Friday, 4 October 2013

DIY Ideas and Durga Puja(2)

Today is Mahalaya-the beginning of the pujas.I know my fellow beauties are busy with their last moment grooming and are almost obsessed about looking the best.But as per the conventional notions of a beautiful body,it remains incomplete without a satin like smoothness and so it is almost a mandatory ritual for us to run to the parlour in the last moment for waxing or sugaring whatever you wish to call it.The result of the rush is a huge conjunction at the last moment at the parlours.Often this results in burns and incomplete work on the part of the beauticians.Believe me,I've had my share in this situations and innumerable burns!
So I had been looking for a substitute that is void the side effects of chemical hair removers and at the same time as effective as parlour treatment.Then I came across the term "body sugaring".It is an ancient technique that was first started being practiced in Egypt and soon made its way into the middle east countries where it is popular even today and is a part of pre-marital rituals for the bride.Compared to waxing though it might appear to be quite similar but there are subtle differences between waxing and sugaring.The major difference is in the technique of both the processes-the direction of application and ripping off,the use of different textiles(or using the hands in case of sugaring) as the ripping material and obviously the pain factor.If performed correctly by an expert the sugaring process is by far less painful compared to waxing.However while preparing the solution I found that sugaring solution is more difficult in making than waxing solution because the whole lot of ingredient gets wasted if the preparation goes wrong.But waxing solution can be corrected to some extent.Underneath is the recipe of the waxing solution I have been using like my life saver for the past few months.I hope you find it useful.Ignoring the hard work and time required it is totally worth it. :)
  • 2cups sugar(sugar granules,and not powder.According to the cup I used 2cups=250g sugar)
  • 1/4th cup lemon juice(use the same cup that was used to measure the sugar.approx 1 ans 1/2 a lemon)
  • 1/4 cup water
  • A heavy bottomed alluminium saucepan
  • wooden spoon
  • spatula
  • a white china dish
  • microwave gloves
  • kitchen thermometer(if available)

place the saucepan on flame and stir slowly.
2mins after placing on the the flame.
  • After measuring all the ingredients,place them in the saucepan.Light on the gas burner at the lowest possible flame.
  • place the saucepan on the flame and start stirring slowly.Stir till all the sugar gets dissolved.
  • The solution will start boiling and froth will  be formed.In case the froth comes to the brim just stir bit faster while taking the solution off the flame.Once the froth has vanished,place the pan on the flame again.
  • Continue this process for 15mins.After about 10mins from the time of placing the pan on the flame,the solution will start thickening but the colour would still be transperant.After 15mins the  colour would change to very light amber but the solution would still be bit watery.this is going to be the exact solution you need.
    froth forms as the solution boils.colour changes gradually as well.approx-6mins after placing it on the flame
  • let it cool completely or at least to the extent when the heat is bearable and surely won't burn you.You will notice that the more it cools down the more it thickens and become jelly like.pour it in a air tight microwave safe container.This is the perfect solution required could have achieved the same by boiling some more but that would have been unbearable on the skin and on cooling that solution will become rock hard.
  • Apply talc powder/baking soda on the region to be waxed.with the help of a spatula,take a little of the solution and spread it on the desired part of your body in the direction of hair growth.
  • place a piece if old demin on it.Rub it in the direction of the hair growth for a minute to warm it up and rip it off in the opposite direction of hair growth.
  • Continue the same process till all the required hair is removed.You can do this a couple of times on the same area to remove any residue hair but it is advisable not to do so more than that.
  • It is always helpful if you have someone to do it for you because their are areas that are hard to reach and also the result is more accurate when you can hold the skin taut.
    the final solution after cooling.this is enough for full hands and a little will still be left over.
  • While preparing the solution,with the help of a spatula,take a small drop of the solution and place it on a white china dish to check the colour.
    gradual colour change as observed on a white dish
  • the trick is to make sure that the sugar do not caramalize.once it breaks down the solution is a total waste.
  • measure the lemon ans water holding the cup parallel to your eye level(remember your chemistry classes na??)
  • if you have a kitchen thermometer,then the solution must precisely measure 250 F.
  • always keep ice cubes and wet towel near your hand in case of any unwanted accidents.
  • do not apply any type of moisturizer at least for 24hrs before waxing.
  • make sure the denim strips are thoroughly cleaned.
  • In case,the solution becomes bit too hard than required,add 1tbsp water and microwave it for 2mins stirring once after 1minute in between.
  • keep the excess in an air tight microwave safe jar and store in fridge.It will last approx 2 months. DO NOT KEEP IN A OPEN CONTAINER.this is because the next time you will try to use it,the solution will be watery and won't stick well because of condensed water droplets.
How did you find this recipe?Do share your experiences after trying it and leave your valuable comments.I am really sorry that I cannot often update for the last few days as I was quite busy myself with the upcoming puja plannings.But I hope to be regular with my updates again.Subha Mahalaya and an advanced happy Durga Puja to all my friends! 

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