights pimples and impart a very freash look instantly.A small blob is enough to give a dense foam.I don't exactly believe that a face wash is enough for fighting pimples but it does cleases my face very well.And since my skin is oily and easily gets greasy I require to wash my face often.It comes handy for emergency parties or dates directly from college. :D

  • Vaseline Lip Care Rosy Glow
I came across,or rather my sister came across this tinted lip gloss come liquid lip balm in our local drug store.This gel formulation provides a pinkish glow to the lips and smells like strawberries.I don't like the smell but its moisturizing power is really good.A good choice for daily use.I am not particularly fond of lip glosses or anything that appears to shiny on the lips so prefer to use it on special occasions.
  • Himalayas herbal eye-definer kajal
INR 150
I got this quite sometimes back,maybe a couple of years earlier.It does not suit my oily skin type and tends to bleed a lot giving me panda eyes if I try to wear it on my lower eyelid or waterline.However it works quite well for someone with normal to dry skin.I personally love its intense black colour and smooth creamy texture.It tends to bleed less if wore in combination with a eyeliner before applying this kajal.I prefer it for my upper eye lid and to create smokey eyes.
Well,this is all for today,I will be coming up with some more budget buys that I have in stock the next sunday.Till then, goodbye and good night friends!Do let me know some of your own recommendations.Just leave a comment about how did you find this article along with a link to your website (if any).Take care!


  1. i have an oily skin too and i was using this before recently buying maybaline's colossal kajal(which by the way is so not worth it).
    i read somewhere that lipstick can be made to last a long time by dabbing transolucent powder on and reapplying another layer so thought why not use the same trick with the kajal. Since the eyes are more sensitive i used a cotton bud slightly wet with water and dabbed up a little powder and ran it along the under eye below the water line before letting it dry and then rubbing of the excess before applying the kajal which adheres so much better and does not bleed as much.

    1. hey!that's a quite simple and effective trick you invented..Will soon try it out..Then I hope I can use my old kajal again..I loved the intense color.I have also been using the maybelline collosal kajal as well as lakme eyeconic eyes lately.I found the maybelline working better for me.The only drawback compared to the himalayas kajal is that it is not as intense.