Friday, 14 March 2014

Maybelline Color Show Nail enamel-Downtown red

Hi,today I am back after a long time with a review on a recently launched nail enamel that became an instant hit-you can guess I am talking about none other than the Maybelline color show nail polishes and today I am going to review the shade "Downtown Red " from the range which is also the first nail polish that I tried from this range.
This range comprises of 40 vibrant shades within a large spectrum of colour-ranging from sparkling golden to pastels,neons and even a white nail polish!Since I don't like to spent too much on nail polishes as they dry up in the bottle before I can finish with them,I always preferred those within a budget of Rs.100.My all time favorites are the Streetwear and Elle 18 ones.But I am biased towards Maybelline since anything by them works brilliantly for me so I was dying to lay my hands on at least one of these babies.The local gift shop didn't have all the 40 colours,but only the sparkly ones except this.So I got this one.I thought I would hate it because I never really liked maroon but this became my favorite nail polish and I suppose I will again and again buy this,read on and you will know why.I also own 4 more shades from the range-Sweet Sunshine,Constant Candy,Porcelain Party and the base coat and I find them displaying different traits so I will dedicate individual post to each of them.
The bottle is cylindrical with a black cap that flaunt the name of the range and the brand,I find the packaging comfortable to handle and funky.The shade name and code are written on top of the cap.The bottle looks big enough to be a 9ml one but holds 6ml so I must admit the glass is pretty thick and hence packaging is sturdy.
 Pigmentation is really good as one coat goes almost opaque .It also dries up fast within 1-2mins and the formula is rather creamy.And the best thing is,particularly this shade,does not chip easily.It stayed on for 5-6days without any chipping on my nails and also retained the initial gloss of the colour.The colour is not exactly maroon-a single coat impart a true maroon colour while on layering another coat it becomes a wine red.Initially I really regretted buying this shade as I always hated maroon and also it looked odd on my short nails as you can see in the swatches.So I just kept it off till my nails grew a bit more.This time I really liked how it looked and to add some to my glee-I got lots of compliments about how flattering the colour looks on me from friends and often some complete strangers.So,I also started really loving this colour.You can find dupes of this shade in any brand,Elle 18 and street wear too has one each but somehow this colour feels more deep and sofisticated compared to them.
The only downside of this range(and I faced this problem with sweet sunshine as well) is that it leaves behind hideous stains-even with a top coat!I don't know how that is possible but it did on me and I really hate that as I loved my original pinky nail bed so much.Another thing that I observed compared to the other nail enamels that I have used so far,this range tend to dry up in the  bottle real fast.
  • Wide color spectrum
  • affordable
  • easily available
  • really good brush
  • this is a really beautiful all purpose red-bridal or office-it will work anywhere.
  • good pigmentation
  • chip resistant till 5-6 days
  • retains the glossy effect for quite some time
  • dries on your nails quickly

  • stains the nail
  • dries too quickly in the bottle
Will I repurchase?
Yes,this shade and the shades whose dupes are not available in Elle18 and streetwear and also the lighter ones so they stain less.
Do I need to?Everyone is after these beauties ever since they are launched.But I wish they wear not so staining on the nails.A single nail polish altered the natural colour of my nails with one application!I so hate that!

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