Sunday, 16 February 2014

Nivea Underarm Whitening Body Spray

HI friends!
My college exams are starting from tommorow and hence I am quite busy with studies-in fact driven mad with studies.But something else drove me mad as well and hence I would like to share that experience with you.Today's post is a deodrant review-a first of it's kind in my blog and a deodrant that repulsed me from deodrants for a long time.I am about to review the much talked about nivea Underarm whitening deodrant that you all must have heard about.The one that Anuska Sharma is seen in ads of-Doesn't she look gorgeous with milky white underarms in that ad?That was a die-for perfect underarm.So I suppose many of you who suffered from blackened underarms must have rushed to stores for this instant remedy so you can wear your favorite sleeveless dress again.Now,I don't suffer from this problem thankfully but my sister does and she was the one who bought it.I suppose this is the second-worst thing we ever bought.The first is a Dove deodrant of the same category I will soon be reviewing(deodrant disasters are very frequent in our family :P).
I have this bottle in the house for more than a year almost untouched by me while my sister used it for he sake of finishing it up but I suppose even she has got tired of the product.Now I will go into the review,read on to know why exactly I hate it.
The packaging:
A plain white metal bottle like any standard deodrant with a white plastic cap.Nothing special about the packaging.THe price is Rs.150-180 approx(not sure since I did not buy it,and when I bothered looking at the price tag it had already got scratched off) for 100ml.
Nivea whitening deodrant(ignore the holes on the bed sheet-those are reminders of my overly experimental nature)

Direction for using:
Spray it  from a distance on your bare underarms and let it dry.Do not spray it on your clothes.
My take:

Like I said before,I did not use it much.But the few times I did use it,it was enough to repulse me from it.Let's start with the smell-it has a mild soapy smell which did not suit my taste.Now some might like the smell so I do not say this is a con of the product.The staying power is average-3-4 hours maximum.I saw it gets overlapped by other smells like traffic fumes once I step outdoors.Now the worst part-the whitening formula.Once you spray it,A mist of white soapy-waxy material comes out and settles in your underarm or wherever you aimed at.The first day like other normal deos,I spread it over the dress I was wearing as well resulting in white patches all over it.Now that was my mistake and I don't blame the brand for it but even those that settled in my underarms made it look so weird.Another point to be noted is that,it works best when applied on well cleaned and absolutely waxed underarms(no little hairs poking out that is).Otherwise it will end up in a waxy tangle over those hairs-not at all a pretty sight if you accidentaly lift your hands and also very irritating feel under your arms.Now I had seen this disaster on my sister who is too young for a waxing treatment and took the necessary precautions before applying but on application it made my underarms look like I have rubbed a candlestick and ashes on it and so ashy-not fairer but ashy!The same happened with my sister.Moreover since she used it more frequently and regularly she ended up with a thin waxy layer over there that just refused to budge.I experience the same ashy look the couple of time I tried and gave up.Overall I so hated this deodrant.It's not a whitening deodrant but an ashening deodrant!It's better to rely on your soap and water for a fairer underarm than this smock!As for the 48hours whitening claim-its true-the white patches once spread on just won't budge-in that sense they are so very true to their claim.
 Rate-1/5(1 for that 48hr claim being true though it only adds to the problem)
Will I repurchase?Will I recommend?
Never ever again!And no.I am not going to recommend this-If you want to waste your money better get a dozen of lifebouy soaps but not this one.

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