Friday, 20 September 2013

DIY ideas and durga puja

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Being a bengali,I can't simply wait for our most awaited celebration of the year-Durga Puja. It's a day more than three weeks to go and the celebrations will begin.
I find the divine ideas related to the puja very simple-triumph of good over evil and worship of woman power.These four days are actually the only time when Goddess Durga comes to stay with her parents in the year.While worship of durga was actually meant to be done during winter season(pardon me for I cannot remember the exact name of that ritual),the more popular ritual is the one during springtime called "akalbodhan".According to Hinduism,this ritual was first done by Rama.The main four days of the puja are saptami,asthami,nabami,dashami though the countdown begins from mahalaya ans ends with dadashi.

The fun and anticipations related to the four days of the pujas actually begin from the last day of the previous year celebration. Specially in Kolkata,the hype is enormous.Everything begins with the obvious shopping spree,then extensive planning of the route for pandal hopping on each day,scheduling the plan with different groups like a day for family,another for friends,one (or maybe more :P)for boy/girlfriend(or 'friends' ;)),whole-night pandal hopping day,and last but the most important-consistently looking your best through each day and night of the puja. Thanks to the moderately new trend of theme-based pujas,the actual four days of the puja has been extended to eight.The extension is obviously welcome but at the same time it has made grooming much more difficult.Come on!Can you think of any magic even to maintain a fresh look despite running in and outdoors the whole week and even staying up for quite a few nights??

To be truthful,there is simply no way in which you can consistently look fresh through these days except taking a break for couple of days in between and minimising your night programmes perhaps to just one night.I know what I am suggesting might be an outrageous prospect to many of us(even to myself),so we seek for alternatives that might help us to some extent to hide those hideous dark circles,frizzy or limp hair and what not!
 As some wise person had once suggested,prevention is better than cure.We can apply the same theoury here.If you manage to consistently take care from sometime earlier,it will be easier to maintain the look through these days.Today I am going to suggest some of the things that I know and use.Many of us might know all these already and maybe some more.Do feel free to share them trough your valuable comments.
Lets begin with the skin.A glowing skin can drastically change the whole appearance.The first and foremost necessity for the skin is proper hydration.if you are not in the habit then begin drinking a minimum of 12glass of water per day.Then dedicatedly follow a regular program of cleansing,toning and moisturizing and exfoliating for 3-4 times a week.
Here are some DIY ideas that you can use:

  • Home-made toner-(every skin type)
Juice of one cucumber and one lemon and rose water.Grind the cucumber and squeeze out the juice in a cup,add the lemon juice and 3tbsp of rose water.Next refrigerate and freeze this solution.Use this ice cubes as toner.After cleansing,just wrap the ice cube in a clean cotton cloth and lightly rub it on the face.You can put it back in the freeze and use it again.this cubes can be used for as long as 2 months.

  • Home-made toner (oily skin)
Rose water and vinegar.mix equal amount of both and keep in a bottle.Shake well before every use and use as you use your regular toner.It also cleanses any residue dirt left after cleasing.The only drawback is the smell.The smell of vinegar overpowqer the smell of rose water.

More DIYs coming up.This is all for today.Keep reading for more and stay well and stay pretty!

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