Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Colgate Visible White

A smile can work wonders as we all know and beautiful and white teeth are a essential part of a beautiful smile.A dazzling smile not only attract other to you but can even alter the complete demeanor of a person.Have you any guess of what I am really talking about?Well,today's update is quite different compared to my previous ones-nothing about contemporary fashion and yet an inevitable part of maintaining a glamorous look.It is a review on a toothpaste!
Yes friends,today I am going to review on the newly launched Colgate Visible White toothpaste.Tell me guys,which of us don't really feel jealous of Sonam Kapoor as we watch her confidently grinning at the camera and wish we could look equally dazzling?And yet we can't really stop those "yellow yellow dirty fellows" from coating our teeth despite our every maniacal attempt to thwart them!
Well,here is the super toothpaste to be your friend and guide through your battle against plaque.According to colgate's claim,this is the one stop toothpaste for instantly whiter teeth and with regular usage one can see visible betterment within a week.You can follow this following link to know the exact claim made by colgate:

the carton showing the ingredients
The toothpaste comes in a very classic shimmering scarlet carton and the tube is quite thick and the same shade with a wide white cap.Both the box and the tube contain the ingredients list.
The carton

the side of the carton showing the claim of giving visible whitening results in just 1 week

INR 80
Quantity-100 grams
The toothpaste is thick and white with minute blue particles and has a minty taste.
Brush twice daily for 2-3 minutes for visible results in one week.Do not swallow.

It claims to instantly whiten the teeth.I have found this claim to be partly true.My teeth does seem whiter after every time I brush but that is nothing extraordinary nor long-lasting.I have been using it for nearly a month(it is almost 23days) but I found the result to be frankly disappointing.It did seem to whiten my teeth initially but now I don't feel any difference.Moreover I experienced increasingly bleeding of gums which I am not entirely sure whether induced by this toothpaste.The bleeding only further stained my teeth.If I force myself to find something good in the toothpaste all I can say is that it cleans my teeth well enough to make it look white after every brushing.
RATE- 2/5
NOO!I can't wait to get rid of my first and last tube and it seems to take ages to finish despite the fact that my whole family is using the same tube.I won't recommend it to anyone.If you are that eager to whiten your teeth,better visit a dentist and get some medical whitening treatment done and try and maintain that with your regular toothpaste.

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