Monday, 23 March 2015

Red Black Smokey eyes

This is going to be my first ever make-up tutorial of any kind.This is the break-down of the eye make-up idea in red and black shadow that I shared in my previous post as a part of the review for the BIC palette.I hope this is helpful.
Products used for the whole look:

Maybelline dream liquid mousse foundation-creamy natural(light 5)
Maybelline cheeky glow blush-creamy cinnamon
Contoured using the earth toned eye-shadows of the palette
BIC stippling Brush
BIC tapered Brush
BIC angled Brush

BIC 120 eye shadow palette #3
Maybelline Colossal kajal
Eye primer
Maybelline hyper curl Mascara(Waterproof)
BIC blending brush
Sponge applicators
Urban decay Naked 2 in-the-palette brush
 Lakme eyebrow pencil

Street wear ultra moist lipstick-Crisp Caramel

The following collage consists of the breakdown of the eye-makeup.While the original was photographed in daylight,the break-down was recreated under artificial white light hence there is a difference in the color.The look is too dramatic for daytime wear and would look best if sported on any occasion that is appropriate such as marraige functions or bight-out parties.
Row 1:
Image 1-4a:

  • First,prepare the eyes applying and blending the eye-primer all over the lids.Also line the upper lash-line with black kohl.I used Maybelline Colossal kajal.Lining the eyes this way instantly helps in faking the actual volume of your eyelash.So much so,depending on the look created you can skip mascara.
  • using sponge applicators apply the red shadow over your eyelids.Sponge applicators picks up most pigments an hence we can get the most pigmented application.
  • using the peach and brownish peach(the shades are marked with black circles) blend out the harsh edges of the red shadow.For this I used the BIC Blending brush and the flat-end of the UD brush.
  • Now apply the red shadow in the outer 2/3rd of lower eyelashes.
Image 4b-6:

  • Now,cut a small piece of cello-tape and apply it on the outer corner of your eyes such that it is like an extension of the lower lash-line crossing over the upper line.
  • using the black shadow(marked with red circles in palette2),blend into the red shadow at the outer 1/3rd of the upper eyelid and wing it out according to your preference.I like to keep it within the arch of my brow.
  • This is how it will look when you close your eyes.
  • remove the previous tape and apply a thinner piece of tape such that you can achieve the line on your lower lash-line.
Image 7-10:

  • using the black shadow blend out with the red on the lower eyelid and also make an inverted winged out structure smaller than the upper wing.
  • using a deep chocolate shadow,blend in between the junctures of black and red shadow to create a smoother transition. Also using a lighter shade of brown or ocher create the transition to your brow-bones.Using the blending brush,blend any harsh lines as far as you can.
  • using a peach or ocher-based pearl finish eye-shadow highlight the highest point of your brow-bone.Also using a neon-yellow(or any contrasting shade that will work as a highlighting colour)blend in the inner-v of your eyes.
  • Finish off with 2-coats of mascara on upper and lower lashes.Fill in the brows if necessary.
The entire look:
The foundation used was pink-based though it matched well but not the best match(while it matched my cheeks and nose perfectly,it looks too white for my forehead and jaws).So anyone with similar complexion(yellow under-tones) can go for the shade light 4 which is yellow under-toned.It was the one I wanted to buy but it was out of stock.As you can see,I have contoured my cheeks and forehead with a brownish-ocher shadow so my face don't look flat.Since the eyes are quite dramatic I have kept the lips nuetral.

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