Sunday, 22 September 2013

Your daily best friends(2)

Hi friends!
Today I am back with the second list of quality products that you might daily need but within a budget.The following list is going to contain short reviews of 5 items that I personally found to be very useful  yet they did not burn a hole in my pockets.detailed reviews are going to follow soon.The budget limitation is approx of 150 INR.

  • Hair and Care-Silk n Shine

This tiny bottle contain 18ml and cost INR40.A leave-in conditioner,it possess a quality that can give many high end brands a run for their money.It sives best result after shampooing on damp hair but i have seen many use it like a serum on dry hair but this does not particularly work for me.Perhaps because I have oily scalp and using on dry hair make them appear greasy and limp.It also comes in 3ml sachets costing INR 3,and 40ml bottle whose cost I have forgotten unfortunately.Enriched though in fruit vitamins,it contains silicone which is harmful for hair on the long run.I had been using this from 2007 and after about continous usage of 8months I felt it did not work as well for me anymore.So I had switched to other brands occasionally coming back to this one.Now,again I am using it regularly and it is working really well again.Though I rarely use other conditioners as well(when I am out of sachets or the bottle is empty).

  • Garnier fructis Silky Straight 24/7 Strnghtening serum

This is a 40ml bottle of INR89.I got it for INR80.I was quite apprehensive while buying it since Garnier products are known for their high chemical content and I had a history of break outs using one of their fairness creams couple of years ago.But I found this surprisingly pleasant.But I don't use it too often.It is very helpful on a bad hair day as it imparts a shine to my hair.Though it do not claim any frizz controlling quality but it does tame my frizzes to some extent.But I found that if I use more than 10drops my hair appear too limp.But then it is a plus point as my bottle is going to last ages. :DFor detailed review click here.

  • Himalaya Clarifying Face Wash

image courtsey:google images
Himalayas has newly launched a 15ml pocket pack of Rs.15 just like the neem fash wash pack.This is yet another miracle product from Himalayas.Though it is not specifically mentioned whether it is suitable for everybody,but from regular usage I found it ideal for oily and good for combination to normal skin(my sister's skin type).However it tends to dry out normal or dry skin.Cleasing capacity is too good and after every wash it imparts a beautiful glow to the skin along with a cool feeling.The new pocket pack made carrying it around further easy.
  • Elle 18  Color Bomb lipsticks

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At INR100,this are truly a girl's best friend.Trendy attractive packaging,a large variety of "in fashion" colors and good quality for price make them a hit among girls and women from 15 to 50.Their low price and easy availability has enabled us to haord them. :P I mean,who wouldn't love to acquire 5 different shades in the price of one expensive lipstick??
  • Garnier fructis Skin Perfector BB Cream

Not exactly a cheap product,given that only 18g of it costs 99INR,but it is worth buying.My success with the garnier hair serum further encouraged me to try some more of garnier products while ardently praying that it won't break my skin out.I never ever before had used any base make-up or even tinted moisturizer before this one.And I loved the experience of trying this one.It did sting very little on the First couple of application but then I didn't experience that.I suppose my skin got acquainted with it.It evens out any minor discoloration of the skin temporarily.Staying power is average perhaps that is due to my oily skin.But it stays quite well and is sweat proof.I also observed minimising of sweating on application.It also acts as a sunscreen with spf 24.I have heard that it is not so moisturizing for people with dry skin but I did not experience any such problems.

This is all for today.Coming up are more complete reviews of these above mentioned products.Till then,Good Night and Take Care.And keep reading Black beauty!  

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