Saturday, 13 December 2014

L'oreal Paris 6 oil Nourish Conditioner and shampoo

Today I am going to review my favorite conditioner till date-L'Oreal Paris 6 oil nourish Conditioner that have become a really popular choice in quite a short time.I was actually looking for the smoothing conditoner of the same brand and picked this one up by mistake since they both have identical packaging(No longer though,L'Oreal have changed the packaging of their smoothing shampoo and conditioner to a flaming shade of orange).I did not even look at the label until I was home but I feel that day was blessed for my hair that I made the mistake.
My scalp and hair combination is the worst possible one I suppose-super oily scalp and super dry wiry-curls frizzy hair.I just cannot make up my mind about which one to treat first.I was happily indulging in the Lush Jumping Juniper shampoo which wiped off every drop of oil from my scalp.But once it was over that I actually noticed how dry the ends of my hair has become.I was already using this conditioner along with that shampoo and the result was good but not as good as it is now when I am using it along with the shampoo of the same range.So I began searching for a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and finally settled for the shampoo and conditioner from this range.
So I will first talk about the shampoo.Next the conditioner.
6 Oil Nourish Shampoo
My take:
Comes in a golden yellow bottle with brown semi transperant cap and black flip-open lid,and measures 100ml,200ml,and 400ml respectively.There is another,I suppose,600ml bottle that comes with a pump dispenser.I got the 400ml bottle that cost rs.259.The 200ml bottle costs Rs.135.If you keep a lookout you can avail the 400ml bottle+150ml conditioner just for Rs.230-259 at Big Bajaar during their various sales.
Texture of the shampoo is neither creamy thick nor very runny.I like this consistency as,unlike all other L'Oreal shampoos that I have tried so far,this feels much more lighter.The color of the shampoo is same as the bottle-golden yellow with micro-shimmers-sort of reminds me of egg yolks though it smells heavenly.

Though it is a blend of six oils,it is not as oily as I had expected.But it was tricky to master the perfect amount of shampoo required for my hair and scalp as I have oily scalp.If I overdid the shampoo,followed by the conditioner(I never skip conditioning no matter what),my hair would get damn greasy the very next day.For your reference,I have shoulder lenght curly frizzy hair and I use about 3-4ml of shampoo and rinse only once if I haven't pre-treated my hair with oil massage.In case I apply oil and then shampoo,I use the same amount each time I rinse my hair which is usually twice.The shampoo lathers really well and feels like some very light oil while lathering.The smell is seductive and the best part is that it lingers for at least a day in my hair particularly when used alongside the condiotiner which have similar scent but not exactly the same.However on the downside,this shampoo contains SLS.Now did it make my hair healthier than it was?I have finished one 200ml bottle,and another 400ml is on the verge of getting empty and now my hair do look healthier than it was-more shiny,much less dandruff,no split-ends even if I forget to oil massage before shampooing,much less frizzy and best of all hardly any hair-fall.The shampoo does show results but slowly and works best when used along with the conditioner.
6 oil nourish conditioner
My take:
Almost identical packaging as that of the shampoo,except that the base is rounded unlike the shampoo bottle.Still,there is high chance of confusing the conditioner for the shampoo for careless buyers who don't care to read the labels.Priced at Rs.150 for 175ml.
Texture is lotion-like and yellow in colour.The scent is really strong-the perfume reminds me of a typical Bengali wedding.There will be always someone who had an overdose of this particular scent.Personally I hate this scent but once I have applied and rinsed of the subdued version smells so good.The conditioner is light weight,something that is quite surprising to me given it works as good as the smoothing conditioner of the same brand and that was really creamy.
Now this is a scalp and hair conditioner which I like.I just take enough to cover my hair and then massage it in for a minute.Next I leave it on for as long as I can which is usually anywhere in between 3-10minutes and then rinse off.The longer I leave it on,the better my hair looks after drying.Another point to be noted that,if I blow dry my hair now-a-days,my hair looks better than it did earlier-less dry and more shiny and sleek.
  • Both the shampoo and conditioner are budget friendly
  • both easily available
  • both very hydrating
  • makes hair healthy with consistent use
  • shampoo contains SLS.
  • Both have a long list of chemical ingredients
  • conditioner smells really strong(may not be a con to others)
Overall they have become my favorite shampoo and conditioner at the moment.But I wish they had lesser chemical ingredients though.
Rate:4/5 for shampoo
Rate:4.5/5 for conditioner

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