Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Vaseline Total Moisture-24 hour moisturizer Review

A happy wintry morning to all of you!
This morning is not so happy for me though-it's awful actually as I just can't stop sneezing!Urghhh!At times like this I so hate my favorite season!Incredible me-caught cold even when I am spending 24hrs indoors-practically hibernating!I can put up with viral fevers,malaria,dengue,pneumonia and anything but not cold and cough!It just brings my life to a stand-still!
Anyways,ranting won't help the situation(but it does lift your mood a bit) ans so let's move on to today's post-A review on a moisturizer-what could be more appropriate than a moisturizer review this winter.The moisturizer is from a very popular Indian brand-Vaseline.Vaseline has been a trusted name in almost all household in India since time immemorial when one speaks of moisturizers,petroleum jellies,lip balms and all those winter necessities.Personally,I had been introduced to this moisturizer by my mother-maybe right after I finished with Johnson Baby.My earliest memory of this brand is of the white and blue bottle when there was no variant of this moisturizer.Now they have come up with so many varieties though I have so far tried only two-the 24hr nourishing lotion that I will be reviewing today and the instant fairness one.I look forward to trying the Aloe vera one but in summers.For winter,the 24hrs lotion is a boon.
Physical attributes-
Looks like the usual vaseline bottles in plastic but cream-yellow in colour with a bit of sheen.The cap is flip-top and matte cream yellow that is a tad more deep than the body of the bottle.
Net volume-100ml(200ml bottles are also available)
Water,Mineral oil,Glycerin,Cetostearyl Alcohol,Dihydroxpropyl,Triammonium Chloride,Hydroxyethyl Urea,Oat extract,Sodium cetostearyl sulphate,Glyceryl stearate,Paraffin,Dimethicone,Microcrystalline wax,Sodium carboxy mithyl cellulose,Methyl paraben,DMDM Hydantion,Propyl Paraben,Semithicon,Disodium ETDA,Soyabean oil,Butylated hydroxy toluene,Perfume.

Phew! It seems like the entire chemistry book has being fitted in four line!And most are carbon compounds-Such a blah chapter.Seriously writing the ingredients list is a pain especially when the compounds sound familiar yet you can't recollect the exact things you ever read about them.It feels like you are back in the exam hall!
My take-
The texture of the cream is quite oily and thick,white in colour.But it spreads quite easily.Best results are observed when applied on wet or semi-wet skin.However it takes a few minute to get completely absorbed in the skin.Even then it leaves behind a slight oily feel which is not that yucky in my opinion.As for 24hours moisturizing I am not so sure.But the effect does last much longer than other variants of the same brand.I usually apply once in the morning,after bath before going out for college and the effect lasts till I come back at night(approx. 12hours) and then I again re-apply before going to bed.For my oily skin type,this is essentially only for winter-care.It will surely feel overly sticky during summers.But anyone with extremely dry skin will find this helpful even during summers as well.The smell is light but nothing remarkable.on the whole,it does it's basic job really well-that is moisturizing.The price is amazing to given it is such a quality product.

A summary-
  • Affordable-in fact dirt cheap.
  • travel friendly sturdy packaging-I personally never suffered any leakage while travelling with this one.
  • I like the sleek design of the bottle
  • moisturizing effect lasts more than 12hours(the initial oily residue fades off through the day within 2-3hours leaving the skin as hydrated but without the stickiness)
  • suitable for oily skin as well but only during winter
  • smell not overpowering
  • each variant comes in different color bottle so you can easily tell them apart if you own different variants together.
  • so very easily available.
  • suitable for winter only-cannot be used in summer unless you have extremely dry and scaly skin
  • opaque bottle-you can't see how much has been used up until you hold it upon the light.
  • So many chemicals!
  • the residue oily feel might not be welcome for everyone.
So this is all for today,I will try and be regular about my posts from now,so keep reading and stay well!

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