Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Budget buys #1

Today I am going to compile some of my favorite things within a particular budget.I always try my best to buy the best thing possible without burning a hole into my pocket.I hate asking for something from my parents specially when it comes to make-up.These are going to be things that I alone would use and so I don't like bothering them about them.Besides there is always a self-satisfaction attached to things we buy with our own earned bucks-a feelings of independence. So here are the 7 things I adore within Rs.100.

  • Elle 18 color bomb nail enamels-

Really do they need an introduction?I have been using them since they were priced Rs.25 and came in square bottles.Now they come in huge selections of colour.I have already reviewed a few of them.The featured colour is shade no.65.

  • Streetwear nail enamels-


Again a product that does not need an introduction.The Streetwear nail polish are also available in 9ml bottles price Rs.90.If a comparison is drawn between Streetwear and Elle 18,I will rate these beauties more for there formula which dries faster than the Elle 18 on the nails yet don't dry up in the bottle easily.They are also more pigmented than the Elle 18 ones.The only drawback I can think of is that they don't have a natural colour in there range.The featured nail polish is in shade 'Magic Brick' and number 43.I have linked a few nail polish of the brand.Click the names to go the complete review-
Barely Nude
Romantic Pink
Black Passion

  • Maybelline Color Show nail Enamel
I have a love-hate relationship with these nail polishes.While all the 40 shades are gorgeous and it is hard to choose one or two from them,they stain the nail like hell!Except the lightest shades all of them stain.They even peel off from my nail.Each colour has its own characteristic so it is difficult to generalise about them.I own 5 including the natural base from the series.I had bought one first and immensely liked it and bought 4 together in my next haul.My first buy was 'Downtown Red',which did stain my nail but stayed intact for 5-6days on my nails.But the rest disappointed me.The only plus point is the shades,the applicator and the look of the bottles.The featured nail polish is 'sunshine yellow'.Detailed reviews coming up soon.If a comaparison is drawn between the three featured brands then I will recommend Streetwear because it has gorgeous shades(except yellow,the maybelline yellow is unique at this price tag but again it stains awfully even if there is a base coat!),availability,price,and does not stain.

  • Avon Simply pretty lipsticks-
Quantity-4g approx
Price-Rs.129 but in offer you can get 2 for Rs.219 so each costs Rs.109.50These lipsticks are a steal especially when they are on discount.Very slightly above the budget of Rs.100 but totally worth it.The formula is very creamy and moisturizing and staying power 4-5 hours easily and then leaves behind a beautiful stain.The only drawback is there availability and it's difficult to choose a shade from the catalouge.They never match with the real shades.The featured lipstick is in shade "Cranberry".

  • Avon Kohl-
Price-Rs.175,on offer-Rs.125,I got this for rs.110
These kohls are not as popular as the simply pretty lippies but quite good given the price they come for.They are available in approx 9 different shades like beige,blue,green,black,black brown,brown etc.The featured kohl is shade "Brown K101".The detailed review can be seen here.

  • Everyouth Golden Glow Peel off-
This peel-off facial mask is the best available in Indian market.True to its claim it does impart a radiant glow in approx 20minutes.Also available in sachets of Rs.14 and tubes of 75g I suppose.I never get the bigger tube because I use this one only on special occasions which are rare in my life.Complete review coming soon.

  • Lakme insta-liner eyeliner
Another product that is perhaps the first eyeliner of every girl.A golden product by lakme and also the only product by Lakme that I really love.The blackest eyeliner is by far the best I have used.Its waterproof,great applicator,huge quantity,matte finish,does not chip,stay on for hours(10hour max I observed till now.I suppose it would have lasted even longer but I strictly never wear make-up to bed so couldn't test it) what morecan we ask for at this price?Well I suppose quick drying formula because that's the only drawback.Thick the line longer will it take to dry,even upto 5minutes.Sorry,I didn't click a picture of it but I don't think you all need it either,do you?

  • Himalaya Hair Protein Cream
Another less known product by himalayas herbal,This protein hair cream is really great.Though it makes oily scalp greasy but it infuses new life in the hair so I don't mind the grease.You can get the detailed review here.

Next coming up are products between Rs.100 to Rs.200.Till then take care and stay beautiful!

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