Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Fake but do I hate it?

Today I am back with a whole story-how I ended up with a fake Urban decay Naked 2 palette!Yeah,Earlier in my post about the 14th(or 12th?) International Trade Fair that took place in Calcutta ,I ranted about this very same palette believing I got such a cheap deal!Alas only if I knew then!!This was my first extravagant buy and it is fake!Urghhhh!!I was so suspicious that how could it be that cheap but I was blinded by temptation.The palette would cost me around 80$ which is Rs.4800 approx including the shipping charges and here I got it for Rs.600!Yup,that is not a typing mistake-you did read write,just Rs.600 which is 1/8th the price of the original one=2 original Inglot freedom system eye shadows=2 maybelline diamond quad Eye shadow palettes=Do I need to list more?I am already pissed of enough as it is!But temporarily because fake or not the palette is performing really well-far better than Lakme or Maybelline quads and chinese palettes like Ouemedie that I have tried so far.
This year I visited the fair 4 times.I came across this one at a stall in the Pavilion C,I can't exactly remember the number.It was a lifestyle pavilion and consisted mainly of products from Singapore,Malaysia,Thailand-should've guessed then and there.I saw this palette on my second visit-lying in a display basket.I was amazed because this beauties have to be ordered online,paid for buy your card(I prefer COD see) and waited for with bated breathe till they reach you and there they were-lying just like that in front of my eyes-I could touch it before I pay for it!I never before tried a UD before but from many blogs that I studied I had a fair idea that it is a great brand and very overpriced if thought of in terms of Indian Rupee.But the price they offered initially(Rs 800) I was completely knocked off and yet couldn't find any flaw that could justify my suspicion that it is fake.I had seen the authentic packaging coming in a transparent plastic along with a lipgloss but I thought perhaps it costs less because it is without the lip-gloss!Silly me!But I didn't buy it right there,rather came back home,researched a bit,read through reviews but it never occurred to me that I should search with keywords like "duplicated Naked 2 Palette".After reading all the good things about the real palette I went back and bought the fake one!What more they them-self discounted 100bucks and the other 100 was bargained off by my little sister.For the whole time I was so suspicious that I am surely being duped but still I bought it-The palette itself looked so classy! After returning home I tried it on my sister and I was again very convinced that it is the real thing.The quality was much better than original Maybelline quad or Lakme absolute quads.I only realized being duped yesterday when I was thinking of getting a Coastal Scents 88 original Palette from the same dealer.The girl was,I don't know-maybe thai or malaysian gave me her number and lives in Calcutta to contact her in case I want more such 'branded' cosmetics at cheaper rates in Kolkata,specially those which are not available in stores in India.I thought of looking up the net in case coastal scents are duplicated and then it struck me that I can perform the same search for my UD palette.After looking up,I had to admit I was duped indeed.But I am really not complaining for the price I paid It is as good as real.I read of people who paid almost the same amount as the real's price and still received a fake.
Now to differentiate a fake and a genuine one.The most important part is the weight,colour of font and box,and batch number.
The colour of the font is bit off-black in the real one while almost black in the fake.The fonts are bolder in the fake compared to the real one.Most importantly the real one has a batch no. printed at the right corner back of the box(eg. A047) which is not there in the fake one.The mirror produce a stretched image unlike the real one.Another point to be noted is that the fake comes in a cardboard box but the real comes in transparent box along with lip gloss.But this is no longer a vital issue since there are fakes out there which come in the same type of packaging with a lip gloss.I don't have a original to compare with.You can get maybe better equipped articles and videos on the issue.
I will proceed to the review.Even if fake,I can't say that it is bad,good staying power,smudges well,great pigmentation,nothing that I can complain about really.The only major and perhaps a good enough reason to chuck it off is that given it is fake you never know what rubbish it might contain as ingredients.Obviouslt it is surely nothing like the real thing in terms of packaging,quality or staying power but good enough as my daily wear.Here is the photo:
the cardboard box container

the palette
watch the image of the mirror-it is stretched more than normal
It's easily recognizable as a fake for any make-up pro unlike me.Now about the texture,quality,staying power,pigmentation of individual shades.Apart from 'tease',the rest of the colours are very much blendable,smooth and not at all chalky.(I have oily eylids so staying power may vary or be more for you.):
foxy,half baked,booty call,chopper

  • texture-matte
  • colour-cream,but lean more towards white.
  • pigmentation-not good.You need to swipe it 2-3times to get any colour and it almost matched my skin tone so still did not show up.
  • staying power-3-4 hours without primer.
  • works best as a highlighter or a base colour for other shades.
Half Baked-
  • texture-glittery
  • colour-looks copper on the palette but turns out to be golden-copper in swatches
  • pigmentation-really swipe give vivid colour
  • staying power-5-6hours without primer
  • very suitable for all-over eyelid-specially on occasions-not suitable as a day-wear or regular wear
  • testure-satin/slightly shimmery
  • colour-almost like foxy with minute shimmers-but on closer observation,it looks more yellow compared to foxy.
  • pigmentation-very good-one swipe gives full colour
  • staying power-4-5hours without primer
  • suitable as highlighter for inner corners of the eyes and for wearing all-over the lid.Suitable as daily wear and day time.Can be used to create looks for night wear as well
  • texture-shimmery but not as much as half-baked.More like satin finish
  • colour-copper with silver shimmers
  • pigmentation-good-2 swipes needed to show up exact colour
  • staying-power-4-5 hours without primer
  • Personally I am not so fond of this colour.I suppose it can be best used in combination with half baked.not at all a daily use type of colour.But can work as a day wearif used alone or with foxy.


  • texture-matte
  • colour-greyish-brown-in the original palette this colour is a soft and clean brown
  • pigmentation-poor-this is the least pigmented colour of the twelves-your need 3 swipes to get good colour then even it appears patchy.If you try to blend it the colour almost disappears.
  • staying power-2-3 hours-not sure,I cannot differentiate it from my eyelids after sometimes.
  • I would have loved it if it was a soft brown.It works only to even out the lower half of my eyelid which is pigmented compared to the upper half.

  • texture-sparkling
  • colour-dark champegne-I never thought I will love sparkling eyeshadow until this one.It is so sexy a colour!
  • pigmentation-the best of the twelve shades-even one swipe seemed over the top since I am a subtle-shade lover.
  • staying power-I haven't wore this anywhere yet(did not get the occasion for it),but the swatch on my hand stayed put for 6hr approx.
  • It is a all-over colour or maybe in inner 1/3rd of the eyelid but definitely not for the crease.Again a thorough night-time colour and cannot be opted for during the day.

  • texture-shimmery but not glittery
  • colour-in is the same colour group as snakebite but lighter and less sparkly.
  • pigmentation-good-1 swipe is enough
  • staying power-the swatch stayed on for 5-6 hr approx but I haven't yet wore it on my eyes
  • this one is suitable for wearing all over the lid and in combination with snakebite.A very party-ready colour and definitely too dramatic to be wore daily


  • texture-satin
  • colour- a cross of gunmetal and silver
  • pigmentation-good-one swipe show up full colour
  • staying power-4-5 hours without primer
  • Can be used in the crease and during day time at any party but not suitable for college or work

  • texture-satin
  • colour-it is silver with slight hint of peach/pink-a very unusual colour
  • pigmentation-very good-1 swipe is enough
  • staying powr-4-5 hours without primer
  • can be wore during day in combination with lighter or matte colors

  • texture-satin but leaning more towards shimmer
  • colour-a even lighter version of chopper-again a very unusual colour and difficult to describe
  • pigmentation-good-1 swipe is enough
  • staying power-4-5 hours without primer
  • imparts slight shimmer to the lids-can be wore during night and day

  • texture-satin
  • colour-purple-grey with brown undertones but the original one differs slightly and is a deep shimmery brown.
  • pigmentation-very good-1 swipe appears on the top
  • staying power-5-6 hours without primer
  • more  of a night colour and looks nice on the crease

  • texture-matte
  • colour-true black
  • pigmentation-awesome-1 swipe gives extreme deep colour and you need to be careful and light handed with the colour
  • staying power-5-6 hours without primer
  • can be wore during day and night
The brush-the applicator brush is shorter than the original one but the qual
ity is quite good.The blending side is however bit too fluffy and blending becomes bit difficult at times.
the brush
Now the swatches:

As you can see that 'tease' haven't showed up well.I am soon going to upload some looks created with this palette,till then have a nice day!

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