Thursday, 15 August 2013

Body Art

Happy Independence Day!
I hope all are enjoying their holiday.Today's post is about a thriving new art which is also a favourite of mine-permanent tattoos.Among the latest trends 'getting inked' is among the top three.But this art however beautiful it might look has several health hazards if not executed perfectly and also require some maintenance.Having first hand experience of the procedure I can tell you that this art is not for the whimsical.I mean is it really a feasible idea that you get inked today and within a fortnight opt for laser treatment because you no longer like your tattoo or came across some even more attractive designs?? There are few things you should know before getting inked and today I am going to provide a easy summary of every facts,do's and don't regarding this art.
Lets start with a brief history.Do you know that tattooing is practiced since the Neolithic age?The modern technologies today have enabled impossible designs to be engraved in the skin.The procedure is only as deep as your dermis layer of the flesh.deeper penetration can be extremely harmful and undoubtedly painful.Now,some of the things you should be aware of before opting for the procedure:

  • Be sure of what you want.Remember this is a permanent process and alteration is neither easy nor pocket friendly.So first make up your mind.Though the art is permanent but trends in the art are not.What is 'in' fashion today is bound to go out of fashion a couple of years later like 3d tattoos,large tattoos have outshined small tattoos today.
  • Do a bit of research for your own knowledge before getting ink specially about best available tattoo inks,the needles and hygeine factors.Also as a extra precaution consult a doctor about your skin.
  • Tattooing is a painful procedure especially if you have stiff muscles.We tend to stiffen more when we are afraid so relax,don't be scared.Believe me the pain is nothing more than ant's sting at some places. However places that are bony like your shoulder blades,knee cap,beneath or over the ankles,collarbone and behind the ears tend to hurt the most.But then again it depends on your ability to endure pain.
  • Always opt for established professional parlours.You can go for the local ones only if you are sure enough about the quality promised.

  • A 3d tattoo( image courtesy:google images)
  • This is all for today.Coming up are the hygiene factor you should observe while getting inked and the do's and don't about tattooing.Have a nice day!


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