Thursday, 22 August 2013

Lotus Herbals Peach Perfect 99

Hi friends!
Sorry that I couldn't update anything for the past few day because of my Exams..I really hate exams!don't you??They are still on and the net connection at my home have gone dead as well..So here I am logging in from the only irritating cyber cafe of my locality.Irritating because it is always so crowded!Now,enough of blabbering.Today,unlike my last post,I am going to review something.This is my first ever review and I seriously don't know anything formally about reviewing products.What I am going to write is my own experience with the product and it is completely my own honest observation.
Today I am going to review Lotus herbal Peach Perfect nail enamel no.99.
This is,as the name suggest,the perfect peach shade though I find it more on the brownish side.The shade is of medium depth and will definitely be flattering on almost all skin tones,but I think it will look best on the fairer beauties.
Lotus Herbals Peach perfect nail enamel no.99
Net wt.-9 ml
Price- INR 100
Shelf Life- 2yrs
Usage Direction-Shake well-apply 2 coats.
Features- Free of toluene and DB.
My Observations-
This is not by far the best nail polish I have used but it is definitely a great product compared to the price.I simply love the shade,not the girly pinky type and not loud at the same time-can be a perfect wear for daily use as in college and office and also can serve the purpose of party colour if subtlety is your style.The bottle is classic-cylindrical with a silver and long cap that i very handy for a easy application.Since I personally am very impatient,nail polishes that take hours to dry is simply not my thing but this beauty is really a winner in this particular aspect.It dries quite quickly.A single coat takes maximum of 2-3mins and the second coat 5-6 minutes more.The long applicator ends in a perfect brush,neither too wide nor very flat.the brush is uniform
 and easy to apply without leaving streak marks.However I don't entirely believe that it is completely free of toluene and all thoes harmful chemical and is a complete herbal formulation but the nail polish smells lighter compared to other brands.Shelf life is 2yrs but I am sure none of you girls have seen a nail colour survive more than 6montha after starting to use it,have you?I am not a great nail polish user so my bottle is going to last for ages and dry up in my bottle which I simply hate about any nailpolish.Such a waste!especially when I love the colour and I do love this colour...The enamel is also not runny but rather creamy in texture and quite well pigmented.Two coats of it is more than enough.
the apllicator

the colour in flash light(no top coat)
the colour without flash
  • the price compared to weight and quality
  • the shade
  • toluene free
  • chipping is minimal even after 5-7days.lasting power elongates with a good top coat.
  • long handled applicator 
  • quick drying
  • Too much quantity(this is a con for me but might be a pros for you)
  •  not entirely herbal(again,this is my personal con as I am too much of a perfectionist)
So.this is all for today.have you used this shade?
How do you find it??
Do share your thoughts here.for now,gotta go!Bye!


  1. not exactly pink,more on the brownish side..streetwear e er ekta jora ache ar ektu light..more orangish bt darun colour lovely brick..

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