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Garnier Fructis 24/7 strengthening Hair Serum

Hey beautifuls!How are you all doing?
My days are so monotonous.Home-college-tuition and back to home.And I am getting pretty addicted to my new found hobby-blogging.I always enjoyed writing and beauty blogging is fun.I can share all that I feel about anything I am using and also get to know what others think about them.I have become a way more conscious and matured fashion shopper than I was a couple of months ago and all credit goes to this new addiction.Anyways,lets get back to the point of my blog-providing mu readers with as clear an impression about products as I can. So today I am back with a review again!
Today's review is about a hair product-A hair serum.As you all might have guessed by now that I am not a great believer of expensive=quality.I always strive for quality within realistic prices and believe it or not there are really great products at very affordable prices out there.The product I am reviewing today is a garnier fructis hair serum-Garnier Fructis 24/7 Strengthening Hair Serum.
I have never been a great fan of Garnier because of  their high chemical concentration but I really wanted to try out a hair serum and this one seem to be the only affordable option.I was actually looking for a tiny bottle at a 'normal' price because in case I hated the product I can easily throw it away without feeling guilty about the wasted money.This cutie bright and transparent green bottle caught my eyes as I was browsing through the cosmetics section of Big Bazaar for a new tube of face wash.The packaging caught my eyes and so did the price and amount-Rs.80 or 90 for 40ml of the serum. Quite reasonable.But I did not instantly buy it but instead researched a bit online.There were very few reviews about the product but all were positive so I plucked my courage and bought it and I was not disappointed!It really is worth the money-both in terms of quantity and quality(if you can ignore the chemical factor).
The product comes in two sizes-40ml and 100ml bottle.The 40ml bottle as mentioned earlier costs Rs.40 and the 100ml bottle costs Rs.199.Both a bottles look similar except for the sizes.The shape is sleek and tough bottle green plastic transparent bottle.The front is marked by a transparent label with the name of the product while the backside contains direction of use etc. But their is no mention of ingredient list.the back label at right bottom corner reads-peel over for the ingredient list but I didn't find any.the cap is flip top and green and very secured.But I suffered little spilling the first day I carried it in my bag but after that never again once a liberal amount of the bottle was emptied.So I suppose it is travel friendly once you have used enough of it so that even if it is titled within the bag it won't leak.Shelf life-2years.
The product claims:
  • Smoothens hair to make it silky- Yes.It does this job pretty well.My hair is averagely frizzy and doesn't really get tamed in any manner.The serum do not guarantee that my hair would be plastered flat to my scalp(and I do not want that much taming honestly) but it flattens frizzes comparatively better than I experienced with only a conditioner.Even without conditioning it works equally well.
  • Detangles unmanageable hair- I am not so sure of this.When used along with conditioner(I use silk n shine leave in conditioner) the detangling effect is smoother.But without it I don't really feel much difference.
  • Gives radiant shine- Not radiant but hair do appear comparatively shiny after application but need to be re-touched evry now and then to retain the shiny effect.
It is not greasy which is why I love this serum.Application is usual-just take a coin sized amount-rub in between palms and apply the end 1/3rd of your hair.Since my hair style is layered.I take the pain of rubbing it on individual lock specially the little ones over my forehead which are most inclined to getting frizzy.The product do not make the hands oily.But one must be careful not to rub it in the scalp.The smell do not linger and is light.Some don't like the smell but I don't have a problem-it is the usual chemically yet fruity signature garnier cosmetics smell.Earlier I had used livon "I love my hair" potion and I must confess this one is the better of the two.I don't regularly use it-just in case of parties or occasions and I haven't noticed any damage or reaction from my hair unlike the livon serum which triggered huge hairfall even with occasional use.
The only con I can think about is that it contains silicone extract and silicon is harmful on the long run.
  •  non-sticky/non-oily.
  • easily spreads so a small amount is more than enough for my shoulder lenght hair.
  • 40ml bottle is sufficient(my bottle is just half used yet and its 7months since I bought it)
  • cute bottle
  • travel friendly
  • inexpensive(Rs.80 for 40ml)
  • can be applied on hair as well as wet hair.
  • does not make hair appear weighed down
  • ok-ok smell-does not linger.
  • no ingredients list
  • contains silicone extract(found this information online)
  • smell can be offensive to few.
  • bottle leaks if kept upside down when almost full.
  • high chemical concentration.
This is all for today.Do share your experiences with hair serums.Till then good night and keep reading for my new posts!take care...below are the some pictures of the product-
front view

back side

flip-top cap

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